Flags Across Florida


Havana Flag Site


An idea was conceived and born in the “John T. Lesley” Camp 1282 and a proposal submitted the Florida Division. The Florida Division adopted the proposal as a long term Division Project. 

The first Florida Division “Flags Across Florida” Site became a reality Saturday December 11, 1999 at 2 pm (EST) as the first  "Flags Across Florida" site was dedicated. This undertaking has been made possible with superb support of those contributors that funded the purchase of the materials and items to make it a reality. 

 Foremost among the contributions was the real property adjacent to U.S. Highway 27 mile from the Florida-Georgia line. Owned by the Florida Division, a perpetual Flag display will be maintained.  The pole is 60 feet tall and flies an appropriate sized flag for the height.  The highly polished black granite memorial features names of those who made the contributions and memorials to their chosen Confederate Ancestors.

Inscription on the monument at the base of the flag:

“This Site Dedicated December 11, 1999 By the Florida Division Sons of Confederate Veterans To The Living Memory of Our Forebears – The 18,000 Soldiers, Sailors & Marines of Florida, Of Whom 5,000 Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice While serving in the Armed Forces of the State of Florida & the Confederate States of America In The Defense Of Their Families, Communities, State & Nation During the War For Southern Independence 1861 - 1865”

On June 9, 2012, with General Order #2-2012, Florida Division Commander Jim Davis named the Finley's Brigade Camp #1614 as the Sentinels of the Havana flag site. They have been tasked with maintaining the site and the flags, and strive to make the Havana flag site an enjoyable place for everyone to visit.

To visit the Finley's Brigade Camp website click here.