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The Fort Brooke Record

May 2000

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.

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May Meeting


Tuesday, April 23, 2000

Supper @ 6 PM
Meeting @ 7 PM

Program by:

Mr. Ken Lombardia

Speaks on
“The Hispanic Confederacy”
Buddy Freddys
134 South Gornto Lake Rd.
Brandon, FL

(813) 661-6005



We are all certainly aware that there is a heated attack by certain forces within our society that desire to obliterate our influence as the defenders of our culture and heritage. Although, as the “Important Notice” below relates, we of the Lesley Camp are taking some time off this Summer this does not mean that this will be time off from furthering the Cause of defending the good name of our Confederate ancestors and the Cause for which they fought. This will be a time of rethinking and for reordering our infrastructure.

There were some serious snafus recently within our Southern Heritage community here in the Tampa Bay area that we of the Lesley Camp would hope and desire would never occur again. Two stand out prominently. One was the ill timed dual Confederate Memorial Services held by the Lesley Camp on April 30 and that held by Tampa Chapter 113, also on April 30. Both at the exact same time. The other was the lack of coordination between the Lesley Camp and Co K 7th Florida in regard to the Honour Guard Duty at the Confederate Monument on April 26 and the Confederate Memorial Service at the Brandon Family Cemetery on April 30. The lack of planning and logistically coordination is apparent.

There is no doubt within the leadership of the Lesley Camp that good will prevails within all of our organizations and that the primary goal of all of us is to further the Cause of defending and proclaiming Southern Heritage. Therefore, it is proposed by the Lesley Camp to form a Southern Heritage Coalition of Tampa Bay for the purpose of planning and coordinating our activities throughout the coming year. The Lesley Camp invites any and all organizations within our community who have an interest and desire to coordinate and to plan our activities together for the new year to join us in this “new beginning.”

The Lesley Camp extends this open invitation to the following organizations:

Tampa Chapter 113, UDC
Co K 7th Florida Volunteer Infantry
lant City Chapter 1931, UDC
Stonewall Jackson Camp 1381, SCV
Mary Custis Lee Chapter 1431, UDC

This is not an exclusive list. If there be other organizations within the geographical area that feel that they should be included in this list do, by all means, get in touch with the Lesley Camp and let your desires be known.

The desire is to have at least one and perhaps two informal dinner meetings during the Summer so that by the time September comes there will be an understanding between us all that will benefit the Cause.

For further information on this effort please do contact the 1st Lt. Cmdr of the Lesley Camp, Marion Lambert at (813) 839-5153. His email address is:  . For regular mail write Marion Lambert at 6101 South 2nd St., Tampa, Florida 33611.

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There will be no meetings for the months of June, July or August.  The newsletter will not be published for those months.  The newsletter and the normal monthly meetings will resume in September of 2000.

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Program Article:

Mr. Kenneth Lombardia

“I was born and raised in Tampa, graduating from Plant High School (with Mike Herring). My ancestors on both sides of my family are from Spain, with my mothers side coming from the Canary Islands to New Orleans about the time of the War. Due to a void between about 1857-1877 and lack of knowledge of other names in the family, I cannot link my ancestors as soldiers in the War.

As a young boy I used to hear my great-grandmother make statements that showed she was a true Southerner. She believed that Dixie was the true national anthem and felt the northerners were very different people than we were. She was as adept at making yellow rice and chicken as she was making collard greens with ham hocks, cornbread and fried chicken. She was a true Southern belle in her mannerisms. She was born in Key West in 1877 and loved to tell everybody she was a true Southerner as you couldn't get any farther south. It was not until she died in 1969 that I became inquisitive if I had ancestors that fought in the war. My grandmother and mother did not know, but did know that my great-great grandmother and great-great grandfather had many brothers and sisters and the brothers may have fought or the husbands of the sisters may have fought. As everyone knows, New Orleans was settled initially by Spaniards from the Canary Islands.

During the War there were 8 companies/regiments that were comprised mostly of Hispanics. There were also 4 regiments from Mississippi and 5 from Alabama comprised of Hispanic men. In Texas, New Mexico Territory and Arizona Territory along with the state of Florida there were numerous regiments made up of Hispanics. The cemetery in St. Augustine is full of Confederate soldiers with Hispanic names. It is this that has led me to my study of Hispanics in the war.

A most prominent Tampan of Hispanic origin took part in a skirmish right here in Tampa, and his descendents still live in Tampa and played a big part in the development of early Tampa from the time between the War for Southern Independence and the turn of the 19th century. His name was Joseph Robles and I am going to talk about his involvement as a Confederate soldier in defense of Tampa.”

Ken Lombardia

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4th of July Parade

Brandon, Florida

This is one of the best parades that we are involved in. No doubt, this year’s parade will be as good as ever. We have entered the parade float, the Lesley Camp Colour Guard, and three vintage antique vehicles. The 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year so on that day at the corner of Lumsden and Kings at 10 AM the parade begins. Of course the line up time is at around 9 AM so if you are part of the parade do get there then.

If you have never participated in one of our parades then you might consider doing so. We would love to have you dressed as a Confederate soldier on the float but even if you do not have that uniform you are welcome to ride in civilian clothes in one of the vehicles. The thrill you will experience as the crowd cheers as our flags go by will never be forgotten.

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Plant City Pioneer Day

On Saturday, May 20, 2000, the PIONEER DAY 2000 festival will be held in Plant City, Florida. As we have for the recent past, the John T. Lesley Camp will have a first rate booth set up for recruitment and educational purposes. This festival is held at the old Plant City High School, located in Plant City on Hwy 39 just south of Interstate 4.

This year, because of the timing conflict between this event and the Florida Division SCV Reunion in Ocala, Cmdr Hayward will not be at the festival with his antique vehicles. However, the camp will be adequately represented by some of our best men, namely Wayne Sweat, Mark Salter, Leroy Rogers and Daryl Witt.

Thanks to the new camp trailer the logistics of transporting the display material needed for this event will be a breeze. Before the trailer was a reality it was always a sheer nightmare to coordinate the whereabouts of what was needed and then in guaranteeing that it all arrived at the proper time.

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Ronda’s Redemption

Ronda, as seen during her discussions with the Lesley Camp folks on the steps within the County Center.

What a story! As we do every year we went to the county commission chambers on Wednesday, April 19 and accepted the Southern Heritage Proclamation from the Hillsborough County Commissioners. After Sally Raburn graciously, in open session, accepted the proclamation Commissioner Ronda Storms casually and almost inadvertently publicly let out a thought and comment that quite took our breath away.  She stated that as a Southerner she appreciated the pain that minorities might feel when confronted with certain aspects of Southern Heritage. The sequence of pictures on this page describe the journey we took talking with Ronda about how education on Southern Heritage to minorities is the answer and that Southern Heritage is a heritage that is common the all people of the South whether those people be black or white. In the end Ronda agreed to attend the Confederate Memorial Service on April 30 and to present the proclamation to all of us. Thank you Ronda!

Ronda of the day of the Memorial Service reading the County's Southern Heritage Proclamation

After some time, Ronda stood and continued the dialogue with the whole group of us.  Everyone had a point that they wished to make with her and she was quite the sport to listen and to absorb information from so many angles.

Ronda seen sitting with us as we
 begin our explanations as to why and 
how she misspoke.  She really was 
apologetic and quite embarrassed.  
She spent some time in this 
position talking with us.

Ronda is seen here just before she returned to the commission chambers. She is here considering the offer to come to the Confederate Memorial Service on the 30th of April to present the proclamation. Of course, this offer was seen by us as her opportunity to atone. Of course, she accepted and the picture seen at the top of this page is her making the presentation. Hopefully Ronda will have the time to read and to educate herself a little deeper on the finer aspects of our Southern Heritage.

After the presentation, we gathered the group above for this photo op.  We had an impressive 21 people present for the presentation.  Several folks had to go and what remained you see above.  Shortly after this picture was taken, Ronda came to the top of the steps, saw us and quickly joined us on the steps for an impromptu meeting.  She quickly hurried down the steps and sat down on the steps among us.

Members of the Lesley Camp Colour Guard are seen as they are "Changing the Guard" at  Honour Guard Duty at the Confederate Monument at the Hillsborough County Courthouse on the 26th Day of April, 2000, Confederate Memorial Day.  From the Lesley Camp the guards were: Randy Tyler, Leroy Rogers, Mike Bethune, Wayne Sweat and Greg Chappell, all members of the Colour Guard.  Also assisting from the Lesley Camp was Rob Gates.  From Co K, 7th Florida was Ross Lamoreaux, Mike Alverez, and Rich Zippen. This duty was performed from 6 AM until 4:30 PM.  Ross Lamoreaux was the Sergeant of the Guard.

A reporter and photographer from the St. Petersburg Times is seen as she transcribes what is occurring at the Honour Guard Duty.  From this event we received really good coverage on TV channels 10, 13 and 28.  The St. Petersburg Times' reporter Wayne Washington did us a decent bit of reporting.  The South Tampa News did us a fine 3 picture photographic layout which they ran on the 10th of May.  Marion Lambert was the contact person for the press.  Without a doubt, this event is the best opportunity that we have each year of getting good coverage.
Rebmaster note:  The St. Petersburg Times story made it National as it was headline news on

Tampa Chapter 113 graciously brought out to those at the Guard Duty at the Monument on the 26th food and cold drinks. Although it was not an insufferable day, it was plenty hot. Shelly Jakes and Pam Cosentino of Tampa Chapter brought this delightful surprise and personally thanked us for the effort that we were making to honour our common ancestors.

The flowers as seen at the Guard Duty at the courthouse. These were removed to the Brandon Cemetery for the service on the 30th. Along with the 80 mums (bought by camp members) were wreaths & arrangements from Robert Nason, Phyllis & Leslie Chisholm, Sally Raburn & Jane Knoell, Jim & Rosa Hayward, Stacey Tyler, Debra Kinser, the Stonewall Jackson Camp, SCV and Charles Gurey.

The Camp Colour Guard marches into the cemetery to begin the service. Leading the Guard is its commander Mike Herring. Here unseen but directly behind the Colour Guard was the Rifle Squad composed of Co K 4th Florida out of Bradenton and commanded by James Premane.

Minister of Music Rev. Tom Sander of the Ballast Point Baptist Church sings at the Memorial Service on April 30. Behind him is Quartermaster Jake English and Asst. Chaplain Rev. Calvin Martin.


Our Assistant Chaplain the Rev. Calvin Martin opened and closed the ceremony with prayer.



At the April 30th memorial Service UDC Plant City Chapter 1931’s Martha Sue Skinner is seen presenting to Sabrina Vargas of Lakeland an award for her participation in the UDC sponsored colouring contest. Chapter 1931, a co-host of this event provided refreshments & food after the service. Period music was provided by the 3rd Fla. Regimental Band during the refreshment time.


Thank you, Compatriot Lee Brandon, for the use of the cemetery and VERY generous financial contribution you made to make this event possible.


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Camp Business


In the Spring of every other year it is imperative that the camp hold elections for the constitutional offices. These positions are as follows: Commander, Adjutant, 1st Lt. Commander, 2nd Lt. Commander, Quartermaster, Judge Advocate, Chaplain and Asst. Chaplain. These officers are elected for the term of two years. The next elections will be held in the Spring of 2002.

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate for the consideration of the membership at the camp election :

Commander James B. Hayward
Adjutant Dwight Tetrick
1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert
2nd Lt. Cmdr. Michael Herring
Quartermaster Jake English
Judge Advocate Dr. Roger Crane
Chaplain Rev. Calvin Martin

This election will be held during the regular May meeting which will be held at Buddy Freddys Restaurant on the evening of May 23, 2000. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the time of the election process.

At this time Chaplain Rev. Ken Simpson has decided against serving for another term in the position of Chaplain.




Cost of Trailer – $3100.00

Funds Collected- 2032.00

Funds Needed – $1068.00

To contribute to this very worthwhile effort please send your check, payable to the John T. Lesley Camp, to Trailer Fund, John T. Lesley Camp, 651 Pine Forest Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511.


View of the Camp Trailer taken at the fish fry in March with the artist of the flag...Camp Artist, Mike Bethune.

New Members

Mr. Roy Kevin Nelson
Pvt. Joseph P. Holden, Co. E 25th N.C. Regiment
Mr. Richard Alan Warner Pvt. William W. Shamel, Co. K 21st N.C. Infantry
Mr. Kenneth L. Murphy, III Sgt. Bennett Whidden, Co. K 8th FL Infantry
Mr. John Kushmer, Jr. Confederate Legion

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From reviewing the following polls taken in South Carolina, across the South and even across the nation, the realization strikes home that this War against our Southern symbols and our culture and heritage has no popular support. Those in the forefront of the struggle against us do not have the approval of the American people. What an indictment of a society when race haters and heritage bashers can run amok with impunity trashing the very essence of truth. Jessee Jackson and the NAACP not only do not speak for the majority of all Americans they do not even speak representatively for the majority of black Americans. But when these self described “leaders” of the black community speak somebody listens. Namely, the political leaders (concerned with the perceived loss of votes) and the Chambers of Commerce of the South (concerned with a perceived loss of image). The operative word here is “perceived.” The real views of real people do not matter.

Never will you see these people debating logically and methodically looking for simple truth. When ever they do attempt to spar intellectually with us they come out looking horrible. Truth is easy to defend for our side, but is anybody listening to our logic? According to the polls and surveys below some people are. There is still a certain wisdom in people.

Our gratitude is extended to Compatriot Doug Hill who forwarded the polls and surveys below for our consideration.

What People Really Think

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2000: Charlotte Observer headlines "End sought to flag issue." Readers were asked to respond to for one day. results as of 11 PM that night, 5272 entries: Keep it on the dome, 69%; circle of flags 1%; include liberation flag 3%; relic room 21%; Confederate monument 6%.

Newsweek poll 1/31/00: Is the Confederate flag...

-- a symbol of racism? 32% -- a symbol of Southern "heritage" that honors the Confederate war dead? 61% -- not a bad symbol, but not worth keeping if it costs the state economically? 7%

"a recent poll conducted on the flag" by The State, cosponsored with the Greenville News, Myrtle Beach Sun-News, Hilton Head Island Packet, etc.: 38% of 872 people polled wanted the flag to remain atop the dome. 29% wanted it moved to grounds, 17% wanted it off grounds entirely. In 1996 a survey found that 41% wanted the flag to remain on the dome. (League of the South newsletter Sept.-Oct. 1999)

November 1996: WSPA call-in poll 87% said to KEEP IT FLYING. 1000+ callers.

WSPA-7 Spartanburg, week of 1/20/97: 92% voted for flag referendum.

A poll taken in Virginia in the Spring of 1997 showed 74% Virginians saw Confederate flag and Southern heritage as positive, not racist; 1% of whites considered the flag a negative symbol; over 50% of blacks viewed the flag as positive symbol; overall in South, 84% of people view it as positive May 1994: 81% voted to KEEP IT FLYING -- State News

Aug 1994 or 1993: 76% of Republicans voters said to KEEP IT FLYING in primary vote

1993: 73% said KEEP IT FLYING - State newspaper


(S.C. FLAG FIGHT AND OTHER SUBJECTS) -- Greenville, S.C. 1/14/00 (national website, poll possibly run by the Greenville News): "How do you feel about the Confederate Flag flying above the State House?" Leave it on the dome: 3742 votes. Move it to the State House grounds: 56 votes. Remove it for good: 337 votes. No opinion: 19 votes.

Harris/Excite Poll 4/15/00: "How do you feel about South Carolina's bill to remove the Confederate Flag from its Statehouse dome and place a similar flag behind a Confederate Monument on Statehouse grounds?" It's a good compromise: 29%. The flag should be removed entirely: 18%. The flag should stay where it is: 37%. Don't know: 14%. 57,119 votes. (Jacksonville [FL] Daily News Online): "Do you think the Confederate flag should continue to fly over the South Carolina State Capitol?" Yes: 61.73%. No: 38.27%. 3901 total votes.

CNN/SI (Sports Illustrated) 4/15/00: "Should the tours support the NCAA's boycott of South Carolina by canceling their tournaments is that state? Yes: 37%. No: 63%. 3861 votes. (national website): "Should South Carolina Remove the Confederate Flag from Their State Capitol?" Yes: 20% (4,025 votes). No: 80% (15,910 votes). "American History Poll Results" 2/10/00: "Do you agree with the boycott of South Carolina for flying the Confederate Flag over their state house." Yes: 35%. No: 65%. 931 total votes, 2/15/00: "Should Georgia change its state flag?" Yes: 15%. No: 85%. I don't care: 1% (sic). 2509 total votes "Do you think the Confederate flag should be flown over government buildings?" Yes: 67.1%. No: 32.9%. 635 votes. (Virginia): "Should Gov. Gilmore declare April as Confederate History Month?" Yes: 72.06. No: 26.71. Undecided: 1.23%. 1378 votes.

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Chaplain's Column

- Ast. Chaplain Reverend Calvin Martin

  Eradication or Vindication

It flies high above the maddening crowd below. From far away you might not be able to determine what kind of flag it is. But up close, it's not that hard to discern, there in all its glory, right in your view you know that it is – the Battleflag of the Confederate States of America commemorating all the men of the South who fought for Southern Independence. But there are those politically correct who want it taken down. So take it down the South Carolina legislators voted. Those voters must want to eradicate the emblem for which my ancestors fought for. Yes, we lost that War and ever since people have been putting us down as if we were traitors. But they also did the same thing to the early Christians . They tried to snuff them out. They fed them to the lions, burned them at the stake, ran them off the land and made their lives miserable. But they would not deny their Lord and through the years the ones who were in power began to fall out of power and the Christians flourished and grew and finally with the approval of Augustine Christianity was vindicated by the emperor declaring it as the official religion of the empire.

I read in the paper recently that the sale of Confederate flags has been so brisk that they can't keep up with the orders. The politically correct crowd thinks that they can do away with Southern pride and make this a homogenized South. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is not working. Our flags are being displayed on the front of cars and trucks, flying from the roadsides high and lifted up for all to see that we are still here and that we will not be eradicated. Just as the Christians were vindicated I'm declaring that we too will be vindicated for our belief in a South and that we are proud of our heritage and will not forget it. It galls me to no end to see that glorious flag associated with hate mongers and compared with the Nazi flag, which has no relationship to us. The people that I've been privileged to meet in the SCV are most all Christian men and women, Black and White, people who are proud of their heritage and that would give you the shirts off of their backs. We have been made out to be a bunch of rednecks but I have seen some of the most intelligent people that I've ever met and they are true Southerners.

No, we will not be eradicated, like the NAACP would have us believe. We will be vindicated, and that will be through the truth. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life," and as we get the word of the truth about the South out to people with open minds they will see that it is the NAACP who are really the hate mongers.

Rev Calvin T. Martin


Please Keep in Prayer...

Jim Head Homebound: For physical strength and for guidance to his doctors

Paul Dempsey:  Recuperating from surgery

Dale Miller (82 years old &Mark Miller's father):  Chemotherapy for cancer

Ken Kitchel:  Chemotherapy for cancer

Kirby Halbert:  Radiation Therapy for cancer - guidance to his doctors


Prayer needs:

If you have a special prayer need and wish to have your request placed on the prayer list it is imperative that you contact one of the chaplains. Too many times we find that folks who are dear to us have been ill for some time or even that they have passed away, and without us knowing. So please do contact one of the chaplains as listed below. We are here for you.

Chaplain Rev. Ken Simpson 754-4755

Asst. Chaplain Rev. Calvin Martin 651-0190

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From the Adjutant's Desk:

It appears that all of the bills for the Confederate Memorial Service held at the Brandon Family Cemetery April 30th have been submitted and paid. Combining the expenses of the band, sheriffs deputy, flag, chairs and "sanitary facilities" the total was $1,321. Thanks to the generous contributions from Lee M. Brandon and Marilee B. MacNichol over half of the disbursements were prepaid.

Many thanks to the ladies of the Plant City Chapter #1931 United Daughters of the Confederacy for their part in the ceremony and providing refreshments during the reception.

The John T. Lesley Camp Trailer Fund is still about 1/3 away from completion (see above). Please send your donations to: Camp Trailer Fund, John T. Lesley Camp, SCV, 651 Pine Forest Drive, Brandon, FL 33511

Welcome to our new members: Mr. Richard Alan Warner, Mr. Kenneth Lawrence Murphy III and Mr. Roy Kevin Nelson into the SCV and Mr. John Kushmer, Jr. into the Confederate Legion.

I have the Florida Division SCV Reunion 2000 Registration Forms for May 19-21, 2000 at Silver Springs, Florida. Contact me or see me at the May meeting.

To all those interested in attending the Sons of Confederate Veterans 105th Reunion, Military Order of the Stars and Bars 63rd Reunion and Order of Confederate Rose Convention 2000 on August 2nd – 5th 2000 in Charleston, South Carolina I have all of the registration forms and some tour / cruise information, please contact me for copies.

See you at Buddy Freddys Tuesday evening May 23, 2000 where Mr. Paul D. Presley will be awarded his Vietnam War Service Medal.

If you have any questions concerning camp business as it relates to you or to process membership paperwork, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Adjutant Dwight Tetrick
19126 Amelia Circle
Lutz, FL 33549
(813) 949-4746

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