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The Fort Brooke Record

August 2001
Volume 7, Issue 8

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.

Brandon 4th of July Parade

a great success

Well another 4th of July has come and gone and for the John T. Lesley camp this means the Brandon Parade. This years event was even more spectacular for the Camp as we were joined my many of the ladies on the float this year. This year the float was decorated in grand style be the ladies under the adept direction of Lunelle Siegel.

The weather on the morning of the 4th was hot and muggy, just another typical summer day here in the deepest of the Deep South. It makes you think of what our ancestors endured in there woolen uniforms for four long years.

When we arrived at the staging point for the parade we all pitched 
in and applied the final touches for the float and prepared ourselves for the show.

This year as usual the most enthusiastic crowds greeted us. As our Color Guard passed many rose to there feet, waved, gave a ‘Rebel Yell’ and applauded enthusiastically.

‘Our” ladies, looking resplendent as always. What would the South ever do with out them?
4 members of the Plant City Chapter UDC (Sara Jo Reynolds, Lunelle Siegel, Rosa Nell Hayward, and Claudette Waddell) joined by Pam Steel of the Tampa Chapter #113 and Laura Scott .
The John T. Lesley Camp contingent. 
Jim’s contribution of his antique vehicles 
is always a hit.

Colby Scott shows you are never to young to show pride in your Confederate Heritage.


This year we had a special treat for the kids along the parade route. We gave away over 500 miniature Battle Flags to them as we traveled along the Brandon streets. We could have given away 2000 or more if we had them. Every kid and most of the adults wanted them. Next year we plan to have one for everyone who wants one.
The always popular and dashing, 
Camp Colour Guard.
Lined up and ready to go. We are always one of the lead units of the parade.

When we reached the end of the parade route we hurried to Commander Jim Hayward’s home to dismantle the ladies handiwork on the float and then retired to a local restaurant for a lunch and fellowship.

Never a more proper presentation of the outstanding contribution to the cause by our ‘Confederate Ladies” than is shown each year at this event and others through out the year. We owe them and undying debt of gratitude. The John T. Lesley Camp always leaves a lasting impression.

It was another great year at the
Brandon 4th of July parade.

Rebmaster's Note:  It must not go without mention that the float decor, in the doing much with little category, special commendation to Pam Steel.  It was truly a pleasure to have several groups under the Southern Society umbrella represented.


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Camp Member Wins

Stand Waite SCV Scholarship


Warmest regards to all and I hope my e-mail finds you and the members of the camp well. I promised to keep the camp up-to date on my application for the Stand Waite Scholarship.

I received a letter from the Stand Waite Scholarship Committee, International Headquarters, Sons of confederate Veterans on 22 July. The letter went on to say that the selection committee has reviewed my application and considered it along with the other applications. The letter advised me that I was selected to receive the Stand Waite Scholarship on behalf of the SCV.

I would like to thank the camp and all who helped me. It is an honor to represent the John T. Lesley Camp through this scholarship.

Once again thank you all.


Chad T. Newsome

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New Camp Formed

Fort Brook Record
Newsletter Editor Richard Warner

Sir, the following information concerns our new Camp In the Fort Myers and Naples and Southwest Florida area. We would appreciate it if you would include our event in your next issue.

New SCV Camp receives certification by Division Commander. On August 18th in Labelle Florida the William M. Footman Camp #1950 will be putting on a Picnic at the Community Park on the river in historic down town Labelle. This is in celebration of the official recognition and presentation of our Charter on this day by the State Commander John Adams and Brigade Commander Grayland Smith of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We will be promoting displays of our southern heritage and culture and history at this event along with entertainment and a buffet of food provided by our members.

We ask that those attending bring a covered dish with them to the picnic. Soft drinks and ice tea will be provided. Come join us for the day and help us celebrate the founding of our new Camp which will join the struggle to
promote the true history of the South. For further information call (941) 226-0881

David Luxton, Quartermaster

Please attend this important event.

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Dade City Pioneer Days

There will be a new John T. Lesley camp event this Labor Day weekend, September 1, 2, and 3rd in Dade City at the Pioneer Florida Museum. Rally around the flag boys! We need volunteers to man the tent.  Please contact Dean Leferink at 352-523-2817 and let him know if you are going to be there or have any questions concerning it. This is a new one for us, so we need to have a good showing.



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Cow Cavalry Update


Dear Cow Cavalry Friends:

David Bamford and I have added two new items to the Munnerlyn's Cattle Guard Battalion Website.

The first is a list of regular Confederate soldiers

and cavalrymen who were detached from their units to drive cattle in Florida. Many of these men became part of Capt. James McKay, Jr.'s company and were later absorbed into the Cow Cavalry. See http://www.geocitiescom/yes_album/detailed.html

We have also added a link to an excellent article by Rodney Kite-Powell, II, regarding the role of several Cow Cavalry officers in aiding Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin's escape from Florida at the close of the War. See

In the next week or so, we will be responding to a vicious smear against the Cow Cavalry and the Confederate cause which appeared in an article in the Winter 1999 issue of the Florida Historical Quarterly

Stay tuned..…

Best regards,

Kyle S. VanLandingham

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