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The Fort Brooke Record

June 2002
Volume 9, Issue 5

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.

Program Article

President Jefferson Davis!

President Jefferson Finnis Davis was born in Kentucky on June 3, 1808. He was the one and only president of the Confederate States of America. But his career only culminated at his presidency while the life story of this most illustrious of men is woven thorough almost the entire 19th century. “He has been called the man who ‘symbolized the solemn convictions and tragic fortunes of millions of men.’ He won a place in the hearts of the people of the South that perhaps no other man could have filled.”

Jefferson Davis was the son of Welsh and Scot-Irish parents with his father being a veteran of the Revolutionary War. From his birth state his family moved with the infant child to Wilkinson County, Mississippi. From there at 16 young Davis was appointed to the Military Academy at West Point where he graduated in 1828.

Davis went on the be an Indian fighter, plantation owner, United States Senator, and Secretary of War. Up to the actual secession of his state, Davis was an ardent Unionist. But “Davis was the champion of the South’s doctrine that a state has the right to choose and maintain its own institutions, without interference from the national government. (John C.) Calhoun, who had been the great defender of the state-rights theory, had died, but the Southern cause was carried on by the capable and eloquent Senator Davis from Mississippi.”

In that Davis’ life story is so interwoven with a losing Cause sets the tone for the tragedy of his life and, by every standard, the tragedy of the South. His life can not be fathomed without an understanding of the South.

This June program will be both solemn and, at the same time, an uplifting celebration. We will review the life history of the man while honouring his memory. After that we will have a bit of fun while we have a historical pop quiz on all things relating to Jefferson Davis. Prizes will be awarded.

See y’all at the meeting on the 18th at Buddy Freddys.

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July 4th Parade

Brandon, Florida


The Lesley Camp will step off in high fashion on Thursday, July 4th in Brandon at the 44th Annual 4th of July Parade. Entered in this year’s event is the Colour Guard, Mark Salter’s antique farm tractor pulling the parade float, and several antique vehicles belonging to Cmdr. Jim Hayward. There will be a Model T One Ton Truck (1925), a 1921 Model T Touring Car and a 1927 Model T Touring Car.

This year we are planning to have Larry Dodson’s 12 pound Napoleon Cannon on the float

If you would like to be apart of this really great parade you can. You can either ride in one of the antique cars, you can ride the float or you can walk along. We plan on passing out 1000 little Confederate flags, so any walkers will be welcome. But if you do walk, do plan on wearing something period.

The parade will form up on Lumsden just east of Kings Ave. in Brandon at 9 AM. The step off is planned for 10 AM so it is very important that we be ready and in place around 9 in the morning.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Celebrate America 2002 – United We Stand”.

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The nominating committee of the Lesley Camp has nominated the following slate of men to fill the officer’s positions for the next two years:

Commander - Marion Lambert
  - Dwight Tetrick
1st Lt. Cmdr
. - Unfilled
2nd Lt. Cmdr
.  - Mike Herring
3rd Lt. Cmdr
.  - Rich Warner
*4th Lt. Cmdr.  - Wayne Sweat
Judge Advocate
  - Roger Crane
  - Jake English
*Historian/Genealogist  - Jim Hayward
  - Calvin Martin

* denotes a new position.  Compatriot Wayne Sweat has agreed to accept the nomination for the position of 4th Lt. Commander. This office will have the responsibility of oversight in the administration of the Colour Guard.

At the June 18 meeting the positions listed above in bold will be filled by election. The judge advocate (Dr. Roger Crane) will conduct this part of the meeting. The above listed men are nominated only. Nominations from the floor will be entertained by the judge advocate for any position.


May 30, 2002


To My fellow Officers and Members of the John T. Lesley Camp No 1282,

I have reached the ripe old age of 71 and after discussions with Marion Lambert, First Lieutenant Commander of the Camp, I have decided to step down and not run for another 2 years for the position of Camp Commander.

It is time to give a Junior Camp Officer a chance to prove himself and hopefully do a better job than I have done.

The Flags Across Florida project would not have come into fruition without the diligence of Marion and hard work.

Marion has held different positions in the Camp and has always worked equally hard in all of them.

I will continue to be an Officer in the camp and hold the position of Camp Historian and Advisor.

I am leaving the position of Camp Commander in good hands and request all the Camp Officers to give Marion their full support and cooperation.

James B. Hayward
Camp Commander


June 2, 2002


It is an absolute honour to be so highly regarded by Commander Jim Hayward that he would see fit to consider me for the position of commander of the Lesley Camp. I have learned to respect and to cherish his wise and considered leadership. But it is only because Jim Hayward backs my candidacy and because of his assurance of personal support that I even have entertained the thought of accepting this nomination.

I truly relish the expectation that Commander Hayward will function as the “Advisor” to me in my new role. Not only are his words valued but his mind and his wisdom are incomparable.

Jim Hayward will continue to be the soul of this camp.

Marion Lambert
1st Lt. Commander

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2002 Florida Division Convention

The election results are now final from the Division Reunion in Deland held the last part of May. New officers are as follows:

Commander John Adams
Adjutant Gary Casell
Treasurer Robert R. Murray
1st Lt. Cmdr. Doug Dawson
2nd Lt. Cmdr. Jeffery Sizemore
4th Lt. Cmdr. Robert May
1st Brigade Cmdr. Silas Barker
3rd Brigade Cmdr. William Beckham
6th Brigade Cmdr. Kevin Sparvey
7th Brigade Cmdr. Harold Yeoman
8th Brigade Cmdr. Michael Everhart
9th Brigade Cmdr. Richard Warner
10th Brigade Cmdr. Don Young
11th Brigade Cmdr. Gaylon Smith
14th Brigade Cmdr. Larry Powell
From the Lesley Camp
Chief of Staff Marion Lambert
3rd Lt. Cmdr. Ken Murphy
9th Brigade Cmdr. Richard Warner
Division Chaplain Calvin Martin

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Marker Dedicated at the

Townsend House Homecoming

On Sunday, May 26, the Seventy Second Annual Homecoming for the Townsend House Church was held in north Pasco County just off of County 41.

What a beautiful location! Nestled between expansive orange groves the Townsend House Church and cemetery site is an oasis of tranquility - of giant oaks, towering pines and hanging moss. If one has to be “planted” this ain’t a bad place to consider. But to be buried here one has to be connected to the pioneer families and their descendants who renew their ties here once a year.

This was the site of the dedication of an Confederate Iron Cross for the War service of the GGGrandfather of Compatriot Wayne Hancock of the Lesley Camp. His ancestor was Sgt. Joseph Allen, Co C, 5th Florida Infantry. Sgt. Allen joined the army in early 1862 in time to see the fighting at 2nd Manassas and at Sharpsburg. He went through the War and was at the surrender at Appomattox.

The Lesley Camp Colour Guard was present and all the camp event equipment (sound system, flags, podium, etc). Numerous camp members were present to support Wayne and to honour his ancestor.

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A Donation to the Camp

Compatriot Don Geary has made a very important and significant donation to the John T. Lesley Camp. That item is a portable sound system that is able to be set up quickly, is powered by any 12 volt car battery and is “top-notch” in its quality and performance.

This unit was tested at the Confederate Memorial Service held at Weedon Island in Pinellas County in April and performed wonderfully. The next day after that it was used at the Memorial Service which was held in Brooksville at the Hernando County Courthouse. Again its performance was exceptional. And on the 26th of May at the Townsend House Homecoming, where a Confederate Iron Cross was dedicated, it performed a great service.

This has a true need that the camp has had for a very long time. The thinking is that it can even be used on the parade float in conjunction with a cassette player to provide Southern music for the public to hear.

Thank you Don Geary for this wonderful contribution.

Don Geary has also donated a camp picture album to the camp that will be set up at each camp meeting. Anyone with a picture of a camp event that they would like to contribute can put into the album. This is something that we really have been needing. Again, thanks Mr. Don Geary.

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Plaque Located
By 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert

This is a picture of the plaque in place before removal from its location at the Lowery Park Zoo.

Thanks to the diligent observation of Compatriot Chris Yent of the Robert E. Lee Camp 1383 this writer has located a missing plaque. Mr. Yent called me and told me that a WBTS plaque at the Lowery Park Zoo was no longer to be seen. Chris suggested that I contact Mr. David Zimmerman of the zoo. That was done and quickly the missing item was located.

It seems that, a year ago, there was some major construction at the zoo. That work involved the construction of a retention pond. In the middle of the proposed site was the plaque. The contractor removed and presented the plaque to the zoo maintenance folks for storage. There it is now - in a storage building waiting for a new home.

I contacted Mr. Steve Thevenin of the maintenance department and told him that the Lesley Camp is very interested in its safe keeping and in its future placement in a suitable location.

The zoo does not feel that their facility would be the proper place for future placement. Actually, the site of the Scottish Chief and Kate Dale is thought to be a bit south of the zoo. A good future location has been suggested to us by Chris Yent. We will be in contact with the city and the parks folks to make this happen.

This plaque was placed, we believe, in the late 1980’s at the site at the zoo. Script at the bottom of the plaque clearly credits the John T. Lesley Camp 1282 and the Tampa Historical Society for its placement.

Cmdr. Jim Hayward recollects that there were four folks instrumental in the original creation and placement of the plaque. They were John T. Lesley, Sr., Herbert McKay, Tony Pizza and Jim Hayward. Cmdr. Hayward remembers that Irene McKay donated $1600.00 for the plaque.


On October 18, 1863, a union task force of 85 soldiers found the “Scottish Chief” and “Kate Dale”, celebrated blockade runners hidden in a remote anchorage of the Hillsborough River, near this site and set the ships afire. Owner-Skipper James McKay, I, had slipped through the Federal blockade six times.

The alarm reached Tampa Town, and the mounted rebels caught up with the raiders at Ballast Point. Three unionists and six Confederates were killed. This is the only Civil War skirmish fought at Tampa Bay.

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An Invitation

My camp, David E. Twigs 1462 in Wauchula, is planning on having a barbecue on Saturday, August 31, 2002. This is on labor-day weekend. I spoke to Cmd. Jim Hayward of your camp about it last Sunday. We are inviting all interested and will be sending out a flyer with the details. I was hoping you could run the announcement in your newsletter. Let me know of your cut-off date for printing. My camp officers will be getting together within the next few days to finalize some of the details.

Also, I would like to invite all Tampa area UDC and anyone else who might like to come, but do not have any names for contact. Its been some time since our camp has done anything like this and we plan to go all out. It will be held at Pioneer Park in Zolfo Springs. At the park is a museum with several other exhibits that pertain to Florida history. The museum curator is willing to give us a group tour.

Likewise on the opposite end of the park is the animal exhibit (zoo). There is a small cost associated with both, but should be well worth it. We also hope to have a band. We are contemplating starting around noon and going till about 8:00 PM. Also, there are facilities for those who might like to come in jeans/t-shirts and latter change to period attire as the barbecue gives way to a dance.

We're hoping for a large turnout and could greatly use your support.

Graylin Smith
11th Brigade Commander

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What My Flag Means To Me

-by Linda Lee

When I look upon the Battle Flag
my heart beats ever fast,
amid that cross and 13 stars
are memories of my past.

There's anguished cries, a Rebel yell,
a tear on frozen face,
a straining mule, a half an arm,
a hallowed, bloody place.

There's mother's cries and father's hearts
and husband's short notes home,

there's yellowed linen holding dear,
old Bible, broken comb.

It tells me of our battlefields,
amid the willowed glen,
where godly ground cries out today
with blood from Southron men.

It tells me of the dank and dust,
rations cut in half,
it whispers of forgotten place,
a soldier's epitaph.

The ragged flag, pockmarked with holes
and blood stained; Let her fly,
her shadows hold the righteous cause
and waves in southern sky.

It whispers to me, not forget
our wounded nor our dead;
it gives me strength as freedoms fall
to always look ahead.

And as she waves, I hold her dear
and offer murmured prayer,

that one day she will fly from every
Southern city square.

So sleep, my Southron soldier men,
they'll not take her away,
for under that beloved flag
lies all our Southron gray.

Her field of red remembers you,
her cross will not come down
and all the glory of her stars
are fixtures in your crown.

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An Apology: This newsletter inadvertently left out from recognition the Stonewall Jackson Camp 1381 for its efforts in supporting the ladies of the Dixie Camp 1008 in the Confederate Memorial Service in April.

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From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans Muster Roll for the month of May, 2002 registers 162 loyal Compatriots and 20 faithful Legionaires.

The Lesley Camp takes pleasure in announcing the membership of three new men into our midst. Mr. Lewis Kelly Cannington, also Mr. Lewis Curtis Silvers, they share Confederate Ancestor, Pvt. Canady Cannington Co D 20th Bn GA Cavalry, CSA. In addition, Frank S. Nauman has enlisted in the Confederate Legion.

Donation tickets are on sale for the 1858 44. Caliber Target Carbine Revolver. These donation tickets are available from first Lt. Commander Marion Lambert @ 813-839-5153.

If you have any questions concerning camp business or to process membership paperwork, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Col. Dwight Tetrick, Adjutant

John T. Lesley Camp
19126 Amelia Circle
Lutz, FL 33558 phone (813) 949-4746


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