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The Fort Brooke Record

July 2002
Volume 9, Issue 7

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.

Program Article

The Man

Presented by Rev. Larry Dennis

Rev. Larry Dennis was born in Seymore, Indiana of a farmer ( down to earth raising ). His folks moved to Ohio later on in his childhood where his dad worked in the steel mills. This is where he met his future wife (Debbie). Upon graduation from high school he went away to Nashville, TN where he attended Trevecca Nazarene College. It was while he was there that he got interested in reading about great Leaders of our country, such as Washington, Patton, Eisenhower etc.  zyhis was to help him to better understand their leadership ways and abilities which would help him in his call as a minister and in leading his congregations.  But when he read about Robert E. Lee he became enamored by him and his gentle character and a true Southern Gentleman.  He stated that he liked the way that Lee conducted his whole life around God as his leader and that he too led in a Godly manner.  In his office he has numerous books, small figurines and such of Lee.  His wall is in The War Between the States motif.

Upon graduation from Trevecca he became a pastor and has pastored churches in OH, TX, and FL. Prior to being elected to the position of District Superintendent of the Central Florida District of the Church of the Nazarene, he pastored the Highland Hills Church of the Nazarene in Lakeland, FL which was the largest Nazarene church in FL and one of the largest in the denomination.  He is also on the General Board of the International Church of the Nazarene, with churches in over 143 world areas.  Rev. Dennis and Debbie have been married for over 32 years and have 3 grown son, two in college and the oldest a Sheriff in Polk County.

His hobbies are hunting, hiking, and all kinds of outdoor sports. I am looking forward to hearing my District Superintendent, because I'm an Ordained Elder in The Church of the Nazarene, serving as an associate at the Forest Hills Church of the Nazarene in Tampa, with Rev Ward Hall as Senior Pastor. He and his wife (Thelma) have also been invited by me to come to the meeting.


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Pioneer Festival 
Dade City


The Florida Pioneer Festival will be held in Dade City, on the Florida Pioneer Museum grounds this Labor Day weekend, August 31 to Sept. 2. This is a Lesley Camp event. I would like to invite and welcome all to participate, including all ladies that may be interested. Last year was the first time that we participated in this event and it was a huge success.

Even if you don't want to help out I would like to encourage you to go to the Pioneer Festival. It is truly a good time for the family. There is always the WBTS reenactment to see, but if your interest are wider than there is much more as well. There's good music and good food.

The Florida Pioneer Museum is a hidden gem here in Dade City with a great many artifacts dating back not only to the White man's settlement of the area but to the native Indians as well. There are also too many exhibiters to mention. You may wear your period attire if you like and if you want to work the event then admittance is free through the North gate, where you may also park. If you simply want to come to the festival and enjoy yourself then there will be a small charge to pay at the South gate.

Deo Vindice,
Dean H. Leferink

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This was probably the best July 4th Parade ever.  We gathered at Commander Hayward’s at 8 am to perform final preparations. The Plant City United Daughters of the Confederacy and several Lesley camp members decorated the float for this year's event.

We had over 12 riders on the float this year.  Those riding were PCUDC members & prospects, SCV members and friends and a Confederate dog (Copper, brought by Bart and Lunelle Siegel), which was a real kid-pleaser.  PCUDC members Rosa Hayward, Lunelle Siegel, Ailene Mizell & Jamie Carpenter (prospective member). Lesley Camp legionnaires (Bart Siegel and Mark Schonbrun), Camp member Jack Bolen and his wife, June, girlfriend and daughter of Mark Salter all dressed in period attire!

Music on the float thanks to the PA system, really added to the interest.  Lunelle recorded a "Dixie Mix" tape that broadcasted stains of "Dixie", "Yellow Rose of Texas", "The Rose of Alabama", "Bonnie Blue Flag", "Goober Peas", "Washed in the Blood" and many other period tunes.  The float and music were well received, with many placing their hand or hat over their heart when "Dixie" played, and the crowd clapped.  Marc Shonbrun really hammed it up, playing to the crowd.

The float was decorated in a patriotic theme honoring the 1st and 2nd wars for American Independence with portraits of our heroes:  Gen. George Washington and Gen. Robert E. Lee displayed prominently on the backstop.  Although decorated with the 1st national and the Battle Flags, two flags were displayed prominently in line with the theme:  1.  The Betsy Ross Flag and 2.  The 1st National Flag showing the resemblance. This resemblance is not lost on those who know their history. Many if not most of the heroes of the Confederacy were descendants of heroes of the First American Revolution.

Commander Hayward's green truck was fully loaded along with his two other model “T” Fords.

1000+ mini battle Battle Flags underwritten by camp members, & supplemented by Mike Herring of Forrest Station store were handed out by Laura Scott and her two sons Luke and Caleb. Commander Rich Warner and Corporal Greg Tisdale assisted this is a real crowd pleaser with kids of all ages. Next yes 2000+ Battle Flags!!

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The members present at the June meeting of the Lesley Camp has elected the following slate of men to fill the officer’s positions for the next two years:

Commander Marion Lambert
Dwight Tetrick
1st Lt. Cmdr. Unfilled
2nd Lt. Cmdr
. Mike Herring
3rd Lt. Cmdr. Rich Warner
*4th Lt. Cmdr
. Wayne Sweat
Judge Advocate
Roger Crane
Jake English
*Executive Officer Jim Hayward

Calvin Martin

* denotes a new position

At the June 18 meeting the positions listed above in bold were filled by election. The judge advocate (Dr. Roger Crane) conducted the election at the meeting.

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I have a calendar on my wall in front of my computer, so I look at it every time I sit down at the computer. This month's picture is titled "Iron Horses, Men of Steel". It happened in June of 1861 in Winchester, VA. Colonel Thomas J. Jackson supervised the greatest overland movement of locomotives and railroad equipment done in the War Between the States. Winchester citizens stared in wonder as 40-horse teams pulled their heavy loads through the streets. It must have been an awesome sight to see a train , that had been taken apart and put on wagons to be transported to the South for our use, and not a track in sight. The thing that I marvel at was the amount of horses and men it took to accomplish this feat. All of them had to be working together, otherwise it would not have succeeded. Just look at 40, count 'em 40 horses all pulling together in one direction in the same motions to get the job done.
You must admit that it took a lot of audacity and courage to go up into the enemy territory and to pull this off right from under their noses. And these were, at the time the most advanced engines of their time , which is what the South was lacking. But when men come together and work towards a common goal and work together you see how much can be accomplished.

I'm also reminded of another time when people had come together. It was around 120 in an upper room that they had been meeting together and seeking the same thing and the same purpose that the Holy Spirit came upon them and we now know that as the "Day of Pentecost". It was only when they were all of one accord that the Holy Spirit came and anointed them with the power of the Holy Spirit. You'll find this in the Book of Acts 2nd Chapter.

That brings me to this. It was last month when the Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were together in their annual meeting that I noticed that from all over the great state of Florida had come these different camps to meet and to discuss their business for their future. There were many different views and discussions were bantered about all over the hotel. Elections were held and some voted one way and others voted another way. In the end their officers were elected and for the coming years their leaders were now in place. But the thing that impressed me was that even though those who did not get the leaders that they wanted, I noticed a determined look in their faces that now that we have elected these people to lead us, lets get behind them and support them and move forward to build this Division into the best Division in the whole SCV and lets be a model for others to emulate. So to you men of the Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans I commend you and encourage you to go forward with a common purpose and a united voice all led my your Eternal God and Father. It will be through the resolve and strength that will be given you by God that will enable you to accomplish great things for our cause. Stay strong and stay united and leave the bickering behind and let's advance ever onward and ever upward for this noble cause for which we stand. Stand proud and carry our banner with dignity and respect.

I am proud to be appointed as your new Division Chaplain, it's with a humble attitude that I will try to do my best to represent our great Division and most of all to be God's man in this capacity. With your prayers and His help I believe that we can accomplish more than we can ever imagine.

I am yours in the service of The Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Led by the Holy Spirit

Your Chaplain, Rev Calvin T. Martin
John T. Lesley Camp 1282
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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Robert E. Lee was born January 19, 1807 at Stratford in Westmoreland County, Virginia. The son of Revolutionary War hero "Light Horse" Harry Lee, he attended West Point, graduating second in his class in 1829. During his four years at the military academy he did not earn a single demerit and served as adjutant of the Cadet Corps. Upon graduation he was posted to the engineers. He served on several important engineering projects in Georgia, Virginia, and New York. Lee was serving with General Wool at the beginning of the Mexican War, but was reassigned to General Winfield Scott’s staff at his special request. In that capacity he had opportunity to demonstrate such brilliance and heroism that General Scott was prompted to write that Lee was "the very best soldier I ever saw in the field."

Upon the conclusion of the Mexican War Lee was assigned to duty with the Corps of Engineers, headquartered at Baltimore. In 1852 he was named to serve as superintendent of the military academy at West Point, a post he held until 1855. He was then brevetted lieutenant-colonel and assigned to the Second Cavalry. He served with this regiment on frontier duty in Texas from 1856 until the spring of 1861.

Lee was in Washington in October of 1859 when John Brown seized the engine house at the Federal Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. He was dispatched to take command of the Marine detachment sent to suppress the uprising. Accompanied by Jeb Stuart, who happened to be with him when he received the order, he went immediately to the scene and ordered the place taken by storm, effectively resolving the situation.

Following the incident he returned to duty in Texas, where he remained until shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War. Summoned to Washington in 1861 he rejected command of the Federal field forces then being assembled on the day after Virginia’s secession.

He resigned his commission as Colonel of the 1st Cavalry Regiment and accepted command of Virginia’s armed forces. In this post he began the organization of Virginia’s military resources. As a brigadier, and later full general, he helped the Virginia State forces make the transition into Confederate service.

His first field command during the Cheat Mountain Campaign in western Virginia proved to be a disappointing affair. It was plagued by bad weather and fraught with dissension among subordinate officers, William W. Loring, John B. Floyd, and Henry A. Wise.

Jefferson Davis appointed him to command along the Southern Coast. Early in 1862 he was recalled to Richmond and made an advisor to the president. When Joseph E. Johnston was badly wounded in the fighting at Seven Pines, President Davis instructed Lee to take command of what he became known as the Army of Northern Virginia.

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From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans Muster Roll for the month of July, 2002 registers 164 loyal Compatriots and 20 faithful Legionaires.

Laura S. Brock, Registrar of the Dixie Chapter 1008 United Daughters of the Confederacy is awarded the “John T. Lesley Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Certificate of Appreciation” for her good works at camp events. Presented by Camp Adjutant Dwight Tetrick “On The Pier” St. Petersburg, Florida May 30, 2002.

Donation tickets are on sale for the 1858 44. Caliber Target Carbine Revolver. These donation tickets are available from 1st Lt. Commander Marion Lambert @ 813-839-5153.

If you have any questions concerning camp business or to process membership paperwork, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Col. Dwight Tetrick, Adjutant

John T. Lesley Camp
19126 Amelia Circle
Lutz, FL 33558 phone (813) 949-4746

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