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The Fort Brooke Record

March 2002
Volume 9, Issue 3

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.

Program Article

Saturday, March 30th


Remember that this is a covered dish fellowship. So do what you can to bring a dish of your favorite food.

  • Please do try to bring a large home cooked main dish which will feed at least six (6)
  • Along with the main dish please try to bring a dessert.

The catfish, grits, swamp cabbage (if available), and tea are furnished.

Please remember the following very important items:

  • There is a $10.00 cover at the gate for adults. This is for the cost of fish, chairs and tables and the music. As always, children 12 and under are free.

Do call Cmdr. Hayward (685-4850) and let him know the number who will be coming in your party. He needs to have the tally so that sufficient fish, tables and chairs can be ordered.

Arrive @ 6 PM (music begins about this time) We eat @ 7 PM

Music by:

The Foothills Bluegrass

To Be Held @ Commander Jim Hayward’s home

Located @  651 Pine Forrest Drive    Brandon, Florida 33511  (813)685-4850reb_bar.gif (467 bytes)

Strawberry Festival Parade

Reported by Larry Dodson

The Plant City Strawberry Festival Parade (March 4) was "AWESOME" for the John T. Lesley's Camp Colour Guard, and UDC Participants. Many in the crowd stood-up as the Colours passed by Honoring their rich Southern Heritage, and in recognizing the sacrifices of our Forefathers. Although the Parade was rather lengthy, the crowd was very receptive to the display by both the Colour Bearers, and our Float. Many "Thanks" to our Southern Belles of the UDC for their unselfish efforts, dedication and highly successful decorating of the Float, it was both Beautiful and Patriotic, and made quite an impression on the crowd that lined the Parade route. The highlight of the Parade was the "Eyes Left" salute to the Parade Judges, which brought them to their feet in recognition of our acknowledgement, and very favorable comments regarding our Presentation. Forward the Colours!

The ‘Colours’ carried by the John T. Lesley Camp Colour Guard  were warmly 
received by the Strawberry Festival Parade Judges.  Photo by Don Geary

The Lesley Colour Guard and float, aptly decorated by the wonderful ladies 
of the Plant City Chapter 1931 UDC. Photo by Don Geary

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Zephyrhills Celtic Festival Review

Wesley Sainz, Corporal Honor Guard

The second annual Zephyrhills Celtic Festival on Saturday, February 2, began with a "Bang," courtesy of Ft. Myers Camp Commander Rob Gates and his detachment of Artillery reenactors. There wasn't a duck left on the pond after the first round was fired, and even a dog and a few local "Yankees" were seen running for cover!

Lesley Camp Member and Honor Guard Corporal Mr. Wayne Sweat, represented the Lesley Camp to the City of Zephyrhills in this year's celebration, as a Zephyrhills Celtic Festival organizer of events. He was officially assisted by the Honor Guard's newest member Mr. Dean Leferlink, also of Zephyrhills, who helped play a part in organizing the day's activities and celebrations. Special thanks go to Mr. Mark Salter, Camp Engineer, for helping with the encampment setup and teardown. It truly looks authentic when Mark lends his expertise.

Attending Confederates in uniform from the J.T. Lesley camp were: Leroy Rogers, Mark Salter, Mike Bethune, Dean Leferlink, Wayne Sweat, Mike Herring, Wes Sainz, Mark Miller, Greg Chappel, and Daryl Whitt.

Also in attendance in period dress representing UDC Chapter 1931 was Ms. Diana Shuman, and representing the Lesley Camp was Commander Mr. Jim Hayward. Even Camp Chaplain, Rev. Calvin Martin, was seen walking the grounds wearing his Celtic Tartan and

offering encouragement to all. 2nd Lt. Commander Mike Herring displayed Confederate items for sale at the encampment, with interest remaining brisk throughout the day. All-in-all, Mr. Herring reported that it truly was a great day for the Confederacy!

The Honor Guard flag unit was called upon to "advance the colors" in opening ceremonies, much to the encouragement and applause of the large attending crowd. Non-stop photo and video cameras covered the entire event which included a detachment of reenactors marching in line-abrest, "guarding" the flag unit as it advanced. Over 500 on-lookers stood at attention, removing their hats and saluting in honor as it passed by.

Taking charge of the Ft. Myers Camp participants was Camp Commander Rob Gates, who with his Artillery unit, brought along a 19th century Confederate "mini" cannon. It was used in a mid-afternoon skirmish against Union forces who came for the reenactment held on the park grounds. A number of other reenactors and celebrated notables helped lend to the Confederate atmosphere by appearing in period uniforms and clothing, engaging the public in conversation, while educating them on the close ties of the Confederacy and it's Celtic origins.

There was a Sons of Union Veteran's member who's interesting table display represented that of a Union field hospital surgeon of 1865. His impressive collection of primitive surgical instruments and recounting of the medical techniques of the time, gave everyone somber pause as to the sacrifice and pain suffered by both sides in the struggle for Southern Independence . . .

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Members of the Colour Guard and Re-enactors prepairing to raise The Flag.  photo by Jane Knowell The Flag goes up ... 
Photo by Jane Knowell
Proudly she waves 
photo by Rich Warner
In memoriam to the ones who served
photo by Rich Warner


Our Flag flying along Interstate 75 proudly greeting visitors to Florida, CSA.

photo by Rich Warner


The centerpiece and dedication of the memorial

 photo by Rich Warner

Columbia County Commissioner, Ron Williams -- supports honoring Confederate history. Williams was the Grand Marshall for the Olustee Parade.


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April is one of our most important months of the year. 
PLEASE try to attend as many events as possible to honour out ancestors.

March 16

Annual St. Patrick’s Night Parade (Saturday) 8 PM, Ybor City– Lesley Camp Event
March 30 Division Officer’s Call - (Saturday) Golden Corral Steak House - Brandon 9:00 AM
March 30 Semi-Annual Lesley Camp Fishfry - (Saturday) @ Cmdr. Hayward’s home – Brandon, Florida
April 3 Presentation of the Southern Heritage (Wednesday) Proclamation 9 AM by the Board of County Commissioners, Hillsborough County
April 12-14 Southern Cultural Festival - Tampa - Southern Society Event
     April 12 - "Gone With the Wind" at Channelside Cinemas - 7 p.m.(Friday)
     April 13 - Open Air Market - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.- Channelside (Saturday)
                   "Pig Pick" BBQ - 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. - Stumps Supper Club
                    Gen. Jubal A. Early Cigar Smoke - 2:30-4:30 p.m. - Stumps Supper Club
                            hosted by Cigars by Antonio    
                    Joseph P. Robles Historical Dinner - 7 p.m. Latam Restaurant
     April 14 - Bus Tour of Confederate Tampa and Joseph Robles Memorial ceremony
                   2-5 p.m. departing from Channelside
April 16 Regular Monthly Meeting @ Buddy Freddy's (Tuesday) - Compatriot Stan Hankins speaks on "Andersonville Prison, Fact & Fiction - A Southern Perspective"
April 20 Confederate Memorial Day Service and Monument Re-Decication (Saturday) 11 a.m. - Tampa Chapter 113 UDC - @ Hillsborough Co. Courthouse
April 27 Confederate Memorial Day Service - Host:  Dixie Chapter 1008 UDC - joint with Lesley Camp and Plant City Chapter 1931 UDC


April 12 - 14

Do you love Dixie? Do you like BBQ? Do you like smoking a good cigar? Do you like the outdoors? Do you like reveling in the fine traditions of the South? Have you been looking for a family-friendly event to bring mom and sissy? Well, then April’s Southern Cultural Festival is just what you’ve been waiting for! So, read the following and gather steam as you go.

Yep, sometimes one has to “take his (or her) hat off” when something extraordinary, which takes our culture and heritage to the forefront, occurs. For example, when the flag went up in White Springs at the Flags Across Florida site on the 15th of February, we all knew that an extraordinary and singular event was occurring. Well, this festival is a milestone, like that, and with your help it will become a cultural landmark for Tampa Bay, setting a tone that Dixie is alive and well in the Sunshine State. And what better time - - - than APRIL: SOUTHERN HISTORY MONTH?

Well, if you’re like me and have been frustrated by the total degradation of everything Southern as the last whipping post of the politically-incorrect…now its your turn to show ‘em why Dixie is loved throughout the world – the uniqueness of what we are…. Southern Culture…

This event is really a lot bigger than any of us ever originally imagined that it could be. In fact, it is bigger than any or all of the composing organizations put together. For example, the folks who are to be a part of this “happening” will make it a multi-cultural event, beyond the reproach of even the most radical nay-sayer. The black community in the form of Bealsville, Inc.(a nonprofit organization to restore Glover School, which is on the National Register of historic places), and the African Museum & Gallery. Other parts of Southern history to be represented include the Seminole Tribe, the descendants of Hispanic-Confederate hero Private Joseph Robles (see Robles Banquet article), the Spanish American War era Rough Riders.

This event will be anchored at the Channelside site on Channelside Drive located between the Aquarium and the Ice Palace in downtown Tampa. Some of the corporate sponsors are Stumps Supper Club, Cigars by Antonio, and Channelside Cinemas & Imax. Even the Corvette Club of Tampa Bay has thrown their hat into the ring.

This event is sponsored by The Southern Society of Tampa Bay, the liaison group of SCV camps, UDC chapters and the re-enacting community. Separately and independently, none of these groups could have pulled this off. But working together, Tampa Bay is being put on the map. The ladies working in conjunction and in harmony with the men and the world is the limit.

The purpose and goal of all of this is to show that working together and with a clear vision we can all have a fine time and concurrently showcase our unique status as Southern Americans. The charitable recipient for all of the 25 dollar rentals for the artist and vendor booths for Saturday’s Open Air Market will be Bealsville, Inc. The different organization selling tickets for Friday night’s showing of “Gone with the Wind” will profit from that event. The John T. Lesley Camp, SCV, and the Dixie Chapter, UDC, will have recruitment and display booths on Saturday. Mike Herring (681-69220) is coordinating vender’s space rentals for the Saturday event.

Check the calendar of events for all the doin’s or visit the festival web site at .  Mark your calendar and tell grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles and cousins to come to town and make a weekend out of it – and if you buy tickets to everything you wont even have to cook!

Festival Itinerary

Friday, April 12
7:00 pm-
  "Gone With the Wind" at Channelside Cinemas with "Welcome" Dessert Buffet, Scarlett O'Hara Look-Alike Contest, and Recognition of Joseph Robles descendants - TICKETS - $10 each These tickets can be purchased by sending $10 for each needed ticket, in a cheque made payable to the John T. Lesley Camp and mailed to GWTW Tickets, 6101 South 2nd Street, Tampa, Florida CSA 33611.

Saturday, April 13
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Open Air Market Festival @ Chanelside including:
Southern Art Show, Southern Music Festival, Corvette Show, Living History:  Re-enactment, See "General Lee" from "Dukes of Hazzard"

11:30 am - 2:00 pm - Pig Pick BBQ at Stumps
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm - General Jubal Early Cigar Smoke at Stumps presented by Cigars by Antonio

7:00 pm - Robles Dinner - honoring Confederate/American Veteran and Tampa pioneer Joseph Robles

Sunday, April 14
1: 30 pm
- Tour of War Era Tampa including memorial service at Gravesite of Joseph Robles and Dedication of Iron Cross 


It’s that time again! Did you miss the last Lesley Camp tour of Confederate Tampa? Well, even if you did, this is your chance to make up for lost time. We are going to do it again – but this time BETTER than EVER. The last tour was so successful with its two buses of 100 folks that it is a no-brainer that we do this remarkable epic again. Not only will we see the great and historic Confederate sites around Tampa we will culminate our tour at the burial site at Woodland Cemetery of Tampa hero Private Joseph Robles where an Iron Cross will be dedicated in an impressive ceremony, joint with the Plant City United Daughters of the Confederacy. Robles single handedly captured a whole squad of Yankee raiders with an unloaded shotgun. This tour will begin at Channelside at 1:30 PM and end back at Channelside at 4:30. Sites to be visited include the impressive recently refurbished Confederate Monument at the Hillsborough County Courthouse, site of Confederate Fort Brooke, the University of Tampa which maintains two of the original cannons from Fort Brooke, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church that contains the Father Ryan stain glass, the Stonewall Jackson plaque on Kennedy Blvd, the Robert E. Lee plaque next to the Museum of Art, historic Oaklawn Cemetery where over 60 Southern soldiers are buried, the Robert E. Lee Elementary School, possibly the Brandon Cemetery flag site, site of the underwater resting place of two blockade runners at Lowry Park and the salt work site at Rocky Point where Private Robles captured the Yankee raiding party. Cost of the three hour tour is 15 dollars. Tickets available by sending $15 per ticket in a cheque made payable to the John T. Lesley Camp to Marion Lambert at Tour Tickets, 6101 South 2nd Street, Tampa, Florida CSA 33611 or can be ordered from the web site.  For more information, call Marion Lambert at (813)839-5153.


for Southern Cultural Festival

Tables are still available for artists and vendors to exhibit and sell at April's Southern Cultural Festival. A 10 x 10 ft. space is only $25 and festival hours are 10-4 on Saturday, April 13th. This is a great opportunity to get publicity for your business. For more info visit the festival website

Do you sing, or play, or do you know of a great church or school group, please invite them to perform at the festival. Please call the festival office at 813-831-3849 and we'll do the rest.


April 3rd (Wednesday Morning)
9 AM in the Boardroom of the BOCC in the County Center

For the past 7 years we of the Lesley Camp have gathered from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners a proclamation proclaiming April as Southern Heritage Month and April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day in Hillsborough County.

This coming April 3, we will officially receive the proclamation from the commissioners in open session in their meeting room. All of you are invited to come and be with us in this presentation. You need to come in your Sunday best.

The time is between 9 and 10 AM and the location is on the 2nd floor in the Boardroom of the County Center (the pink building) located at the intersection of Pierce and Kennedy in downtown Tampa.

Every year we have between 20 and 30 folks attend. This year we need to ratchet up the number. Please try to make it down there on this important morning. Guaranteed that you will be gone by 10 AM.

For further information contact Marion Lambert at (813)839-5153.

Rebmaster's note:  It has been brought to our attention that Rhonda Storms will be presenting a proclamation on the 3rd naming April 13th as Joseph P. Robles Day.  Robles, a member of the home guard, single handedly captured a Union Raiding party bent on destroying the salt-works.  He will be celebrated as part of the Southern Cultural Festival.

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March Division Officer’s Call

The Spring Division Officer’s Call, for our area, will be held at the Golden Corral Steak House on Saturday, March 30. The meeting will begin at 9AM and will conclude with dinner at noon. If you arrive a little early there is a wonderful breakfast buffet that can be enjoyed. Division Commander John Adams will chair the meeting.

Although this is always billed as an “officer’s” event, please do keep in mind that all are invited. If you want to see the inner workings of the division and are interested in the vision of the leadership of the Florida Division, this is for you. This is the place for you to input your thoughts into the process.

Just dress nicely (better casual or suits) and do come on out. The Golden Corral Steak House is located at 815 Providence Road in Brandon and their phone number is (813)689-0470.

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Along with over 500 or 600 people at the White Springs flag raising ceremony, I was privileged to be a part of that great gathering of Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy and many other people who came to witness the raising of the largest Confederate flag flying anybody has ever seen. One thing I came away from that event with was the observation that we are a conglomerate of a lot of peculiar people ( and that is meant in a very good sense). We are a people that aren't afraid to be recognized as Southerners and Confederate Southerners at that. I witnessed many different types of dress and uniforms and was very proud of my fellow "brothers and sisters" who share the pride of being descended from that noble stock of people who defended their way of life. I am still reminded that we, their descendents, are still defending our beloved Southland from the PC crowd who would like to see us simply fade away. Well, there are thousands of us who will not fade away and will stand up for our right to honor our ancestors in any way we can. Now when you drive into Florida on Interstate 75 you will be welcomed into our great state by the largest Confederate flag flying on the planet. As I left White Springs to come home, I looked into my mirror and saw that beautiful flag flying proudly in the breeze. I felt a rush of pride that welled up tears in my eyes and I'm not ashamed to say that those were tears of joy knowing that we have done our ancestors a great service by letting their Flag fly freely and letting everybody know that this is Confederate territory your entering.

As men and women of God we are to be a peculiar people, separating ourselves from the wicked crowd and living holy lives. This is the type of a peculiar people that we are. I have belonged to many groups and organizations and I am proud to tell you that the Sons of Confederate Veterans, especially our John T. Lesley Camp 1282, is one that is led, in my opinion, by men who are godly men and who seek His will in the decisions of this camp. Yes, I know that none of us is perfect, but I do believe that most of us try to do the best that we can to represent our camp in a way that would make our God pleased with our conduct.

So I say to you, that when we are in the public eye, always conduct yourselves in a way that will make your Heavenly Father pleased with you.

Don't forget that it was on Mar 7 - 8, 1862, that the battle of Pea Ridge took place. And lest we forget our Irish Brethren, Happy St Patrick's Day.

Let me leave you with this from God's word, Ps.31:1-3 "In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in Thy righteousness. Bow down Thine ear to me; deliver me speedily: be Thou my strong rock, for a house of defense to save me. For Thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me."

I do know that many of our leaders were led by their God and I encourage you to seek the Lord's guidance and He will never fail you.

I do want you to remember in your prayers Wanda Gay, who is going through some physical needs now.

Also remember my daughter, Rebecca Martin, who just came out of surgery today. She's doing ok, but please remember her in your prayers.

I know that there are others in our camp that would also solicit your prayers too.

May God bless each and every one of you

I am yours in His service,

Rev Calvin T. Martin
Chaplain, John T. Lesley Camp 1282
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Please Keep in Prayer...

Dave Anthony  - recuperating
John Hall - heart problem
Jim Hall  - stroke

Prayer needs:

If you have a special prayer need and wish to have your request placed on the prayer list it is imperative that you contact one of the chaplains. Too many times we find that folks who are dear to us have been ill for some time or even that they have passed away, and without us knowing. So please do contact one of the chaplains as listed below. We are here for you.

 Chaplain Rev. Calvin Martin 651-0190

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From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans Muster Roll for the month of March, 2002 registers 161 loyal Compatriots and 19 faithful Legionaires.

Donation tickets are on sale for the 1841 Mississippi .54 CAL Rifle. This rifle will be awarded at the “Spring Fish Fry” at the end of this month. These donation tickets are available from 1st Lt. Commander Marion Lambert @ 813-839-5153.

See you @ Commander & Mrs. Hayward’s residence for the “Spring Fish Fry”.

If you have any questions concerning camp business or to process membership paperwork, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Col. Dwight Tetrick, Adjutant

John T. Lesley Camp
19126 Amelia Circle
Lutz, FL 33558 phone (813) 949-4746

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