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The Fort Brooke Record

February 2002
Volume 9, Issue 2

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.

Program Article

Jews in the

Bart Siegel has for a number of years been a member of our camp and as time has gone by he has become increasingly, an asset. He, along with his lovely wife Lunelle Siegel (who is our webmaster), has come to be an integral and dependable element of the Southern Heritage Movement in the Tampa Bay area. The Southern Cultural Festival coming up in April is the brainchild of Bart‘s.

Was Bart Siegel born a true blue-blood Confederate or was he perhaps a closet Confederate in his youth in New Jersey? Well, neither is the case. Bart was reared, the youngest of five children, in Bloomfield, New Jersey, by a very respectable Jewish family. His father, a noted sculptor, dentist and stock market executive set a high standard of intellect for Bart. His mother was a great Jewish mother, very active in the local synagogue. He graduated from Bloomfield Senior High School and then he obtained his A.A degree in 1976 from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. In his words, “the South was South Jersey.” Southern symbolism was a totally unknown commodity.

In 1981 things had started to change in his life. Bart was then finishing his B.S. degree in Finance and International Business at Florida State. You see, Bart had a godmother who lived in Florida and from frequent trips to the Sunshine State to visit he had become fond of the climate and the people.

Then it was on to being a business owner (a dry cleaning establishment) and a stock broker. But 1988 found Bart again finishing another degree (an MBA), this time from Rutgers University back in Jew Jersey.

A couple of years later, Bart was back in Florida, this time in Jacksonville, working at GE Capital. This was where he met his future wife, Lunelle Mizell, a 5th generation Floridian.

Upon marrying and moving with her to Tallahassee, Bart became an honorary Southerner, this by purchasing a dog, a pick-up truck and a shotgun.

But what one has to understand about Bart Siegel, is how the South, and the traditional ideals of Southern philosophy and life were a perfect mesh with Bart Siegel, the man. You see, his love for the South originated in its ideals, of the continuation of what the founding fathers had begun in 1776. And as a Jew, a member of a group which has faced world-wide persecution, he was particularly intrigued by the saga and interests of Jewish Confederates.

He will cover reasons why Jews were attracted to the South and to the Confederacy, including the Rothschilds, Judah P. Benjamin, Barnard Baruch and others. Included will be special related information about his visit to Richmond this summer.

See you at this exciting program and meeting on the 19th.

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Brooksville Raid Report

The John T. Lesley Camp once again showed it is the “On Fire Camp’ with its annual display at the Brooksville Raid.

This years display was manned by Dean Leferink, 3rd Lt. Cmdr. Rich Warner, Greg Chappell, Greg Tisdale, Eddie Gay and his lovely wife and Laura Scott.

Pam Steele and Kris Armitage in the ‘finest of ladies daywear'.

Our display was located in the center of the Suttlery and maintained a steady stream of visitors. We had a great time talking to potential members (the general public) and current SCV and UDC members from across the state. Many went a way with a little bit more knowledge of Confederate History.

Our camps Mississippi Rifle was on display and generated additional funds for the donation drawing.

We need volunteers for these events, if you would like to help please contact 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert.


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White Springs Dedication Set

Flags Across Florida Dedication

White Springs, Florida

On I-75

THIS IS IT! The dedication of the White Springs Flags Across Florida site will be at 2 PM on Friday the 15th of February. This site will announce to all traveling north or south bound on I-75 that Florida is an integral part of the real South. There will be no mistaking the 100 ft. flagpole which will fly a 40 by 28 foot Confederate Battle Flag.

This site is located at Exit 84 on I-75. This exit is the first exit north of the intersection of I-75 and I-10. To get to the actual physical site, after exiting at Exit 84, go east about 200 yards from the interstate to the State Farmer’s Market. Turn into that facility and proceed to the southwest corner of the vast parking area. This will be adjacent to the fence along the interstate. You will see the flagpole in place. It is just north of the BP sign. You really wont be able to miss it.

The Lesley Camp will be NOT chartering buses for this event.

There will be an extensive ceremony and hundreds are expected. This is all still in the planning stage. There is a possibility that there will be a couple of state legislators present. Cmdr. Bob May of the Dixie Camp 1861 is attending to making this dedication a great event.

The Lesley Camp will be supporting logistically this event. Our Colour Guard will be present. Also our Camp Trailer will be sent with up there with all of its contents. Our sound system (owned by Cmdr. Hayward) is being lent for the ceremonies. See you there!

SPECIAL NOTE: Do bring your own lawn chair. Although there will be some chairs available they will be used for the infirm and elderly. There will not be an excess of seating .

PLEASE, join us and all the Compatriots in the Florida Division in celebrating this momentous event. -Editor.

Final Flags Across Florida


By Cmdr. Marion Lambert,
Florida Division Chief of Staff




Again, please be notified that the site at White Springs

is set for dedication in February 15.

The general contractor, Mr. Bob Raburn of Plant City, has finished the slab, installed the 20 foot long five foot high monument and has erected the (very tall) 100 foot flagpole. Mr. Mike Bethune will be implementing the process of engraving the monument with the inscriptions. This engraving process involves sandblasting and the use of an industrial air compressor. Mr. Marion Lambert will be installing and welding the heavy security chain around the site. This chain will cosmetically enhance the appearance along with providing security. All of this will be complete prior to the day of the dedication.

Most likely the lights will not be installed by the time of the service on the 15th and it is a certainty that the brick pavers will not be installed onto the slab by the service. These items will be completed soon thereafter.

The definite time/date for the dedication of this site is set for 2:00 PM, Friday February 15, 2002. It appears that we should have a fantastic turnout for the event from the Confederate reenactors who will be in the same area for the Olustee Reenactment on that same weekend.

Obviously, it is not possible to subscribe to have your name or the name of an ancestor placed on the monument. The open window of opportunity for placing names on the monument is now closed.

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3rd Annual Lee-Jackson Ball:

By Lunelle Siegel

On January 26, 2002, over 150 guests were in attendance at the 3rd annual Lee-Jackson Grand Ball and Dinner when the Plant City Daughters of the Confederacy presented the proposed design for the Plant City Cow Cavalry Monument. Camp artist Mike Bethune has agreed to donate his services in designing and building the monument, dedicated to the James T. Lesley and his company and sketched a design of the planned bronze relief that is planned to face a large granite block.

Laura Scott & Lunelle Siegel

Pam Steel

Martha Sue Skinner, Jim & Kris Armitage

The Plant City Chapter #1931 decided to embark on the monument project, realizing there was no Confederate monument in Plant City. The chapter will be working on this project, raising funds, determining site, etc. until its completion. The ball was a success an many of the needed funds were raised, including a contribution of 10% of their tapes and CD says by the 97th Regimental String Band.

Lesley Camp Colour Guard

James & Rosa Hayward

The Cow Cavalry, also called the Cow Battalion or Munnerlyn's Battalion moved thousands of head of cattle north to supply food for the Confederate Army in the critical latter year of the war after supply from Texas had been cut.

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The next meeting of the Southern Society of Tampa Bay will be held Monday, February 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Valencia Garden Restaurant located just west of downtown Tampa on Kennedy Blvd. We will meet in the Original Dining Room (also called the Green Room). Meals will be billed individually to those attending and we will order off of the menu.

The actual physical address for Valencia’s is 811 West Kennedy Blvd. They are on the north side of the street and are just west of the University of Tampa. Their telephone number is (813)253-3773.

Here are directions to arrive at the Valencia Restaurant:

From Interstate 275:

Upon nearing the west side of the I-4/I-275 Interchange (Malfunction Junction) take Exit 25, which is the Tampa Downtown exit. Go south on Ashley Drive until you come to Kennedy Blvd. Turn right going west, cross the bridge, go past the University of Tampa and you will find Valencia‘s on the right.

Invited to attend this meeting are officers and members of the following organizations: Tampa Chapter 113, UDC; Mary Custis Lee Chapter 1451, UDC; Company K 7th Florida; John T. Lesley Camp 1282, SCV; Confederate Cantinieres Chapter 2405, UDC; and the Plant City Chapter 1931, UDC; Dixie Chapter 1008, UDC; Florida Division, SCV; Stonewall Jackson Camp 1381, SCV; and any other Southern Heritage minded organization in the Bay area. Any member of these organizations who has a special interest and wants to be involved, please do attend.

We will continue the exciting planning for the Tampa Bay Southern Culture Festival & the Robles Antebellum Ball scheduled for April of 2001.

Again, the next meeting of the Society will be held Monday, at 6:30 PM on January 14 at the Valencia Garden Restaurant located on Kennedy Blvd. Just west of downtown Tampa.

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Who Shall Know
This Hallowed Ground

by Linda Lee

Was on a dank and rainy night,
no stars or moon were in the sky;
a lantern showed a bit of light,
enough to see as Lee passed by.

Though memory has faded some,
I yet can feel his presence near;
that night when rain had left us numb
and I was but a volunteer.

I stand upon the bloody field
that we had conquered on that day;
now greening pasture where he kneeled
and prayed that night for men in gray.

Our oilcloth was soaked with dew
and rations came in short supply;
but yet I was the lucky few

that watched that night as Lee passed by.

My old knees creak, I try to squat,
to pick a blade of greening grass;
that forty years have greened this spot
and covered o’er where Lee had passed.

A distant roll of thunder comes,
I think I see a mule and dray;
I hear the fife, I see the drums,
I once more am that man in gray.

Ghostly men, all quiet stand,
they show such courage, have no fear,
they wait for one to take command
as on the day that Lee passed here.


How shall I leave this hallowed place,
that once was red from tree to tree;
where hand to hand and face to face,
are battles that will die with me?

For who shall come when I am gone,
(the memories that I hold dear)
and who will come and walk upon
and whisper softly, “Lee was here.”

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From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans Muster Roll for the month of February, 2002 registers 158 loyal Compatriots and 19 faithful Legionaires.

Many thanks go out to Dean Leferink, Greg Chappel, 3rd Lt. Cmdr. Rich Warner, and others for their “Manning the booth” and “Drawing the JTL Camp trailer” during the Brooksville Reenactment. Donation tickets were sold for the 1841 Mississippi .54 CAL Rifle. These donation tickets are available from 1st Lt. Commander Marion Lambert @ 813-839-5153.

If you have any questions concerning camp business or to process membership paperwork, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

See you @ Buddy Freddys on Tuesday, February 19th to here Bart Siegel’s talk.

Col. Dwight Tetrick, Adjutant

John T. Lesley Camp
19126 Amelia Circle
Lutz, FL 33558 phone (813) 949-4746

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