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The Fort Brooke Record

January 2003
Volume 9, Issue 1

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The "Fort Brooke Record" (FBR) is the monthly newsletter of the Capt. John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Inc, a Camp of the Florida Division, SCV and of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The FBR is provided free of charge to members of the Camp.  Editorial comments in this publication are the expressed opinion of the editorial writer and not of the Camp.  Paid advertisements can in no way be considered an endorsement by this camp.  Locally, for inquiries and information on coming to events, the camp maintains a full-time access phone at (813) 661-7045.


"Why Are You Here"

Presented by:  Rev. Alan Farley

We are pleased to welcome back Rev. Alan Farley for a pro-Confederate program this month.   He warns us that the program is not meant for the weak at heart or for those who are ashamed of being Southerners.  The South fought a war for independence and why, after 140 years, are we still trying to vindicate our ancestors? With the constant attack from all sides to try to make Southerners an extinct species we need to rally the troops.

He helped start the first ever  SCV camp in Appomattox, VA and was elected as their very first commander, and served a 4 year post.  He chaired the very first re-enactment ever held in Appomattox to highlight the 2 battles fought there before Gen. Lee was forced to surrender his army. Those two re-enactment were successful enough to raise the $14,000.00 needed to replace the Confederate soldier atop the statue in front of the courthouse. His camp also was able to raise the needed money to replace the two artillery carriages that flank that statue.   Later he was elected to serve two two year terms as Virginia Division Chaplain.

Rev. Farley has been a re-enactor since 1979, and portraying a chaplain since 1984.  The Lord called Farley to start a ministry to the War Between the States community 15 years ago. Since 1991 he and his family have  been "full-time" in the Lord's work, going to re-enactments all over this country carrying the saving Gospel of Christ and the message of our Confederate ancestors.  In that time he has seen over 1,200 souls profess faith in Jesus Christ.

He and his wife Faith bring the children Katherine, 13 and Benjamin, 12 with them and home school them.  The Farleys traveled over 40,000 miles last year and Rev. Farley preached in over 90 services.  Since 1991 the Frarleys have ministered in 28 different states and all of this by God's strength and power and all of this totally by faith.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, January 21st.

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White Springs Flag Vandalized!

Cmdr. John Adams reports that about Dec. 15 the White Spring Flag was stolen from the 100' flag pole!!!

Damages est. at $2500 to replace flag and repair hardware.  Sheriff and insurance co. has been notified.  A flag is expected to be up soon!

Dear Members of the  Lesley Camp,

It is time once again to invite your camp to our largest fund-raiser event of the year for our chapter.  We are continuing to raise monies through this annual event to have a bronze monument placed in Eastern Hillsborough county for the Cow Cavalry Regiment.

On Friday February 21st at 7 PM we will host our annual Plant City Ball.   This year’s theme is the Jefferson Davis Inaugural Ball featuring our grand Southern dinner buffet with dancing by the authentic era music of the 97th String Regimental Band.

We hope many camp will attend and encourage the camp to get together some group tables  We want you all to join us in the opening Grand March and the enjoyable Virginia Reel.

Please call or e-mail Becky Wilder (813-621-6780 / [email protected]) to purchase your tickets ($30/person or $55/couple).  Don’t hesitate to reply as space is limited.

For the cause,
Martha Sue Skinner
Plant City Chapter, #1931
United Daughters of Confederacy


Because of the great interest, we are bringing back the LeMat Navy Model Caliber .44 revolver for the next drawing. Extremely well-made replica of the original model made for the Confederate Navy in France. 20 gauge shotgun barrel in the center. Cylinder holds 8 shots and one shot gun shell in the bottom. Drawing will be held in the Spring, check your mailbox for your tickets.

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It had been suggested to me that I should address the Camp to impart my vision for the future.   My recent trip to Alabama has given me an opportunity to crystallize my vision so I can express it to you in writing.  I begin by laying down certain principles - this may seem a bit formal but it provides the cornerstone for the direction I want to lead.

Our mission, as an organization, is clearly and concisely stated in the "Charge" of General Stephen D. Lee: 

“To You, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will submit the vindication of the cause for which we fought.  To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name, the guardianship of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he lived and which made him glorious and which you also cherish.  Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations.”  We recite this "Charge" at the beginning of every monthly meeting, we publish it in every edition of the Fort Brooke Record.  We do this because we want to be as open and clear as possible about our intentions.

What initiatives shall we, together, embark upon to carry out this solemn "Charge"?

1.        1.  Presenting Our History - We need to be more aggressive with this.   We will strive to bring better and more knowledgeable speakers to each of our scheduled monthly meetings.  Opening these to the public (not just members) creates momentum and a 'spark' in the "Southern Community".  We have created a Confederate Legion so that those who cannot document Southern ancestry can participate, contribute and join our 'band of brothers'.  We must conduct living histories at schools to ensure that future generations have an opportunity to learn about the valor of the Confederate soldier.  We must seek to place and maintain memorials and markers so that the general public may learn of our history.  We will seek newspaper and television coverage to proclaim our heritage.  We will maintain a web page where stories of our history can be read throughout the world.  I want us to continue these outreach programs and constantly seek new and influential ways to vindicate the "Cause" and defend the honour of 'the thin gray line'.

2.        2.  Advancing the Colours -  We must continuously and constantly work to put our emblems before the public.  The Lesley Camp can be justifiably proud of its Honour Guard.  I suspect that few outside the Guard itself truly understand the magnitude of their efforts in putting the Flag before the community, especially  parades.  The Camp's vision of "Flags Across Florida"  has sought to place flags and markers at strategic locations across Florida where every passerby can be reminded that Florida was a "Confederate State".  I want us to continue to broaden this outreach.  Our immediate goal is to find a suitable site in the Tampa area- somewhere highly visible where literally tens of thousands might see our banner each and every day.

3.        3.  Collaboration - I believe that we can be most effective in our goals if we work with other members of the Southern community.  And when, without stepping outside of or compromising our stated mission, we can work with others even outside our normal circles - wonderful!. We are not here to endorse another organization’s mission (our Constitution restricts us from doing so).  But, by coordinating our activities with other groups, we can work where our interests coincide, increasing the effectiveness of all.  I believe that the Plant City UDC's Ball and Southern Buffet and the combined Confederate Memorial Day Services hosted by Mary Custis Lee UDC and similar events all serve to advance our Cause in ways that no one organization could accomplish individually.  Our work with the Plant City Chapter in the use of our parade float is another great example.  I want us to look for more opportunities for effective cooperation.   The Southern Society of Tampa Bay is an effective co-ordinating organization in our area that makes this type of collaboration  possible.  Last year's Southern Cultural festival was a testament to the positive attention gained for our goals when collaboration occurs.

4.        Camp Member Participation - I want to increase participation in all of our activities.  Every event should be a Christian style,  family oriented occasion where people of all ages can take part.  No one should ever need to be ashamed of anything that is said or done at any Lesley Camp function.  Over the weeks and months ahead I will be calling on many of you to find your best talents and abilities.  We have always been a working camp.  And, as the saying goes, when you "divide the effort" you "multiply the effect".

5.        Ambassadorship - I want us to carry our message to the broadest possible audience.  I read recently that today only 40% of Americans have ancestors who fought in the War (on either side).  Our heritage is honourable and admirable.  People from many backgrounds can and do appreciate and embrace these same ideals.  If we are going to be effective in our goals, I believe that we need to reach out to the broader community and spread our message and put it on the hearts of all Americans.  At many of our camp fish frys, an Asian friend has graciously volunteered his time; more recently a member of the Black community offered assistance to recognize Southern Heritage within the Tampa Bay area.  I want our Camp to reach out in a spirit of friendship and co-operation to accept those who would join in friendship and assist us when such cooperation serves our mission and goals.  We in the Lesley Camp are each Ambassadors for the Southern people.  Let us always remember our heritage of graciousness and Christian love.

Over the coming months announcements will be made about these initiatives. Any ideas you have to move forward with our mission are welcomed by this Commander.  I have an 'open tent' policy.       


The "On Fire" Lesley Camp is constantly striving to fulfill our Charge. The following items are on our 'wish list'. If you can help or know someone who can...please contact any of the officers.

  • Site along Interstate in Hillsborough County for Flagpole with LARGE flag and monument
  • 16' - 2 axle box trailer
  • Camp Hall (permanent building for meetings, storage, events, etc.)
  • GREAT pictures of camp activities


MARK YOUR CALENDAR for a bang-up special day! Confederate Memorial Day - April 26, 2003.   The members of the Southern Society of Tampa Bay are teaming up to make a special tribute to the memory of the valiant and honorable members of the 'thin gray line'. 

The festivities will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 26, and will conclude with a BBQ luncheon on the grounds of the Mary Custis Lee Memorial Building on Highway 60 in Clearwater.  Three UDC Chapters and 2 SCV Camps will be involved in making this a memorable event -- so mark your calendar now and reserve the date.  BBQ tickets will be available at the next Lesley Camp meeting.


This full scale Mountain Howitzer Cannon was purchased by XO Jim Hayward for use of the camp in parades, memorials and other events of the camp.  This fully operational piece has a bore of 2.25 inches, 42 inch wheels and the full length of the gun is 8 feet.  The purchase price was $6235.00 including shipping.  It was manufactured by Schneider Enterprises,  Burlington, Wisconsin

From the Desk of Captain Michael Herring

I wish to extend appreciation to those members of the Lesley Camp Colour Guard for their participation in all events during the calendar year 2002. With so much anti Southern animosity on the rise our goals are more evident than at any time in recent history. I believe our ancestors would be proud of our endeavours as long as the cause endures. We welcome any camp member to join us as we forward the colours.

Respectfully, Michael Herring, Captain 



8th (Sat.) - Celtic Festival - Zephyrhills
Zephyrhills Senior's Day Parad
e - cancelled


3rd (Mon.) - Plant City Strawberry Festival Parade - step off at 1 p.m.
(Sat.) - Zephyrhills Founder's Day Parade - step off at 10 a.m.
(Sat.) - Ybor City St. Patrick's Night Parade - evening


Thanks go to Mark Miller for co-ordinating the Camp's participating in a charitable event.  We teamed up with the Rough Riders, and the Kiwanis Club to provide stuffed animals, mostly Confederate Bears for chronically sick children.  The party was held for the children, many in wheel chairs, on December 20th at Lowry Park. 

The Annie H. Darracott Chapter UDC #791 from Lakeland really came through with donations of animals, giving the Camp 7 large garbage bags full of animals for the children.  Thanks also to Bart and Lunelle Siegel who showed up in period attire to help distribute the bears.

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In 1 Chron' 4:10 Jabez was said to be a more honorable man than his brothers. (Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request.) This prayer of Jabez has become very well known in recent years as many of you know. But what I would like to take from this prayer of Jabez is that our great and growing organization, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, would claim this prayer as our own and ask our God and Heavenly Father to bless us and to help our members to grow and increase our territory. But to have this to happen we, as a people of God, are going to have to be honorable men and our ladies the same. I know that sometimes you feel like "knocking somebody's block off" after they make disparaging remarks about us and our honorable ancestors", but as men of God we are encouraged to "turn the other cheek." After all, look at what all they did to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He did not raise his voice to his tormentors but asked His Heavenly Father to forgive them because they knew not what they were doing.

You and I know that we are being attacked from all corners of the USA and we are going to have to be strong to withstand the attacks. If we will ask our God to bless us and make us strong enough to withstand the attacks of our detractors He will bless us and enable us to not only withstand the attacks of our enemies but will help us to grow in numbers and even increase our territory. Just look at the numbers of new SCV camps in our Confederation and rejoice because you are seeing the hand of God at work in our midst.

We as an organization are going to have to go on the offensive and not just sit back and let the PC crowd run all over our flag and symbols and street names, building names, songs sung about the south, even the word DIXIE. These are just a few of the things that we are going to have to demand that 

they keep because they are a great part of our nation. And besides, did you know that North's President Lincoln's favorite song was "DIXIE"?  We have a new year now to continue our objective, and that is to educate the people about the real truth of the Old South. We have the opportunity to combine our talents and strengths to help this organization to grow and to become a force to be reckoned with. We can make things happen when we all pull together and with the help of our God we will see that God will make it happen. But the secret to this is to be humble in all of our victories and to remember to give God all the glory, just as did Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson after every victory.

As we read in 1 Chron" 4:10 we did see where God did grant Jabez his prayer. So I am praying that God will grant us our prayer to increase our numbers and to increase our territory. I hope you will pray with me that this will be one of the greatest years that The Sons of Confederate Veterans will have and we are also praying for our ladies in the United Daughters of the Confederacy, for they are under attack too.  Let all of our membership vow to become more involved in our camp and not just depend on someone else to "do it". Yes, we had some of the greatest leaders of their time but don't forget it took a lot of the privates to pull off the plans of their Generals, so it is going to take all of us pulling together as one with no dissentions and no bickering.

So as I go into this year I vow to you that I will do more to advance our agenda and to help the SCV to grow and to be led by the Lord God Almighty in being your Chaplain and expending the duties thereof.  And now may the Lord bless you and keep you in His stead.

I am yours in the service of the Lord, Jesus Christ and the service of the
John T. Lesley Camp 1282 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Chaplain, Rev Calvin T. Martin

If you have a special prayer need and wish to have your request placed on the prayer list it is imperative that you contact the Chaplain. Too many times we find that folks who are dear to us have been ill for some time or even that they have passed away, and without us knowing. So please do contact us. John Hall requested us to take him and his brother, Jim, off our prayer list. He stated that the Lord has really been good in answering their prayers .

Chaplain Rev. Calvin Martin 651-0190

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From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans Muster Roll for the month of January, 2003 registers 176 true Compatriots, 23 loyal Legionnaires and 3 faithful Associates.

The Camp Adjutant takes pleasure in announcing two new members into our camp. M. Wayne Rutland, his Confederate Army Ancestor was Pvt. Cryus Columbus Walker of the 42nd Inf. Ala. Harry J. Erhart, his Confederate Army Ancestor was Pvt. Luke O'Bryan of Co. H Wood's Regt. Ala. Cav. Also Robert M. Ausbourne has been reinstated into the Camp.

In an effort to cut down on the cost of postage please remit your 2003 SCV Dues to the Camp Adjutant promptly.  This will prevent sending a third dues notice.

Donation tickets are on sale for the LeMat Navy Model Caliber .44 revolver.  These donation tickets are available from Commander Marion Lambert @ 813-839-5153.


For those who have not paid their 2003 dues, this January issue will be the last edition of the Fort Brooke Record Newsletter and Confederate Veteran Magazine you will receive.

If you have any questions concerning camp business or to process membership paperwork, please do not hesitate in contacting me.  Do to special circumstances it is requested that all telephoning

Col. Dwight Tetrick, Adjutant
John T. Lesley Camp 1282
19126 Amelia Circle
Lutz, FL 33558
phone (813) 949-4746

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Did YOUR Ancestor Fight to Keep Slavery?

The Trent Lott matter really turned up the volume on the "White Guilt" card being played by Jesse Jackson and the liberals - nay - destructionists.  It is getting to the point that being "Southern" equals being a racist.  I believe it is not until the truth is told about the "War Myth" that race relations will improve.  So this year, I would like to encourage everyone to get informed and spread the word.  If you have attended school in the last 20 years, you probably think that your ancestors fought for slavery.  Let's set the record straight here.

The bad news first:  yes, slavery was an issue for the succession of some states, i.e. the articles of secession of the deep South 'Cotton States' including Florida, mentioned slavery.  But, it is clear to me that very few Confederates fought to keep blacks enslaved - and the War certainly wasn't started over slavery.  The STATE of South Carolina had no choice but to fire the first shot of the War.  Lincoln was re-supplying a Union fort on Sovereign South Carolina soil - this could not be allowed. 

Consider these facts:

1.   If the War was about slavery, why did so many fight (90%) who did not own slaves.  Would you leave your wife and children, go to war, with little food, no shoes, risking "it all"  for another man's right to own slaves?

2.   If the War was about slavery, how can you explain that, until the Emancipation Proclamation, the Union Army returned runaway slaves to their owners.

3.   Lincoln did not give a "hoot" about freeing the slaves. In a letter to Horace Greely he wrote "my paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union and it is not either to save or destroy slavery".  Emancipation was forced on Lincoln by the radical Northern governors and the Republican dominated Congress, and he used it to his advantage.

4.   Lincoln needed to preserve the Union or else "who would pay the taxes?"  The South's contribution to the Federal treasury was disproportionate to distributions received.  Approx. 2/3 of the Federal revenues came from tariffs on Southern goods, and approx. 2/3 of Federal expenditures benefited Northern interests.

5.   The common view of the day was that blacks were an inferior race.  Some Northern States had laws preventing freed slaves from settling there.  Lincoln himself favoured sending blacks to Haiti or Liberia.  The Northern economic system thrived on cheap immigrant labour (Irish, Polish, Italian, etc. - see Gangs of New York on p. 3).  Why provide healthcare, housing and retirement benefits to slaves when you could use 'disposable' workers.  It was the Christian system of slavery in the South that caused the system to work so well.  Slaves did not turn on their masters during the War - in fact many raised money and helped to support the Confederacy.

6.   Union Generals Grant and Sherman both stated they would resign their positions if they felt the war was about freeing slaves.  In fact, Gen. Lee freed his family's slaves prior to the end of the war, as did many Confederates, while Gen. Grant's family continued to owned slaves past the end of the War.

No, your ancestor probably didn't fight to maintain the system of slavery.  Instead, he probably fought for one or more of the following :  he was patriotic ..wanting to serve his 'Country' (before the war - people's loyalty was to their 'State' not to a 'federal' government); he wanted to stop the invasion of the Union army;  possibly for adventure (esp. the young, single men); or he didn't like the threat of Lincoln and the Republicans to increase taxes on Southern agricultural products.  Jefferson Davis and others believed that it was their duty to pass down the unfettered rights they had inherited from their fathers to the succeeding generations - a noble purpose - to protect the Constitution...the way it had been written.

A little more than a century ago, Confederate President Jefferson Davis predicted that the cause of Southern freedom would one day re-assert itself in another time and in another form.  The current battles over policy are nothing more than the fruition of Davis' prediction.  Not until the truth is widely known and historical revisionism ends will the unwarranted attacks on Southern symbols cease.  And until the truth is told the attacks will intensify and more descendants will be brainwashed with 'white guilt'.

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by:  Legionnaire Bart H. Siegel

I believe “Gangs of New York” is part of the possibly unintended, but nonetheless welcome and much needed, unraveling of the "Lincon/slavery myths" that has been taught for the last 20 years.  Based on a 1928 history of the period by Herbert Asbury of the same title, even the movie's Hollywood producers are stuck with the facts about the War, which, although not emphasized, are evident in the movie.  The depictions of this era in time of this film are important for our cause.  The facts are on our side.  All we need is for the discussion to continue.  Eventually the truth will be known.

``Gangs of New York'' covers a period of New York City's history, from the 1840's through to the bloody Draft Riots of 1863 (biggest riot on American soil).  Graft and corruption permeated every level of government including the police department.   A ready flow of immigrants were overwhelming the 'native' population, forcing wages down., and causing the rise of 'gangs' to protect the interest of each ethnic group.

Although the main theme of the movie is the gang rivalry based on ethnicity.  The underlying backdrop is the era of the War.  The climax of the film is the unification of the gangs against a common enemy - the over-reaching President, Mr. Lincoln and his "rich man's war"….and of course, his DRAFT.

The early gangs of New York City originated in the Five Points, the Bowery and the Paradise Square sections of Manhattan Island. The two gangs at the heart of this film are the Dead Rabbits (Irish) and the Native Americans (British/Dutch). The story starts with Amsterdam Vallon, as a child, witnessing the stabbing death of his Irish-American father, the leader of the Dead Rabbits, in an 1846 street fight, by  Bill ``the Butcher'' Cutting, a ruthless ``Nativist', who used anti-immigrant bigotry as the basis for his vicious criminal enterprises, was the killer.   After 16 years in an orphanage/reform school, Amsterdam Vallon emerges penniless, shrewd and willing to hide his identity in order to get near the killer.  If you do the math, the story jumps forward to 1862.

Quality of life was low.  The movie depicts the poor immigrants arriving without any resources, or means of employment, settling into decrepit tenements.  Families were lucky to have one room to themselves and buildings such as the Old Brewery and Jacob's Ladder were visions of the most abject filth, vice and human misery. Swearing allegiance to a gang, or joining the military, was the only way to exist.  

The relevance to us was their use of the historically influenced background. The film depicted the overt hatred for President Lincoln, up North, in New York.  One scene shows Irish immigrants dis-embarking from their ship into NY, being greeted by a table staffed by the Immigration agent and the enlistment officer for the Union Army.   The next scene shows the newly-enlisted men boarding a ship heading South to the War, while caskets of the returning war dead are simultaneously being unloaded on the opposite end of the ship - how poignant.   Another scene shows Horace Greely, publisher of the NY Times, discussing Lincoln’s violating of the Constitution – grabbing power outside his authority.  And although one returning maimed Union soldier professes his valour fighting to free the black man, racism was prominent, resulting in the lynching of blacks,  no matter their allegiance. 

The draft riot scenes were explicit - Union soldiers were shown slaughtering the masses, and Union gun ships simultaneously catapulting terrifying, destructive, shells on the city.  New York was burning rubble. This movie is ultra violent.  It successfully depicts the cruelty of this era.  You may find some of the scenes disturbing.                                                

Even though only in the background, this film tells the war's story.  You won’t believe it until you see it for yourself, it's amazing and it has been nominated for 5 Golden Globe Awards. Let us hope this movie is a tremendous success - tell everyone to go!

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"My 2¢ Worth"

by: Rebmaster Lunelle Siegel

Trent Lott said that he hoped something good would come out of the comments he made at Sen. Strom Thurman's birthday party. 

At every turn, Confederate and 'Southern' are code words for racists and bigots.  The "White Guilt" that is at the core of the Jesse Jackson extortion movement will persist until the great lie that the War was about slavery and Lincoln was wonderful is de-bunked.  I've made a New Year's resolution to re-double my efforts. 

And I'm putting my money where my mouth is.  We all have many choices we exert knowingly and unknowingly every day.  I'm going to start letting my wallet vote.  If it says "Southern" or "Dixie" or has something to do with Southern Heritage - I'm buying it. Goodbye Solo…."Hello Dixie Cups".  Goodbye Albertson's sugar…."Hello, Dixie Crystals".  Goodbye Publix brand,  "Hello, Aunt Jemima".  Goodbye generic, "Hello, Uncle Bens".   I'll be visiting KFC for my fast food, not the golden arches.

And this doesn't apply just to food.  My new loan is with SOUTHERN Exchange Bank - not First UNION.

Yes, I know, I'll probably pay a little more, but isn't it worth it to preserve a bit of our Southern heritage, albeit on a grocery store shelf.  I think we learned not to take shelf position for granted - look at Maurice Bessinger.

Ok  - I'm still thinking about buying a "Dixie Chicks" CD - but you can bet I'll be buying another Rebelaires CD and maybe even an Alabama one, too!

If the NAACP can speak - I can speak, too.  And, believe me….I'll be telling the companies what I'm buying and why.

Hope you'll consider doing the same - let's fulfill his wish.

But my other efforts are on the true history.  See "did your ancestor fight for slavery", above.

Happy Dixie Year!!!!!