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2003 Issues - Volume 9

May 2003, Issue 5
Programme Article:  Heroes from the Enlisted Ranks - Dr. Roger Crane, Judge Advocate & "Camp Storyteller";  April:  Southern Heritage Month Coverage: Grand Combined Confederate Memorial Day Service,  From the Desk of…..Kay Holley, Honorary President Florida Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Honour Guard Duty, Southern Heritage Month and Confederate Memorial Day Proclamation, Oaklawn Cemetery Decorated During April;  Newsworthy:  Adj. Tetrick gives award; MOS&B Meeting Announcement;  Florida Division Convention;  From the desk of....Jeff Joslin, Brooksville, Florida; Poem:  "The Southern Oath " by Rosa Bertinger Jeffrey - July 22, 1862;  Camp Business:  Flags for the 4th of July; From the Commander's Tent by Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert; Camp Wish List;  Prayer List;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick 

April 2003, Issue 4
Special Meeting - Special Night - Camp Meeting on Thursday!  Speaker:  Bob Harrison  Topic:  "Victory or Defeat"  Sitting at the Crossroads....Where do we go from here?";  Confederate Memorial Day:  Sat. April 26th Grand Combined Service & Luncheon on the Grounds; Proclamation;  Newsworthy:  Southern Society Meeting;  IN MEMORY OF Our fallen Compatriot…. we will meet again…on the other side of the River;  Brigade Officers Call;  Camp Business:  Parades; Flags for 4th of July; From the Commander's Tent;  Camp Wish List;  Chaplin's Corner:  Lost Opportunities;  Prayer List;   From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

March 2003, Issue 3
Fish Fry & Raffle;  Reserve the Date:  Confederate Memorial Day;  NEWSWORTHY:  Service Well Attended to Honour Black Confederate in Tarpon Springs; CAMP BUSINESSES:  From the Commander's Tent, Celtic Festival Report,  Strawberry Festival Parade,  Camp Wish  List; Chaplain's Corner; From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick; Special: Southern Humor.

February 2003, Issue 2
PROGRAMME ARTICLE:  The Old South....Where Your Word Was Your Bond Presented by:  Martha Sue Skinner;  NEWSWORTHY:  Confederate Memorial Service and Marker Dedication in Honour of Private J. Richard Quarls, CSA; January Meeting Report:  "Why Are You Here" by Roger Crane;  LeMat:  Back by Popular Demand;  CAMP BUSINESS:  Brooksville Event a Success,  Wishlist;  Chaplain's Corner;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick;  Movie Review Gods and Generals;  What is the MOSB?

January 2003, Issue 1 
Programme Article:  "Why Are You Here"  presented by Rev. Alan Farley;  Newsworth:  White Springs Flag Vandalized;  An Invitation;  LeMat:  Back by Popular Demand;  Camp Business:  From the Commander's Tent;  Wish List;  Confederate Memorial Day;  Camp Cannon;  From the Desk of Capt. Michael Herring; Spring Parade Schedule; Confederate Bears at Christmas; Chaplain's Corner;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick; Did Your Ancestor Fight to Keep Slavery?  Movie Review:  Gangs of New York By: Legionnaire Bart H. Siegel; Editorial:  "My 2 cents worth" By: Legionnaire Lunelle Siegel

2002 Issues - Volume 8

December 2002, Issue 12
Programme Article:  Confederate Medal of Honour Recipients by Judge Advocate Dr. Roger Crane; Newsworthy:  HK Edgerton's March Through Georgia;  Back by Popular Demand:  LeMat Revolver;  Marker Dedication in Honour of Capt. James Roulac Blount, CSA;   "Christmas For Chillens" by Sgt. at Arms Mark Miller;  Jefferson Davis Inaugural Ball;  Camp Business:  Camp Wish List;  Heritage Report:  Thoughts About Heritige from Division Heritage Chairman Michael S. Herring;  Daughters  Sue Vanderbilt;  Chaplain's Corner:  A Time to Remember by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Prayer List;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.

November 2002, Issue 11
Programme Article:  C.S.S. Florida - Her History and Exploits, presented by Compatriot Greg Chappell;  Fishfry and Drawing Winners;  Newsworthy:  SCV Included in 'Diversity' by:  Legionnaire Bart H. Siegel;  Back by Popular Demand;  Sailor Returns Home:  Confederate POW's Memorial delayed 139 years;  Jefferson Davis Inaugural Ball;  It's The Law;  Camp Wish List;  Camp Businesses:  From the Desk of Helen Halbert;  An Invitation;  WANTED - Men for Prestigious Camp Colour Guard; Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Prayer List;  From the Adjutant's Desk.

October 2002, Issue 10
Fish Fry;  Fish Fry:  Rifle & Confederate Bond to be Drawn;  Newsworthy:  Battleflag #1 at Charlotte County Speedway;  Invitation:  Final Journey Home of Lt. Edward John Kent Johnston;  Letter from Museum of the Confederacy;  Camp Wish List;  Camp Business:  From the desk of Cmdr. Robert Gates;  Men for Prestigious Colour Guard;  Chaplain's Corner:  Compassion;  Prayer List;  Heritage Report;  From the Adjutant's Desk.

September 2002, Issue 9
Programme Article:  Tampa's Confederate Monument;  Newsworthy:  Dade City Pioneer Festival by Dean Leferink,  The 107th Annual SCV Convention in Memphis, TN by Stan Hankins,  CSA Treasury Secy. Memminger Grandson discovered at Oaklawn!!! A recent note from Julius J. Gordon, Oaklawn's caretaker extraordinaire….;  Floirda CSA Sailor 1st Asst. Engineer Lt. Edward J. K. Johnston
Coming Home (After 139 Years) Memorial Service Saturday, October 26, 2002 Fernandina Beach, Florida - 11 AM  by Sally Raburn; 
Camp Wish List;  Camp Business:   From the desk of…. Cmdr. Robert Gates Maj. Wm. M. Footman Camp # 1 950 , SCV;  Wanted:  MEN for prestigious Colour Guard;  Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Prayer List;  In Memory of our Fallen Compatriots:  Levin Eugene Vinson, Kirby Halbert;  We Honour One of Our Own Compatriot Kirby Halbert;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick.  

August 2002, Issue 8
No August Meeting;  HELP WANTED:  Pioneer Festival;  Apology & Thank you;  Camp Wish List;  Heritage Update:  Victory in Crestview.

July 2002, Issue 7
Program Article:  ROBERT EDWARD LEE...The Man - Presented by Rev. Larry Dennis;  Pioneer Festival - Dade City;  Brandon July 4th Parade;  Camp Business:  Camp Elections Held;  Chaplain's Corner;  Robert E. Lee;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick.

June 2002, Issue 6
Program Article:  Happy Birthday, President Jefferson Davis;  July 4th Parade, Brandon, FL;  ROTC Cadette Receives Award;  Camp Elections to be Held;  A Letter from the Commander;  A Letter from the 1st Lt. Commander;  2002 Florida Division Convention Report;  Marker Dedicated at the Townsend House Homecoming;  A Donation to the Camp;  Plaque Located by 1st. Lt. Commander Marion Lambert;  Union Raiders Burn Tampa Blockade Runners;  An Invitation from Graylin Smith, 11th Brigade Commander; "What My Flag Means to Me" by Linda Lee;  An Apology;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick.

May 2002, Issue 5
Program Article:  Doctoring During the War;  Southern Cultural Festival: Baffled Media Forced to Revise Revisionist History by:  Lunelle Siegel;  Southern Heritage Month....A Pictoral Report - Proclamation Day;  Confederate Memorial Day Guard Duty;  Confederate Memorial Day Service & Dixie Chapter 96th Anniversary Luncheon April 27 - Weedon Island;  Camp Member Mike Bethune Honoured;  The Confederacy Goes Racing - Sterling Martin by Sally Raburn;  Letter from Bob Gates;  Chaplain's Corner -  A Month of Beginnings and Endings;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick.

March 2002, Issue 3
Program Article:  Fish Fry;  Strawberry Festival Parade Report by Larry Dodson;  Zephyrhills Celtic Festival Parade Report by Wetley Sainz; Pictures from the White Springs Flag Dedication;  Southern Heritage Month Calendar;  Southern Cultural Festival;  Southern History Month Proclamation:  Tampa Chapter #113 Invitation to Confederate Memorial Day Service and Monument Re-Dedication;  Announcing:  March Division Officer's Call;  Chaplain's Corner:  A Peculiar People;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick.

February 2002, Issue 2
Program Article:  Jews in the Confederacy;  Brooksville Raid Report;  Heritage Update:  Flags Across Florida Dedication, Final Flags Across Florida Update by Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert; 3rd Annual Lee-Jackson Ball: COW CAVALRY MONUMENT REVEALED By Lunelle Siegel;  Announcing:  Southern Society Meeting;  Tampa Chapter #113 UDC Monument Re-Dedication Service Invitation;  Who Shall Know This Hallowed Ground by Linda Lee;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick

January 2002, Issue 1
Program Article:  Rev. Farley is Back;  Confederate Monument for Plant City; Heritage Update:  White Springs Dedication Set;  Final Flags Across Florida Update;  Camp Business:  Lesley Camp Colour Guard;  CHAPLAIN'S COLUMN:  2002 Let's honor God and the Confederacy, our legacy;  Heritage Report: Flags Across Florida Update;  Andersonville National Historic Site;  The Fallow Fields of Andersonville by Linda Lee O'strander;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick;  Special Announcement

2001 Issues - Volume 7

December 2001, Issue 12
Program Article: Christmas in the Confederacy;  Dade City Christmas Parade;  Lee Jackson Grand Ball & Dinner;  A Good Time (Southern Style);  Camp Business:  Letters;  Announcing:   Southern Society Meeting;  T'was the nite before Christmas by Linda Lee O'strander;   Chaplain's Column:  A December the Yankees would not forget, in more ways than one;  Heritage Report:  Flags Across Florida Update;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick;  Special Announcement

November 2001, Issue 11
Program Article:  A Passion and Hobby;  Invitation:  William Footman Camp SCV Holiday Gathering;  Dedication Service Held;  October Fishfry;  Camp Business:  E-mail directory;  Announcing:  Southern Society Meeting;  Chaplain's Column:  Who's Battle is it Anyway - Rev. Calvin Martin;  Heritage Report:  Flags across Florida - an Update by Cmdr. Marion Lambert, Florida Division;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Col. Dwight Tetrick.

October 2001, Issue 10
Fish and Grits (Fishfry article);  Grave Marker Dedication Scheduled;  Flags Across Florida an Update;  October Division Officer's Call;  Southern Cultural Festival Planned;  Editor Moving;  Announcing:  Southern Society Meeting;  Burial of Hunley Crew Member Delayed;  Chaplain's Column:  The Spirit Within;  Belle Boyd Speaks;  Heritage Report;  History Relates How Blacks Served with Confederates;  Forest exorted into surrender;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Co. Dwight Tetrick..

September 2001, Issue 9
The Lesley Camp at Dade City (report on Pioneer Day);  Program Announcement (Chris Yent);  Flags Across Florida an Update;  October Division Officer's Call;  Southern Society Meeting Held;  Chaplain's Column;  Charles Dickens on the Causes of the War;  England's Confederate Heritage Trail; The True Impact of the Emancipation Proclamation;  Draft Dodging in 1860 Washington;  Interesting and Sometimes Funny Facts about the war;  From the Adjutant's Desk.

August  2001, Issue 8
Brandon 4th of July Parade -a great success;  Camp Member Wins Stand Waite SCV Scholarship;  New Camp Formed;  Dade City Pioneer Days;  Heritage Report:  Cow Cavalry Update

July 2001, Issue 7
Adventure At Sea:  At the July Meeting;  Special Promotion:  SCV Day at Ledgends Field;  A Juneteenth Success - by Rich Warner;  HK Edgerton and a Great June Meeting;  Daniel Ruth, SCV National Day of Protest;  National Day of Protest:  A Report from Richmond - by Lunelle Siegel;  Salute to Confederate War Veterans;  Camp Business:  E-mail Directory;  Heritage Report:  The Proud Scallawag:  Steve Otto - by Rich Warner;   Chaplain's Corner - FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE - by Rev. Calvin Martin;  From the Daily Text’s of the Moravian Church;  A Glorious Girl;  Confederate Uniforms and Equipment Enlisted Uniforms -By Mike Clark;  Mrs. Bart (Lunelle) Siegel;  NEWS LETTER - 30th Signal Battalion Association February 2001 Phillipsburg, NJ Volume XVI Issue I COMMENTARY  By Cookie;  General Robert E. Lee's Farewell Order;  From the Adjutant's Desk - by Dwight Tetrick

June 2001, Issue 6
YEP, AN “ON FIRE MONTH” - Mark your Calendar Now!;  Call to Arms - June 18th!  Florida Division Battle Plan Tampa Target Location - A Day to PROTEST!;  Program Article - June 19 - North Carolina’s “Dixie Defender” HK Edgerton to advocate Heritage Defense in Tampa -by Lunelle M. Siegel, rebmaster;   Juneteenth, June 16, 2001 Reported by 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert;   Flags Across Florida An Update By Cmdr. Marion Lambert, Florida Division Chief of Staff An Update on the White Springs Site Located North of I-10  on I-75;  July 4th Parade;  Southern Society has May Meeting;  Florida Division Reunion:  Pictures Tell the Story;  Camp Business:  E-mail directory;  HERITAGE REPORT:  Sons of Confederate Veterans Develops National Battle Plan;  Student Beaten Unconscious for Confederate Flag Picture in School Library Book Neill H. Payne 06.02.01
The Sierra Times;  Boy Scouts Remove Mississippi State Flag;  Eight Flags will fly again -By Geoff Pender, The Sun Herald;  TX: SCV to File Lawsuit against Bush Staff -Sierra Times 06.02.01;  The Yankee Taliban;  Chaplain's Corner:  Why Remember by Rev. Calvin Martin;  What would YOUR ancestor say????;  Flagpole at my home;  To My Southern Brothers:;  Xray Photo of Lantern Recovered from H. L. Hunley;  Confederate History Calendar;  The Last Meeting of Lee And Jackson;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight

May 2001, Issue 5
John T. Lesley Camp Hosts Florida Division Convention;  Confederate Memorial Day 
& Iron Cross Re-Dedication Service;  A Tribute to my 4th Great Grand Father Reverend Samuel Knight, Preacher and Cattleman -By James B. Hayward, Commander  John T. Lesley Camp, 1282;  General Lee Portrait Unveiling at the Georgia Capitol;  Total Devotion, On Guard Duty;  Camp Business:  EMAIL DIRECTORY;  All in the Family -A Bit of "family" Trivia And Photos from  The War of Northern Aggression Did You Know...?;  HERITAGE REPORT:  Sons of Confederate Veterans Develops National Battle Plan;  y Expelled From School For Saying Confederate Flag is Pretty A CURIOUS TALE - by Kirk D. Lyons;  Chaplain's Corner:  AT PEACE WITH GOD -by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Confederate Uniforms and Equipment - Part II - Tailoring Techniques -By Mike Clark;  Great Seal of the Confederacy;  The battle of Stone Mountain in Georgia;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight

April 2001, Issue 4
Southern Heritage Month; Confederate Memorial Day Service & Iron Cross Re-Dedication;  Help Wanted;  April 26 - Confederate Honour Guard Duty;  We Need Flowers;  Oaklawn Ramble;  Hillsborough County Proclamation Presented:  April as Southron Heritage Month & April 26th as Confederate Memorial Day;  A Report:  The Spring Fish Fry -by Marion Lambert;  The John T. Lesley Camp 1281, SCV Proudly Presents:  The Florida Division Reunion;  Division Officers Call;  Flags Across Florida An Update By Cmdr. Marion Lambert, Florida Division Chief of Staff An Update on the White Springs Site Located North of I-10 ON I-75;  Archives Awareness Month -Brochure;  Program Article: Gary Loderhose, -by Marion D. Lambert;  Lesley Camp displays at Narcoossee Mill;  Camp Business - E-Mail Director;  All in the Family: A Bit of "family" Trivia And Photos from  The War of Northern Aggression;  Heritage Report: Dixie Rising in Tallahassee, Report From Tallahassee: Victory for the FL Sons of Confederate Veterans Reported  by Sally Raburn 04.01.01;  Florida Historic Monuments Protection Act;   Chaplain's Corner:  Lee: Christian Soldier -by Rev. Calvin Martin;  April Confederate History - days in history;  Lt. Edward W. Allen;  Florida Currency;  Generals of the Confederacy -Contributed by Rob Gates;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

March 2001, Issue 3
Fried Fish, Grits & A Covered Dish; Proclamation Day--Ya'll Come;  February’s Meeting;  Flags Across Florida - An Update on the White Springs Site by Marion Lambert;  Archives Awareness Month Brochure;  Southern Society Has March Meeting;  A Joint Dedication - The Worth Family Cemetery;  Zephryhills Founders Day Parade Reported by Wesley Sainz;  Beyond the Call of Duty - **Zephyrhills ** - Scottish Heritage Festival by Colour Guardsman Wesley Sainz;  Strawberry Festival by Sally Raburn, Plant City Chapter UDC;  Camp Business:   LeMat Replica Revolver (J. E. B. Stuart's Revolver) To be awarded at the March Fish Fry;  All in the Family;  Heritage Alerts:  R. E. Lee portrait to be returned for permanent display in Georgia State Capitol,  Florida Schools Update,  Lake City Seal Victory;  A Letter (Statement) to the Editor  by Wesley Sainz, Legionnaire & Corporal in the Honor Guard - In defence of Southern Christian Morality in Television;  MARCH CONFEDERATE HISTORY;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

February 2001, Issue 2
February's Program:  The CSS Hunley;  Flags Across Florida - An Update -By 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert;  Lee-Jackson Grand Ball & Dinner:  A Fabulous Evening – for the Cause - by rebmaster Lunelle Siegel;  Camp Business:  EMAIL DIRECTORY;  LeMat Replica Revolver (J. E. B. Stewart's Revolver) To be awarded at her March Fish Fry;  Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  All in the Family - A Bit of "family" Trivia And Photos from  The War of Northern Aggression;  Heritage Report:  Press Release from Florida Division SCV;  Letter to members from John Adams, Florida Division Commander; Announcement of appointment Major General Thomas L. Jessee to the post of Division commander for the 140th Anniversary Re-enactment of First Manassas;  Confederate Pride The Youngest of The Brave;  Confederate History:  February and March;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

January 2001, Issue 1
Reverend Alan Farley To Give January Program;   Zephyrhills Senior Citizens Parade;  Flags Across Florida - An Update By 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert;  Southern Society Meets;  Brooksville Raid Reenactment;  Archives Awareness Month;  Camp Business:  EMAIL DIRECTORY;  A Nomination;   Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Uniforms of The Confederacy Materials and Manufacturing Techniques By Michael Clark Section B Manufacturing Techniques;  Arlington;  Florida Ordinance of Succession; Florida Secedes from the Union! Dateline January 10, 1861;  Rebel Yell;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick


2000 Issues - Volume 6

December 2000, Issue 12
Program Article: Heritage in our schools, the legal entanglements;  Frank Jakes, Attorney at Law (a brief biographical glimpse);    Not As Planned- But the November Meeting was Great;  Southern Society of Tampa Bay;  National headquarters – SUVCW, General Order No. 14;  Just one More Member;  Our Christmas Parade Doings in Tallahassee Or Division Commander John Adams travels for the good of the Cause;  Flags Across Florida An Update By 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert;  Atlanta Presbyterians Pass Resolution
Condemning Confederate Emblem;   Camp Business:  E-mail Directory;  Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill;  Uniforms of The Confederacy Materials and Manufacturing Techniques By Michael Clark Section A: Materials;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

November 2000, Issue 11
Our most precious…the stolen ones;  Program Article - the Hunley;  Flags Across Florida An Update By 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert;  Fishfry a Success;  United Daughters of the Confederacy Represented at Conference;  Our Christmas Parade;  Confederate at Cannon at Plant Park;  Camp Business:  E-mail Directory, From the Editor, An Appreciative Gift:  Heritage Report:  A Terrible Decision - reported by 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert; Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Confederate Soldiers Creed - Prayer!;  Letter to My Ancestor;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

October 2000, Issue 10
Fall Fish Fry;  The Universal Symbol of the Spirit of Liberty;  Compatriot Jim Head Passes Over the River;  UDC Doings;  Camp Business:  E-mail directory;  Heritage Reports:  The Pledge of Allegiance,  University of Tampa Cannons,  High Court Refusal Bad But Not Disasterous - Yet by Marion Lambert, Condemnation of SCV and Cookbook - the Times of Acadiana;  Chaplain's Corner by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Uniforms of the Confederacy:  Part 1 by Rich Warner;  Editor's Note;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

September 2000, Issue 9
We're on a Roll;  Program Article;  Division Officer's Call;  Flags Across Florida;  Southern Society of Tampa Bay;  Our Kirby Halbert Honoured;  Farewell, Ken Kitchell;  Marker Dedication;  Le Mat Revolver Auction;  Brandon Independence Day Parade;  Camp Business:  Elections, Trailer Drive,  The On Fire Camp;  Heritage Report:  Denno Report and Current Status;  Chaplain's Column:  "Mistakes"  by Ast. Chaplain Reverend Calvin Martin;  The War of the Rebellion:  a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies;  "Ok, I'm the Editor, Now What" by Ft. Brooke editor Rich Warner;  "Our Cause:  The Charge"  by Ft. Brooke editor Rich Warner;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.

May 2000, Issue 5
A New Beginning;  Important Notice:  No summer meetings;  Program Article; 4th of July Parade;  Pioneer Day - Plant City;  Pictures:  Southern Heritage Month - Ronda's Redemption;  Camp Business:  Camp Elections, Trailer Drive;  Heritage Report:  What People Really Think;  Chaplain's Column: "Eradication or Vindication" by Ast. Chaplain Rev. Calvin Martin; From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

April 2000, Issue 4
Southern Heritage Month;  April Happenings:  Confederate Monument Program, Regular Monthly Meeting, Presentation of Proclamation by the BOCC, Confederate Honour Guard Duty, "Open" Brigade Officer's Call, Confederate Memorial Service;  Confederate Memorial Day 2000 - Expectations;  Program Article;  A Bio:  Past C-in-C William Dudley Hogan, Jr.;  Flags Across Florida;  70 Flags a-Wavin';  Camp Business:  Important Notice;  Brandon Cemetery Cleanup;  Trailer In Action;  Special Southern Heritage Month Piece:  For Your Consideration - a speech by Major Thomas Woodward, CSA, made on August 9, 1883;  Heritage Report:  Chaplain's Column:   The Twenty-Third Psalm, Part III by Rev. Ken Simpson;  Heritage Report:  Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners Proclamation;  Camp Alert -Your Action Needed!;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

March 2000, Issue 3
March Fish Fry;  Fish fry Particulars;  Program Article;  Strawberry Festival Parade 2000;  April:  Southern Heritage Month;  Rally in Montgomery, AL;  2000 SCV Convention;  Book Review:  Black Southerners in Gray, by Lunelle Siegel, Camp rebmaster;  Camp Business:  Camp Trailer;  Chaplain's Column: A Chaplain’s Look at the 23rd Psalm Part II- Rev. Ken Simpson;  A Letter of Gratitude;  Heritage Report:  On the Home Front, Are We a People - Confederate American?;  Sons of Union Veterans reiterate SC Flag Position;  Thought for the Day;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Dwight Tetrick

February 2000, Issue 2
In Celebration of Black History Month;  The Confederate Flag:  Should We get Rid of It?
By J.J. Johnson Editor-n-Chief;  Columbia Rally a Hugh Success;  Rally in Montgomery, Alabama;  Lee/Jackson Dinner;  Medals Awarded;  Camp Business:   CALL TO ARMS! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED,  2000 SCV Annual Convention,  Special Need of the Camp;  Chaplain's Column: A Chaplain’s Looks at the 23rd Psalm Part I by - Rev. Ken Simpson;  Heritage Report:  NAACP Resolutions;  From the Adjutant's Desk, Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.  

January 2000, Issue 1
Reverend Alan Farley to Give Program;  Are You Coming to Columbia? - Flag Rally - Heritage Celebration 2000;  Lee-Jackson Banquet 2000;  Monument Repair Delayed;  Love the South by Compatriot George Best;  Camp Business:  Call to Arms - Volunteers Needed, Lesley Camp Website Annual Report by Rebmaster Lunelle Siegel;  Chaplain's Column by Rev. Calvin Martin;   Please Keep in Prayer;  Heritage Report:  Camp Denied Access to Gasparilla Parade;  Movie Review:  Ride With the Devil;  From the Adjutant's Desk, Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.

1999 Issues - Volume 5

December 1999, Issue 12
Special Flags Across Florida Issue - Havana, Florida Monument and Flagpole:  "What A Sight" - A Flags Across Florida Report,  Flag Dedication:  Text of the dedication speech given by Lesley Camp Judge Advocate Dr. Roger Crane at the ceremony north of Tallahassee on Saturday, 11 December 1999,  PROCLAMATION OF COMMENDATION Presented to John T. Lesley Camp 1282,  Monument Dedications and Sponsors;  Camp Bus Trip to Havana;  Letter from Compatriot Earl Hall;  Letter from Compatriot Jim Cunningham;  South Carolina Pro Flag Rally;  Camp Business:  Call to Arms,  Chaplain Position Filled, New Year's Eve Party;  Lee-Jackson Banquet 2000;  Please Keep in Prayer;  Dues;  From the Adjutant's Desk, Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.

November 1999, Issue 11
Program - Cmdr. John Adams, Treasurer, Florida Division, SCV:  A Vision for the SCV;  Flags Across Florida:  Bus Trip Announcement;  Report on South Carolina Flag Rally in Columbia;  Meeting Report:  September meeting - Battleflag restoration project;  Fishfry report;  Camp Business:  Division Reunion 2000?, Jake English on a mission trip, Johnny Bridges wins rifle raffle, Memorial Project update, 6 new members announced.  Lee Jackson-Banquet announced; Camp Artist, Mike Bethune honored in the Florida Blockade Runner;  Camp Store;  Heritage Report:  The Northern Pro-Slavery Movement by Dr. Michael Hill;  From the Adjutant's Desk, Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.

October 1999 - no issue was published this month

September 1999,  Issue 9
Program - Florida Battleflags update;  Report on Confederate History Bus Tour;  Report on Monument Desecration;  Flags Removed from Monument?;  Flags Across Florida;  Special Report:  Confederate Representative In a Yankee Assembly by our own Jonathan Bush;  Camp Business:  Juneteenth, Brandon 4th of July Parade, New Members, Officer's Call Report, Raffle Letter Coming, South Carolina Bound?, TPD Houour Guard Addressed;  Gen. Jackson's Proposal:  1861;  A Thought to Ponder: Rev. Robert .L. Dabney, D. D.;  Division Reunion in Tampa;  Chaplain's Column:  A Sad Farewell to Rev. Ken Simpson;  Obituaries:  Jerry Hayward, Rex Farrior;  Heritage Report:  Wayne Denno Update by Marion Lambert;  Heritage Report:  "Pride Over Prejudice - and Insult to our Forefathers" by Rick Reeves;  From the Adjutant's Desk:  Adjutant Dwight Tetrick. 

July 1999 - August 1999 - no issues were published in these months

June 1999, Issue 6
June Meeting - The Brazilian Confederados by Compatriot Scott L. Peeler, Jr.;  Important Summer Notices;  Special July Meeting:  Confederate Tampa Bus Tour;  To the Florida Division from the Lesley Camp;  Article Reprint:  "Here's to 1 of the greatest Americans ever on his birthday"  by Compatriot Charlie Reese;   Mosby's Farewell to His Men;  Confederate War Memorial:  Flags Still Waving;  Camp Businesses:  Juneteenth;  Brandon 4th of July Parade;  New Members;  "Pioneer Day" Plant City Style;  Memorial Day;  Brandon High Living History by Ross Lamoreaux;  Its Law!;  Chaplain's Column "Gathering at the River" by Rev. Ken Simpson;  Keep in Prayer;  Camp Store;  Heritage Report:  "R.E. Lee Portrait Removed from Wall" by Gordon Hickey and Carrie Johnson, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff writers;  From the Adjutant's Desk:  Adjutant Dwight Tetrick.

May 1999, Issue 5
May Meeting - Stephens, The Confederate by Dr. Thomas Schott;   Governor Bush Reneges;  Editorial:  A Club or a Brotherhood????;   The Florida Division Reunion;  Sabre & Rose Ball;  Roger's Cemetery Service;  County Issues Proclamation - Southern History Month;  Flowers for a Monument:  May 26th Hillsborough County Confederate Memorial Day Services;   Pioneer Day 1999;  A Sincere Gift:  Sponsorship for sign;  Oaklawn Battleflags posted;  A Great Disappointment:  Branch Family Cemetery;   Chaplain's Column:  Religious Men....The Best Soldiers;  Camp Store;   Heritage Report:  NATO whould have favored Confederacy;  From the Adjutant;s Desk;  Confederate Memorial Service:  Honor Guard Duty

April 1999, Issue 4
April is Southern Heritage Month;  BOCC Proclamation - Southern Heritage Month;   Confederate Ball Scheduled;  Confederate Memorial Day Service;   Confederate Honour Guard Duty - Monday, April 26th;  Flowers for a Monument;   April Meeting - Susan & Lona  "The Dueling Violins" Southern Music in Concert;    Another Wonderful Parade...and, an Opportunity!:  Plant City Strawberry Festival Parade;   Zephryhills Founder's Day Parade;  Gamble Mansion Open House;  The Ladies in Charge - Confederate Memorial;  Camp Business:  March Fish Fry, and a Raffle Winner;  Yard Sale A Success!;  Florida Division Reunion;  Drake Donation;   Little League Sign;  April Living History at Wilson to be Rescheduled;   Compatriot Mark Miller Honoured;  Update:  Branch Cemetery Flag Raising;   An Appreciative Gift - Mary Harrison;  Chaplain's Column:  You Might Be in a Country Church If...;  A Bit of Southern Humor;  Camp Store;  Heritage Report:  Special - Wayne Denno Update

March 1999 Issue 3
March Meeting - FISH FRY - YA'LL COME;  Camp Colour Guard wins Best Marching Unit!;  Strawberry Festival Parade a Hit!;  Canter Brown Resigns;  April Living History at Wilson;  BOCC Proclamation - April Southern History Month;   Juneteenth;  Confederate Ball Scheduled;  Little League Sign;   Branch Cemetery Flag Raising;  Camp Yard Sale;  Memorial Work Day, A Report;  Compatriot Kirby Halbert Appointed Aid de Camp;  Chaplain's Column:   God Our Helper;  A Heavy Loss:  Compatriot Jimmy Harrison;  Camp Store;  Heritage Report:  Black History Distorted by 'Political Correctness';   From the Adjutant's Desk

February 1999 Issue 2
February Meeting Program - "The South Was Right!" - Donald Kennedy is coming;  Special Book Review:  Recollections of 92 Years 1824-1916 by Elizabeth Avery Meriweather;  Thank you for special donation by Mr. William Miller of Hudson;   Camp Business:  March Parades A-Coming;  Memorial Work Day Scheduled;   Band Rehearsals Continue;  January Senior Citizens Parade;  January Meeting Review:  Rev. Alan Farley;  Soldier Honoured on 1/30/99:  Corp. John Jackson;  Georgia Monument Announced;  A Living History Report -   Independent Day School on 1/22/99;  Brooksville Raid Report;  Confederate Ball Scheduled:  4/10/99;  Courthouse Monument Grounds Beautification project announced;  Oaklawn Ramble participation cancelled;  Chaplain's Column - Rev. Ken Simpson;  Camp Store;  Heritage Report - Walt Wingfield;  From the Adjutant's Desk - Adj. Dwight Tetrick.

January 1999 Issue 1:
January Meeting Program - Rev. Alan Farley;  Happy Birthday:  Lee & Jackson;  Editorial;  Camp Business:  Rifle Raffle Winner, '99 Parade Schedule;  Meeting with Police Chief Holder, David Smith, Band Rehearsal, Memorial Workday;  Boy Scouts Lend a Hand; Camp Store;  Chaplain's Report;  Heritage Report:  The Good News and The Bad News;  From the Adjutant's Desk.


1998 Issues - Volume 4

December 1998  Issue 12:
December Meeting Program;  Flags Across Florida;  New Year Eve's Party;   December Parades:  Plant City Christmas Parade, Brandon Christmas Parade;   Camp Business Reports: Promotion of Dwight Tetrick to full Adjutant,  Raffle Drawing this Month,  Legionnaire Aaron Gregor named Camp Photographer,  Mark Lane moves to Alabama, A Coming Reality...Our Brass Band,  Letter to the Camp from Rev. Alan Farey;  Chaplain's Column:  Discovering The Meaning of Christmas!;   Camp Store Listing;  Heritage Report:  The Good News and The Bad News;   Sacred Ground:  Confederate Soldiers Honored At a Dedication of Bethlehem Cemetery;  From the Adjutant's Desk.

November 1998 Issue 11:
We Need Your Help:  Bethlehem Cemetery Dedication;  November Meeting Program:  Dr. Marshall L. DeRosa;  December Parades;  Most People Like...A Brass Band;  Our New Look...On the Net;  Chaplain's Column:  A Tribute to the Chaplain;  Four Lesley Camp Members Honoured by UDC, Chapter 113;  Special Ladies (local UDC members honoured at convention);  Heritage Report;  Bethlehem, Everybody's Cemetery;  Late Breaking News - The Edgefield Journal;  From the Adjutant's Desk.

October 1998 Issue 10:
Advance the Colours; October 17th Fish Fry; Editorial:  Youth Remembered, in the South;  Chaplain's Column;  Letter to the Camp from Cyril Ray, Australia;   Heritage Report - Travel Editorial;  Adjutant's Report.

September 1998 Issue 9:
The Prettiest Site;  Program: Rare Jesse James Gang Collection to be on display during camp meeting...The James-Younger Gang: Confederate Brotherhood;  Farewell. . . Compatriot Kenneth H. Brandon;  Letters to the Camp from:  Kris Armitage, Lee Brandon;  Confederate Monument;  Our Camp @ Boyd Hill;  Tampa Bay Bucs & The Tampa Bay Devil Rays;  Florida Division - United Daughters of the Confederacy -1998 Convention; Southern Belle Debutantes;  Camp Business:  Special Election Results, Officer Call Results;  Editorial by 1st Lt. Marion D. Lambert;  Chaplains Column:  What's in a Walking Cane?" by Chaplain Rev. Kenneth Simpson;  The Heritage Report:  WAYNE DENNO UPDATE & THE WINGFIELD REPORT;  The Adjutant's Report From the Adjutant’s Desk (acting Adjutant Jim Hayward)

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