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Capt. John T. Lesley Camp #1282

Sons of Confederate Veterans

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Flag Pole and Monument Project

November 22, 1998

As Reported in the Tampa Tribune


Sunday, November 29, 1998
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A young Boy Scout attends to the flag as Lesley Camp Compatriot Jonathan Busch prepares to hoist the Colours as the 3rd Florida Regimental Band plays the Southern National Anthem "God Save the South".   In background:  Lesley Camp Honour Guard "Present Arms" and Boy Scout Troop reverently onlooking.

DOVER   One of them was 11 years old when the fighting began; one was 60. Two were held in a prison camp; one lost an eye. But the ages and injuries of the 14 Confederate soldiers buried in Bethlehem Cemetery aren't what set them apart, according to 1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert of the John T. Lesley Camp 1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans. "The unique factor is they're buried in this cemetery. They came home," Lambert said. "So many of them didn't come home."

Nov. 22, to honor the 14 buried in this Southern soil - and to help preserve the memory of all Confederate soldiers - about 300 people, several in Confederate dress, gathered for a rededication of the cemetery and the dedication of a black granite monument and flagpole. "Amazing Grace" was played on bagpipes as the $7,000 monument bearing the names of the 14 was unveiled. The 3rd Florida Regimental Band performed "God Save the South" as a 5-foot-by-8-foot Confederate battle flag was hoisted on the 30-foot flagpole. Veterans Administration military headstones for the Confederate soldiers were dedicated as well.

"This isn't ordinary ground," Lesley Camp Quartermaster Jake English told the reverent crowd. "This is sacred ground. Remember, as you walk around this cemetery today, that beneath your feet are heroes." Jennie Harwell of the Bethlehem Cemetery Association was honored for her role in helping clean up the circa-1850 cemetery, which for years had been neglected. "On the day they call Miss Jennie Harwell home, she will have a long receiving line waiting for her," English said. "She is responsible for so much of the restoration and the beauty we see today."

Seated on the front row of spectators were several members of the Tampa and Plant City chapters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, dressed in traditional black mourning clothing of the era. Claudette Waddell's father died recently, so in addition to her mourning outfit, she wore a black veil over her face. "We like to perpetuate history and make sure it's done accurately," Waddell said. Her granddaughter, Delicia Maguire, 21, also wore a mourning veil. "I honestly feel that not enough young people are bothering to learn about their history," Maguire said. "If I don't learn about my history, how will my children know about it?"

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View Inventory of Confederate Veterans Interred at Bethlehem Cemetary

Newly elected Hillsborough County Commissioner, Dist. 4, Ronda Storms, presents Hillsborough
County Commission's Resolution to Jennie Harwell, Bethlehem Cemetery Association Director.  Ms. Storms, comments encouraged participants to also remember the strong women of the Confederacy as a model for today's woman.


Group Photo of some of the participants at Bethlehem Cemetery dedication.  L to R:  2nd Lt. Cmdr. Mike Herring, Honour Guard Lt. Ross Lamoreaux;  1st Lt. Cmdr. Marion Lambert, Bethlehem Cemetery Director Jennie Harwell, Compatriot James Harwell, 3rd Lt. Cmdr. Mark Lane, Parliamentarian Jim Armitage, Adj. Dwight Tetrick, Colour Guard Sgt. Mike Bethune, Quartermaster Jake English

Colour Guard at Bethlehem.  L to R:  Capt. Herring, Sgt. Bethune, Corporal Sweat, Corporal Tyler, Corporal Salter and Corporal Rogers.


Honour Guardsman Jarno Matthews stands
next to Compatriot Jonathan Busch, who
raised the colours this day.


A view looking west towards the memorial flag pole, dedicated this day.

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Modern day real life veterans who served their country and this day paid honour to those men in gray who fought for liberty and freedom and the American way.  These gentlemen are from
AmVets Post #44, Brandon, Florida.

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