NEW A Southern View of the Invasion of the Southern States and the War of 1861-'65 - $8
-by Captain S.A. Ashe, Raleigh, NC

Published in 1938.  Captain Ashe was the last surviving Commissioned Officer of the Confederate States Army.  This is a concise, undeniable defense of the War for Southern Independence.  75 pages.

The Southern Nation - The New Rise of the Old South - $20
-by Gordon Thornton

"At last someone has come up with a plan:  The ruling elite of both political parties will not like it, but Southerners must heed Thornton's words before the window of opportunity closes"
-Michael Andrew Grissum
Author, Southern by the Grace of God

The Flags of the Confederacy - $17.00
-by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr.

Explains very clearly the origins and development of the national flags of the Confederacy and does an excellent job on the state flags as well.

Facts the Historians Leave Out 
A Confederate Primer - $7
-by John S. Tilley

Neat facts to challenge the politically correct


The South Was Right! - $24
-James Ronald Kennedy & Walter Donald Kennedy

The modern day bible for the defense of Southern Nationalism



2 Video Cassette Tape Set:    NEW
Gettysburg - $20

Epic Story of the Battle of Gettysburg, released in 1993 starring Tom Berenger as General James Longstreet and Martin Sheen as Robert E. Lee.  The film culminates with Pickett's charge, the most courageous and heartbreaking infantry assault in military history.

CD:   The Rebelaires - $15 NEW
P'litically Incorrect
Southern Soldiers
Kennesaw Morning
I'm P'litically Incorrect
The Color Bearer
The Way of the Rebel
Stonewall Jackson's Way
Battle Blag of Freedom
Raiding a Raid
Jine The Cavalry
Dixie's Amazin' Grace (In Memory of Jonathan Maxey)
DOUBLE CD:  The Rebelaires - $19
"Carry the Memories On"

Georgia Belle
The Sons of Confederate Veterans
You Got it all Wrong
The Sword of Robert E. Lee
Gone But Not Forgotten
Long Ago
All Quite Along The Potomac
Rose of Alabama

"For the Cause"
When the Georgia Boys Went Marching
For the Cause
Lord I Home I'm Not Dying In Vain
Ragged Rebel Blues
Take A Look Back
A Georgia Volunteer
Bonnie Blue Flag
Gone But Not Forgotten
Grandfathers' Clock
Tenting Tonight

CD:  The Rebelaires - $15
"Let's Do It Again"
Stonewall's Standin' His Ground
Johnny Reb
Peter, Neadham and Ben
Confederate Grace
Let's Do It Again (The Reunion Song)
Virginia Reel Medley (Yellow Rose of Texas, Oh, Susanna, Buffalo Gals, Bile Dem Cabbage Down)
Double Dixie
CD:  The Rebelaires - $15
Confederate Man
A Free Man
Another Freedom Falls
Confederate Man
A Bead on Lee
Our Rights We Will Defend
Confederate Rose
Hey, Pretty Miss (From Mississippi)
Rebel Yell
Take Me Home (To the Southland)
Sweet Southern Lady
Star of Tennessee
CD:  The Rebelaires - $15   NEW
By Request

Georgia Belle
The Sons of Confederate Veterans
Gone But Not Forgotten
Lord I Hope I'm Not Dying In Vain
For The Cause
A Georgia Volunteer
Confederate Man
Stonewall's Standin' His Ground
Johnny Reb
Take Me Home (To the Southland)
A Free Man
Double Dixie


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