Capt. John T. Lesley Camp #1282


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Juneteenth Display in South St. Petersburg
June 2001
Special Thanks to HK Edgerton and Nelson Winbush




A view of some of the over 100 souls who were in attendance at the February 2000 meeting.   Because of the lack of room, tables had to be removed, after attendees ate, and officers still had to stand to make room for all to hear JJ Johnson.


Historian Ralph Ganis gave a captivating program on the James/Younger Gang. A soon to be member of the Lesley Camp, Mr. Ganis is related to a member of the Gang who was from Union County, North Carolina. Ralph also hails from that same county.


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Professor Marshall DeRosa, Ph.D., noted constitutional scholar and author, commonly referred to as "the most dangerous man in America" because of his views on the sanctity of the CSA constitution speaks to the Camp on November 17, 1998.  Topic:   "The rule of law vs. the rule of lawyers:  the CSA for the Plaintiff". 

JJ Johnson, Editor-in-Chief at  news web site speaking to a standing room crowd at the February 2000 meeting.  Topic:  It's not a Black Thing.  Johnson was cheered when he acknowledged that the attacks on the flag this year are due to election year pandering and politics.  He went on to state that educated blacks are getting tired of this and aren't buying it any more.

2nd Lt. Commander Michael Herring showing off the Camp Store Wares at the March 2000 Camp Fish Fry

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Brandon Memorial - Confederate Memorial Day


Bethlehem Flagpole/Monument Dedication












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The man who sets the milieu for the camp meetings, Quartermaster Jake English. A stickler for decorum and demanding of his fellow officers Jake makes sure that no visitor or guest at the meeting ever feels alone. Jake just loves a well run meeting.

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Lesley Camp members and friends who attended the Hillsborough County Commission meeting in November, 1998, when the Bethlehem Cemetary Dedication Resolution was presented and adopted.  Of note, Mrs. Jennie Harwell (front row, black jacket), Director Bethlehem Cemetary Asssociation, and Belinda Womack, noted jazz artist (2nd row, Kakhi dress).