There are 3 levels of participation in the John T. Lesley Camp.  

1.  Full membership for male individuals, based on your ancestor's service in the C.S.A. Armed Forces (more information follows); 

2.  Legionnarie, based on your alliance with the cause, but no lineage required (male or female) - application

3. Subscription to "The Fort Brooke Record", for all with interest in knowing the activities of the Captain John T. Lesley Camp #1282, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Subscribe Now.

There are four basic provisions which you are required to satisfy in the application process for the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and for the Lesley Camp. These are as follows:

1. Proof of the military service of your Confederate ancestor. This "proof" can take any of several different forms. Official documentation from the National Archives, the state archives from the state where your forefather served, or the Confederate pension record from a Southern state. The "proof" can be in the form of a book which records your forefather’s name and his service with the Confederacy and the unit with which he served. The "proof" can be even a picture of an existing tombstone for your Confederate forefather which shows the unit and describes the deceased as a Confederate veteran. What must be shown in the "proof" is the unit that your forefather served with (i.e., Regiment and Company). The Lesley camp has many available sources at our disposal for assisting in this process. Our commander maintains a research library which contains the names of most Confederate soldiers. Please contact us and let us see how we can help.

2. Pedigree Chart. This chart can be as elaborate as a computer printout with every birth, death, and marriage date possible listed. Or it can be as simple as written in long-hand with as many of the dates listed that are known. What is important is that the ancestor line be clearly listed from the Confederate soldier, sailor, or marine forefather to you. At the bottom of this pedigree chart should be recorded a statement from you that the above is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. For those having difficulty in tracing his family roots our camp has periodic genealogy meetings. For information and assistance contact the Adjutant at the address and phone number below.

3. Completed Application. The application should be completed as thoroughly as possible. Of great importance is the Relationship to Applicant, Name of Confederate soldier, Rank, Company, and Complete name of regiment or unit. If known from the records available record the type of separation from Confederate service for your forefather. Of less importance is the Name of Cemetery where buried. The top section (above Sons of Confederate Veterans) is filled out by the camp adjutant along with the bottom section below the personal information.

4. Check for $50.00. The check should be made out to the John T. Lesley Camp and submitted with the other application material to the camp deputy adjutant. Of the 50 dollars, 20 is for National dues, 10 is for camp dues, 5 is for Florida Division dues, 5 is for a one time recording fee, and 10 is for the SCV member certificate. Yearly renewals are $35.00.

All completed paperwork pertaining to the application is to be sent to the Adjutant of the Lesley Camp and questions concerning the application can be directed to him. Adjutant can be reached at (813) 949-4746. His mailing address is 19126 Amelia Circle, Lutz, Florida 33558.