Thanks to the Prestigious Lesley Camp Colour Guard and auxiliary units including Commander Hayward's antique car collection, the Camp always makes a great showing at area parades.  Some other recent parades include:  Ybor City St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Brandon 4th of July Parade

Zephryhills Founders Day Parade

Reported by Wesley Sainz

Cmdr. Hayward is seen here with one of his antique vehicles which was in the parade. Behind him are two of his other vehicles. One was loaned to the Sons of Union Veterans. The Colour Guard seen interspersed with the Scottish Bagpipers who preceded us in the lineup of the Zephryhills Parade. They wanted their picture taken with us – we obliged.

Zephryhills is known to many in our camp as one town you have to "search far and wide to find a real Southerner." But after the Honor Guard participated in the Zephryhills Founders Day Parade, our camp members can now repeat General "Stonewall" Jackson's famous words with confidence: In Zephryhills, "We have won the day!"

The John T. Lesley Camp's Honor Guard continued it's march thru the South on Saturday, March 10th, in the annual Zephryhills Founders Day Parade. And the reception was spectacular!  Amidst the public standing at attention and through rolling applause, the ‘Flags of the South' flew forever proud in the cause for Southern Heritage.

Many a ‘shout was heard from the crowd; "Hurrah for the South!." "Go get ‘em boys." "Yeehaw, those flags are lookin’ good." Not to be outdone, Compatriot Lynn Petty would give a loud rendition of "DIXIE" thru the horn on Mark Salter's antique tractor and the crowd would scream in unison, YEEHAW!"

Cameras flashed and video film rolled, as our procession marched on. Honor Guard Flag members: Wayne Sweat, Mark Salter, Randy Tyler, Wesley Sainz, Daryl Whitt, and Leroy Rogers led the procession in cadence to the smart leadership of 1st Lt. Commander Marion Lambert. Following closely behind were tractor driver Lynn Petty, and Camp Commander Jim Hayward with his antique cars. All in all, it was a great day for the South!