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Capt. John T. Lesley Camp #1282

 Memorial Project

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Thanks to the foresight of our Quartermaster Jake English and to the wisdom of 9th Brigade Commander Doug McDaniel (who appointed Jake to head the Brigade Grave Registration Committee), we undertook a vibrant and working memorial project beginning in 1996.

Since that time, much progress has been made in the project, but more work remains.


Flag Pole/Monument/Cemetery Dedications

Graveside Dedications


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Bethlehem Cemetery Dedication
November 22, 1998


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Brandon Cemetery Dedication
April 26, 1998

Corp. John Jackson Dedication
January 30, 1999


Although the initial Veterans Administration headstone for our Confederate veterans is free to the camp, Jake's plan is to go a lot further.  Here is the multi-stepped plan that our camp has embarked upon:
1. To survey all the Confederate graves in the Tampa Bay area (this involves several counties).
2. To order VA headstones for all those Confederate graves not properly marked.
3. To do additional engraving on the back of upright markers denoting service. (Examples of these were recently placed at Oaklawn.)
4. To place a 12 by 18 inch Confederate flag perpetually upon the grave of every marked Confederate Veteran. (We already have a stock of these flags for $1./ea. Contact Jake.)
5. To place a memorial marker at every cemetery which contains Confederate soldiers. (Will be inscribed "In Memory of Our Confederate Heroes Interned Here.")
6. To install a flag pole for flying the Confederate colors at every cemetery where a memorial marker is installed.
7. To commemorate and dedicate installation of significant flag poles and monuments in our community (see Flag Pole/Monument/Cemetery Dedication Section above).
8. To commemorate and dedicate grave markers of individual veterans buried in Hillsborough or surrounding counties, Florida, CSA (see Graveside Dedication Section above).

Brandon Cemetery Flag Pole & Monument
Dedicated April 27, 1998

Not only is this plan doable but the process is well underway.  Many many gravestones have been ordered and placed over the past two years. The survey of cemeteries and the recording of the results is a process that is ongoing.  Most impressive is the energy and passion with which Jake has gone forward with the fundraising for this fund.  At every event where he possibly can, Quartermaster English has been raffling rifles to the general public with all the profits going to the Memorial Fund.   The highlight of this project was the flagpole dedication on Confederate Memorial Day, 1998.  Pictures of this monumentous event can be found on the link page (above).

For more information, please contact Camp Quartermaster   .