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Capt. John T. Lesley Camp #1282

Living Histories

The John T. Lesley Camp, in fulfilling is mission of historical education of today's youth, is active in area schools.  In conjunction with Company K 7th Florida Volunteer Infantry, the Camp is involved with no less that six living histories in schools each year.  Both public and private schools are welcome to participate in the program.  Pre-school through High School aged youth are exposed to an unrevised account of the period of the years of 1850-1880 and the culture and lives of Southerners in those days.  Some schools who have participated are:  Plant High School, Wilson Middle School, Bayshore Christian, Berkley Prep, Temple Terrace Elementary, etc.

A Recent Example - Independent Day School, Tampa, CSA

On Friday, January 22, 1999, at Independent Day School (grades K-8) in north Tampa the Lesley Camp teamed up with Co K 7th Florida to put on a Living History. 400 children were attentive as they were educated about many different aspects of the War.

Subjects covered included Causes, Floridas involvement, Uniforms, Haversacks, Women, Blacks, Music, Artillery, Weapons, and Flags.

Bob Goodrich (seen on the left) of the Milton Light Artillery, a part of Company K 7th Florida, brought their mountain howitzer to impress the kids. They were totally impressed when upon firing the ground shook as the piece belched forth smoke and fire. Notice the military encampment which is set up for the display. Captain Don Lewis, of Co K and of the Lesley Camp, addresses a multitude of the younger children. Don is remarkably adept and capable of clearly presenting information to youngsters. He is invaluable to the Camp and to Company K.
Children are spellbound by the stories sewn by Capt. Don Lewis. Reenactment of the battle firing of a Confederate cannon captures the attention of the children at this living history.