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Capt. John T. Lesley Camp #1282

Sons of Confederate Veterans    


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John T. Lesley Camp Colour Guard in Marching Form
at the Plant City, FL Strawberry Festival Parade - 3/1/99

One of Commander Jim Hayward's
4 Antique Vehicles, which he
religiously enters in Parades for the Camp.




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Plant City Strawberry Festival Parade, 3/1/1999.  A marvelous shot showing the Colour Guard at the end of the parade in the stadium saluting the multitude in the stands.  The Camp Colour Guard won 1st Place as "Best Marching Unit" in this parade!!!

Steve Serneels, the Camp Bagpiper,
in a Parade, 1998.


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Plant City Strawberry Festival Parade, 3/1/1999.  This is the Camp float showing some ladies from the UDC , some soldiers. And Children of the Confederacy. The parade float represents a wonderful opportunity for all Southron Heritage Organizations in the area to unite to promote our Heritage.  Editor's note:  Please notice the Camp Sign, crafted by the Camp Artist Michael Bethune, on the back of the float.