Barrancas National Cemetery 
         Pensacola Naval Air Station


Confederate Tombstones

Confederate Dead
in Barrancas National Cemetery

Roll Call of Honor

Keep it Flying

Pvt. J. Faulkner.  Ala. Inf. Pvt. Silas Tucker 1st Ala. Pvt. J. M. Wright  Ala. Inf.
Pvt. Geo. A. Hawthorn  Ala. Inf. Pvt. A. V. Venable 7th Ala.
Cpl. N. R. Story     17th Ala. Pvt. A Williamson 1st Ala.
Pvt. Gamliel Bell    3rd Fla. Cav. Pvt. Samuel Glass   2nd Fla. Pvt. Robert R. Rouseau  1st Fla.
Pvt. E. E. Brown   4th Fla. Pvt. James Hardee   1st Fla.
Sn. James Eccles    CSN Pvt. Patrick Kelly     1st Fla.
Cpl. J. R. Skinner     36th Ga.
Pvt. Daniel Swift       La. Inf.
Pvt. Thomas Berry    10th Ms. Pvt. P. O. Hester       27th Ms. Pvt. J. F. Spoon     Ms Inf.
Pvt. H. A. Berryhill    10th Ms. Cpl. William Leggett   27th Ms. Pvt. J. W. Stephens  8th Ms.
Pvt. D. S. Cochran     26th Ms. Pvt. Thomas Pharham  5th Ms. Pvt. R. M. Watson   19th Ms.
Pvt. John Deaton         8th Ms. Pvt. J. D. Patterson    27th Ms. Pvt. Ed Woodward   8th Ms.
Pvt. William Dunkin     8th Ms. Pvt. Geo. Robertson  27th Ms.
Pvt. William Dykes    27th Ms. Pvt. Disney Rodgers   8th Ms.
Confederate States Army
Pvt. J. E. Albertson Pvt. James Green Pvt. G. F. Mack
Pvt. J. A. Allen Pvt. J. G. Hanthorn Pvt. W. J. Parris
Pvt. A. P. Brown Pvt. J. W. Hine Pvt. B. F. Peck
Pvt. B. Burrell Pvt. H. Johnson Pvt. R. Ribley
Pvt. J. E. Drake Pvt. F. L. Jones Pvt. Jerry Scruggs
Pvt. Wm. Fairchild Pvt. William Jones Pvt. J. T. Smith
Pvt. R. L. Forrister Pvt. F. J. Lawrence Pvt. B. E. Watts
Pvt. W. J. Garritt Pvt. B. E. Lee Pvt. Joseph Welcome
Unmarked known Only to God: 20 Soldiers forever in Gray
 The above list may not be complete, this is a work in progress






Stephen R. Mallory Camp 1315
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.