Keep it Flying

Meals at Meetings

The beginning of each scheduled monthly meeting,  the Stephen R. Mallory Camp 1315 has catered a very good southern meal.  It is not a requirement to order a meal to come to our meetings. The meetings are free. You are required to make reservations if you plan to eat. 

Cost per person for meal - $10.00

Typical Meal Menus

Fried Chicken
Rice and Gravy
 Turnip Greens
Black-eyed Peas
Peach Cobbler
Iced Tea


B-B-Q Chicken
B-B-Q Pork
B-B-Q Beans
French Bread
Iced Tea
and of course,
Peach Cobbler

For Reservations Contact the Mess Sgt. Two days before the Scheduled Camp meeting:

Wallace Robison - (850)455-2672

Do not forget your guest.



Stephen R. Mallory Camp 1315
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.