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Confederate Soldiers of Florida

Chronology of West Florida 1845 - 1886


March 3

President John Tyler on the last day of his administration, signed into law the act granting statehood to Florida (and Iowa). Population of Florida was 57,921.  First representative was David Yulee, of Portuguese and Jewish blood, born in St. Thomas.  Before going to Washington, Yulee was elected U.S. Senator.  


May 26

U.S. Senator David L. Yulee of Florida states: "If the modern Republicans succeed in acquiring possession of the Federal Government, it will be the duty of the Southern states to secede."

November 4

Abraham Lincoln is elected president of the United States.

December 20

South Carolina secedes and sends emissaries to Florida to encourage her to follow.








































Stephen R. Mallory Camp 1315
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.