General William Wing Loring

"Old Blizzards"

During the battle of Vicksburg, Loring earned   the nickname “Old Blizzards” by shouting      “Give them blizzards, boys, give them blizzards!”  above the din of the cannon. (Renowned for his excitability and temper, one of Loring’s men once commented that the general could “curse a cannon up hill without horses.”) By early April, General Loring had driven the Federals back up the river.









General William W. Loring's  grave site in the plaza downtown St. Augustine.

Soldier John Worsham provided the following view of the general during a lighter moment:

"We worked a great deal on the roads. Some of the men while at work one day under the direction of a corporal, were observed by Gen. Loring in his rounds. He dismounted, gave some directions as to work, and then took a seat on a log near him. The corporal joined him, and seating himself near the general, made some remarks about the work, and said to Gen. Loring, “General, we officers have a good time up here, don’t we?” General Loring looked at him, and then asked his rank. He replied: “Corporal!” The general, who was a profane man, let some “cuss words” loose at him, and told him to take a spade; and it is said the corporal made the dirt fly as long as Gen. Loring was in sight."


War Photograph

The Loring Monument at Vicksburg

William W. Loring, Maj. Gen.
by Federal Government
Sculptor: T.A.R. Kitson
Erected: February 1911
Location: South Confederate Avenue,
325 yards south of All Saints School.



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