Not for fame or reward, Not for place or for rank, Not lured by ambition, Or goaded by necessity, But in Simple Obedience to Duty As they understood it, These men suffered all, Sacrificed all, Dared all, and died.

Inscription on the monument to the dead of the Confederate States Army, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

Camp 1387 Roll of Honor
Ancestor Unit
Pvt. Blackstone J. Matthews Co. B, 5th Infantry Battalion
Pvt. George M. Matthews Co. B, 5th Infantry Battalion
Pvt. Temple H. Co. B, 5th Infantry Battalion
Cpl. James M. Howard Co. E, 12th Infantry
Pvt Albert P. Parrish Co. B, 15th Infantry
Pvt Thomas Marion Huddleston Co. E, 17 Infantry
Cpt. George Robert Langford Co. F, 4th Infantry
Pvt. John Franklin Leggett Co. E, 5th Infantry
Pv. William Henry McClellan Co. E, 9th Infantgry
Pvt. Jacob Chancey Co. A, Special Cavalry Battalion
Pvt. William M. Scruggs  Co. H, 3rd Infantry
Pvt. James A. McBride Marion Light Artillery
Pvt. William Young Co. I, 4th Infantry
Cpl. John M. Warren Co. H, 3rd Cavalry ( State Guard)
Lt. James M. Carson Co. B, 15th Infantry
Augustus Lafayette Carson Co. B, 15th Infantry
Lt. James Marion Carson Tugaloo Blues
John Columbus Carson Co. E, 16th Infantry
Henry David Carson 16th Cavalry
Robert Hunter Carson Tugaloo Blues
Alfred Patman Carson Tugaloo Blues
George Lumpkin Carson 16th Cavalry
Lt. James M. Carson Co. B, 15th Infantry
Pvt. Bejamin B. Cassels Co. K. 56th Infantry
Pvt. Soloman P. Sticher Co. F, 7th Infantry
Pvt. Samuel R. DeVane Co. E, 4th Infantry
Pvt. Henry F. Joiner Co, K, 28th Infantry
2nd Lt. William George, Jr. Co. F,29 Infantry
Cpl. Pierce W. Lock Co. H, 5th Reserves
Pvt. Lucien L. Cockran Co. E, 10th Infantry
Cpl. Robert T Pulliam Co. G, 34th Infantry
1st Sgt Thomas B. Jones Co. H, 35th Infantry
Pvt. Henry W. Willis Co. B, 2nd Infantry
Pvt. Jared Pounds Co. D, 4th Volunteer Infantry
Lt. Col. John Thomas Slaughter 56th Infantry
Brig. Gen. Allan Thomas 28th Infantry
Pvt. John Hallorand Co. C, 19th Infantry
Pvt. James A. Mears Co. I, 26th Regt. Infantry
Col. James D. White 9th Infantry
 North Carolina  
Pvt. James T. Hendley Co. K, 18th Infantry
Pvt. Solomon L. Simpson Co. F, 40th Infantry
Pvt. Wiley F. Thomas Co. D, 49th Infantry
Pvt. John C. Thomas Co. D, 49th Infantry
Pvt. James Thomas Co. E, 52nd Infantry
Pvt. Robert Thomas Co. E, 52nd Infantry
1st Lt Charles Osborn Co. E, 25th Infantry
Pvt. Richard Williford Co. K, 51st Infantry
 South Carolina  
Pvt. Joseph Hiott 2nd Co. I, 11th Rgt. Infantry
Pvt. Elias John Dubose Co. K, 27th Infantry
Sgt. Micah Jenkins, Jr. 2nd Co. F, 11th Infantry
Pvt. Karey P Kyzer Co. F, 5th Infantry
Pvt. Abner A. Chapman Co. G., 18th Infantry
Pvt. Calvin E. Chapman Co. D, 21st Infantry
3rd Sgt. Booka Gandy Tolson Co. B, 1st Battalion 
1st Lt. Darius Gandy Tolson Co. G, 9th Infantry
Pvt. David William Byrd Co. C, 1st Infantry
Pvt. Warren C. Ballantine 14th Infantry
Pvt. John Patrick Shirley Co. F, 3rd Infantry
2nd. Lt. William Terry Lester Co. H 5th Regt. VA Reserve
1st Lt. Robert J. Davis Co. F, 24th Infantry
Lt. Col. George H. Morton 22nd Cavalry Reg.
Pvt. Wesley Ball Huwalts Battalion
Brig. Gen. John W. Frazier Tenn State Militia
Capt. Samuel Frazier Co. D, 19th Vol. Infantry
Capt. Joseph Frazier Co. D, 19th Vol. Infantry
Pvt. John Franklin Cross Co. F, 29th Infantry
Sgt. Moses Henry Cross Co. G, 60th Infantry
Pvt. William M. Church Co. A, 51st Infantry
Pvt. Benjamin A. Markham Co. H, 28th Infantry
Pvt. William P. Frances Co. D, 4th Infantry
Pvt. James P. Anglin Co. A, 37th Cavalry
2nd Lt. James R. Cox 45 Infantry
1st Lt. Bejamin D. Merchent Co. A, 4th Cavalry
Pvt. Virginius G. Dunnington Co. B, 2nd Cavalry
Pvt. Albin H. Merchant Co. A, 49th Infantry
2nd Lt. William Terry Lester Co. H, 5th Reserves
Pvt. William Hanson Williams 19th Cavalry