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Oh, they may complain amongst themselves, e-mail one another and vent their frustration, but as far as getting out and doing something-no way. I say there is a way.

That way is to organize at the camp, brigade and division level on each and every one of these problems. If you don’t think that letters to the newspapers’ editor, city commissioners, representatives for Florida (and not just in your district) don’t do any good-just look at the NAACP. Also, showing up en-mass for a rally (peaceful of course) for your rights always gets their attention. Attending city, county, state and federal town hall meetings, or any meeting, as a group always makes a statement and gets the attention of the news media, people not associated with us and ultimately the politicians. However, there is a right way to do this, and a wrong way.

Our Rules of Engagement when fighting this kind of fight MUST be upheld. First, if you write a letter to anyone in the government, the tone of your letter must be respectful and courteous while getting your point across. Whether you write the letter by hand or type it, always make it neat, check your spelling and send it out without coffee or stains on it. If you go to a city, county or state meeting, whether by yourself or as a group always be clean, wear your best clothing and act like a gentleman the whole time. Above all, do not be vulgar or speak out when someone else has the floor and is speaking. Chances are there are reporters in the audience and we do not need to have a Jeff Foxworthy moment that will be reported all over the world as an example of what some people perceive us to be. If you have the opportunity to speak, be clear and concise with no vulgarity or volatile statements. How we look, how we act and what we say will speak volumes to those who are not sure what to believe about us and will leave a very positive image of us in their minds. I am not saying that we don’t make a stand, especially if challenged. Respond to any challenge in a way that will put the Sons of Confederate Veterans and what we are fighting for in a positive light, and try to make your argument logical so as to sway the public our way. The same terms go if we decide to hold a rally or vigil somewhere in the public’s eye. Don’t go to a rally looking as if you just finished working on your truck, but as stated above. Be courteous, non violent and get your point across, which is what we want to do.

I believe that if we truly bond together and attack our enemies of our Heritage in this way, we will win. But it has to be this way or we will be compared by the press to all of those groups who use OUR flag without OUR permission. Politicians will start listening to us if we act with numbers, because numbers mean votes. And that after all, is what they want.

Deo Vindice!

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