"My Two Cents"
Earl J. Stanley

Fellow Compatriots,

As an organization that is trying to peacefully coexist with modern society, The Son’s of Confederate Veterans has had more than it’s share of tough times defending our Southern Heritage. We have overcome each obstacle so far, and are now faced with new and even more daunting challenge right here in the state of Florida. This year we have seen a renewal in high profile attacks against our Southern beliefs, icons and our ways of life. Some of these attacks are coming from our usual nemeses, the NAACP, with their yearly attacks generally coinciding with Black History month.

The first of these attacks occurred in Lee County, Florida. On May 13, 1887, the Florida Legislature created the county of Lee in Florida, and subsequently a portrait of General Lee hangs on a wall in the Lee County commissioners’ chambers. Now the local NAACP wants the commissioners to hang a picture of Abraham Lincoln beside it. The NAACP asserted that "The picture of Robert E. Lee is offensive, not only to black people, but to Northerners," said Anthony Thomas, Jr., who is the Chairman for the Lee County NAACP. The request has started a fire storm of controversy in Lee County. With a victory here, many feel the NAACP will carry it a step further and then attempt to change the county’s name. At the time of this article, the County Commission of Lee County has not made any decisions one way or the other.

The second attack occurred in Tallahassee, Florida. The city’s Museum of Art and Science has allowed "artist" John Sims to exhibit his "Afro Provocations" art show, which, we will recall, opened in Gettysburg to a heated reception. Sims’ largest and most appalling exhibit is titled "The Proper Way to Hang a Confederate Flag;" which overshadows his other, anti-Confederacy works.


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