For prospective members who are descendants of Confederate veterans, we provide all the information you need to become a member in the Join the SCV section.  Believe it, or not there are many who are of Southern descent but have no ancestors who fought in the War, as well as individuals of Northern descent who believe in the Southern cause, who would like to be apart of the SCV.  We have a program called the Legionnaire Corps for those who fit in that category and want to become full time members in our organization.  This is covered in the Join the Legionnaires section.  For any prospective member, genealogical help and assistance is provided in our camp as well as nation wide assistance with links provided in the Join the SCV section.

Camp meetings, directions and activities of our camp are provided in the Camp Meeting section of our site.  Also, a list of Camp Officers and members are given in the Camp Members section. Camp 1463 also consists of Company E, 6th Florida Battalion reenactors who present a living history of Confederate life and the battles during the Civil War.  These members are going that "extra mile" to present to the public what it was like during the war for both Southern and Northern soldiers.  Presently, recruiting for our Northern cousins has started in Company E to form a Northern battalion for reenacting to help make the reenactments historically accurate as possible.  All of this is contained in the Camp Reenacting section of this site.

As stated in the beginning, this site is an ongoing process, as well as a labor of love.  Many items contained in this site will change, and some information will be added.  However, our goal of providing historically accurate information, as well as the honoring of our brave Confederate ancestors will never end Enjoy - The Webmaster  


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