Confederate Foreign Legion
The Confederate Foreign Legion program was formed by the Battle of Olustee Camp to recognize and honor those people among us who, although not of Confederate descent, are true patriots nevertheless.   They are a small elite group who display unique ability and service to our Camp and the Old South, especially as it pertains to the valiant Confederate fighting men.  Each of these men has been elected to membership into the Legion because they have made an outstanding contribution to the preservation of our Confederate heritage.  We recommend that if you are interested in joining, complete the below linked application and bring it to our next meeting.  Your application will be reviewed, however, each Legion member must be recommended by a Battle of Olustee member in good standing.

Membership includes: 
1.  Handsome Certificate suitable for framing; 
.  Camaraderie with a unique and honorable group Southerners who share your view;
3.  Connection to Southern Heritage Community and updates on Camp events. 

For an additional $26, you will receive 6 annual issues of "Confederate Veteran Magazine," the high quality publication of the SCV International Organization.

Annual membership is $25, but we pro-rate membership.  The chart on the application shows how much it would cost you in dues, and how long your dues would be good for if you decided to join not on the month annual dues are collected.  Complete the application and include your membership fee if mailed in.

Legionnaire Application


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