Welcome to the Battle of Olustee, Camp 1463 Web Site!  This is our first endeavor into the digital arena, and we hope you find our web site educational and informative.  This web site is designed to be an ongoing, ever changing area of information.  So keep  checking our site as we mature in the ways of web site design, and technology.

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We created this site with the primary goal of honoring the men who fought in the Confederacy during the Civil War.  As some of you might know, the membership of our organization is made up of descendants of Confederate Veterans; a distinction that all of us are proud of.

As we constructed this site, we realized there were many in today's society who do not understand why we are proud of this distinction, nor why we embrace the historical past as we do.  So we decided to try, with this web site, to answer the questions people about the “what we do, and why we do it?”  Hopefully this will help prospective members, students doing research on the Civil War and those that might believe we have a hidden agenda.

The first section of this web site covers the historical aspect of the Civil War era starting with The SCV section of our web site.  In this section we provide you with information about the history of the SCV, the SCV in today's society and the goals of the SCV.

In our Camp History section, we cover the Battle of Olustee, local stories of the Civil War and finally, the Local Veterans-Roll Call.  This last section lists the names of the men who fought, and died at the Battle of Olustee.  Included will be the names of local veterans who fought for the United States in the various wars since the Civil War.

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