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Confederate Soldiers Buried in Palm Beach County, Florida


Andrews, Charles L. - Company C, Harris Battery 1847-1922   Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Bennett, L.H. - Company D, 7th Fla. Inf. 1832-1919   Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Raulerson, James - Company I, 3rd Inf. 1845-1926  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB  

Bennett, James L. - Company F, 7th Fla. Inf. Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Richardson, William M. - Company B, 43rd Ala. Inf. 1831-1921 Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

York, Andrew J. Troop E, 11th Ga. Cav. 1842-1938  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB Campbell,

Alfred S.  -  Company B, 7th. Fla Inf.  1844-1920  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Davis, Andrew J.  -  Company A, 29th Ga. Cav.  1845-1926  Woodlawn Cemetery,WPB

Dungen, Thomas H.  -  CSA   1850-1926   Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Dungen, F.  -  CSA  Old Lakeside Cemetery  (grave covered by buildings), WBP

Griffin, William E.  -  Company G, 5th Fla. Bn Cav. 1842-1936 Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Holliday, J.C.  -  CSA  Old Lakeside Cemetery (grave covered by buildings), WPB

Kelley, William J.  -  2nd Volunteer Inf.  1839-1916  Woodlawn Cemetery, WBP

Livingston J.H. -  Company H, 2nd Volunteer Inf. 1835-1896 Woodlawn Cemetery, WBP

Mizell, John R  -  Company F, 7th Fla. Inf. 18391913  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Raulerson, W.T.  -  Company F, 7th Fla. Inf.  Pineridge Cemetery, Delray Beach

Sheridan, Chris - CSA 1834-1909 Old Lakeside Cemetery (grave covered by buildings), WPB

Turner, Benjamin B.  -  Company C, 10th Fla. Inf.  1824-1919  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Voss, Richard W.  -  Company B, 3rd Fla. Inf.  1842-1914  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB

Wilson, John H.  -  CSA  1842-1931  Woodlawn Cemetery, WPB


This page was written on December 21, 1998.

All information was gathered from the Graves Registration Office in Tallahassee, Florida.