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 Veterans Day Parade 

11 November 2005

in Lake Worth, Fla.


Assembled members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of Confederate Rose prepare to march in the parade in Lake Worth.

The parade starts. Cdr. Larry Powell, left, of the 14th Brigade and Cdr. Wesley Frank, holding banner, of the 13th Brigade, step off.  

The 14th Brigade Colour Bearers, conducted by the Greathouse men, guarded by Lenny Albritton, march along in the parade.

Kathy Clark-Tilson, left, of the UDC and Becki Powell, of the OCR, smile and look "purty" for the camera and the crowds.

Greg Kaloff, of the Mechanized Cavalry, came all the way from Miami to add to the SCV presence in the parade. Thank you, Gregg.

The Colours are flying  as we make our way towards the downtown area.

Making our way through the larger assemblage of crowds, we encounter the friendly greetings of all.

Such a fine assemblage of Southern gentlemen.

Lenny Albritton, of the 7th Fla. Co. B and a fellow Compatriot of the SCV, faithfully guards the Colours.

Becki, left, and Kathy are bringing up the rear as we near the end of the parade. What a great day for the South!



Above photos by Betty Tzoumas.

The Special Convention at Concord, North Carolina 

From left to right, Commanders Doyle Rigdon, Jimmy Shirley, Wesley Frank. 

Photo submitted by 

Wesley Frank

On Friday, 22 April 2005, Doyle Rigdon, Wesley Frank and Jimmy Shirley left South Florida for Concord, North Carolina to attend a special convention called for, in a popular vote, by the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A very serious defect in the SCV Constitution was addressed and corrected at the convention on Saturday 23 April. By a vote of 1615 to 74 with11 abstentions a 96% voting for removing the Past Commanders-in Chiefs for all time. Only the last 3 PCIC will sit on the GEC. The Commander-in-Chief of the MOSB was taken off the GEC as ex officio member by a vote of 1565 for removal and 125 against removal with 11 abstentions or 93% of the voting members sending a mandate.

In other action Lt. Commander Hodges was removed from his position, Beau Cantrell was removed as Trans Mississippi Commander. Terry Beasley removed as Army of Tennessee Commander a controversial move not well accepted by many in attendance at the GEC meeting. 

Earlier in the year, the elected leadership was deposed from power by certain factions who were dissatisfied with the vision of the future of the SCV as promoted by Past CIC Ron Wilson and carried on by CIC Denne Sweeney. This calls for the SCV to take a more active role in the defence of the South, Southern Heritage, Confederate monuments, parks, graveyards - actually putting feet to the charge given to us by Stephen Dil Lee. Those factions were taken to court and were defeated. This division within the SCV, whom every member from the top down should be on the same page, was most regrettable. Since our Southern Heritage has been under a full scale attack from the Marxist forces of the so called "politically correct", with the goal of not only total eradication of all things Confederate but the criminalization of those same things, it is unfortunate that some long time members refuse to acknowledge this and stay with us and join the fight.

Spec Hunter V. Dennis
E Troop 108 Cav, son of Compatriot Charlie Dennis, brought his Southern pride to Iraq. On his left leg, on his tool belt is an image of the Battle Flag. Follow his left-hand ring finger. 


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