Since the parade in 2001 we have been invited to participate in the event each year but failed to enter a float in 2003. That will not happen again. This is a parade for all of the camps in Florida at Florida's Capitol City one we all are proud of attending. Some 200,000 people attended as spectators and we were received by the viewers with excitement and support like never before as evidenced by the many beads and small Battle Flags we gave away, courtesy of Doug Dawson. The 2004 parade was a very successful event and I would like to thank those people that helped bring it to reality. Thanks goes to Jimmy Darby of Finley's Brigade Camp 1614 for all his hard work in making our float come to "life". He put in many hours and developed a hunk of junk into a beautiful float. Also thanks for Jim's wife Sylvia Darby for all her help and suggestions. Remember Jim Darby got out of the flu bed to work on this float, Johnny Beecher for securing the trailer, Bruce Childress for his faithfulness in helping build and decorate the float. Marshall Carroll for the rocket ship "Traveler" and decorating the float, Bob Hurst for his help and John Griffin supplied all the beautiful flowers, Charles Montiford for making the flag poles. Special thanks to Doug Dawson for building the 6 foot ball of Mars along with F. D. Guthrie and Marty Baker of the Mallory Camp in Pensacola. Doug towed the ball to Quincy and tried to launch the Mars ball back into orbit from I-10 didn't work so we got to use it anyway. Thanks to all who came up to Tally to ride the float and participate in the festivities. Everyone had a great day. If I have left anyone out please excuse this old feeble soldier.Again, thank you for your support, prayers, money and help in putting the 2004 float together.

Bill Beckham

Confusion to the Enemy