Camp meeting August 10th at Treasure's on the square in Quincy.

At the camp meeting we discussed and appointed a committee to gather facts of operating the Dixie

Land Trading Company as a continuing source of revenue for our camp and The Heritage Defense


Also discussed was the "road cleanup" our adopted hiway. We need to set a cleanup date of either the

28th of August or the 4th of Sept. Need member input on this, so that the majority of compatriots can

be present to help. Please email me with the date you prefer.

The Southern Cross that was stolen from the Eastern Cemetery was recovered. I have sand blasted it,

primed, and repainted it. It will be placed in concrete this time to prevent future thefts.

The Lee-Jackson Banquet was discussed. Folks we still need a place to hold it

Compatriot Paul Hurst said that he might know someone who can do the Sonar (X-ray) of the

Confederate cemetery at Eastern so that we might find out exactly how many Confederate Soldiers are

buried there.

The Mary Ann Harvey Black Chapter of the O.C.R. is having an Ice-Cream Social on Sept.11 at 4:30pm

at the Fort Braden Community Center, all members of Finley's Brigade Camp are asked to attend to

show our support . The ladies will be wearing period dress and ask that all who have period dress to

please wear it. Gentleman, these ladies are indispensable to us. Just wait until they really get rolling.

We need to let them know we appreciate their help and support.