Confederate Flags of Florida


Florida's Secession Flag

"The ladies of Broward's Neck", a community in Duval County, presented Gov. Madison S. Perry with a flag of their own design symbolizing Florida's withdrawal from the Union. Governor-elect John Milton presented that flag to the Florida Secession Convention at Tallahassee and it was hoisted on the state Capitol when the Ordinance of Secession was signed on Jan.11, 1861.  The stars represent South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida, the first three states to leave the Union. The flag was never officially adopted.


The Chase Flag

On January 13, 1861, this flag was hoisted when state troops under Colonel William H. Chase took control of the Federal forts and navy yard at Pensacola. 



Florida's 1st Official Flag

After Florida seceded from the Union in January 1861, Florida's general assembly passed an act directing Governor Madison S. Perry to adopt "an appropriate device for a State flag which shall be distinctive in character." Six months later the Governor had the Secretary of State record the description of Florida's first official flag.


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