The UDC, through its predecessor organzations is America's oldest Patriotic organization.

It was the UDC who first awarded medals to the surviving Confederate Veterans, with the UDC Southern Cross of Honour.

Today, the UDC, and our chapter in particular wish to note and honour the sacrifice and service of America's citizen soldiers, past and current.

In Early 2004, the Chapter decided to begin work at the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Temple Terrace.

Facility Picture
James A. Haley Veterans Administration Medical Center
13000 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33612

Current projects:
- accumulating and providing comfort items for veterans at the hospital
-sewing 'ditty bags' and foley catheter bag covers for wheelchairs

Projects in planning:
-greeting cards (i.e. birthday & holiday for veterans in nursing home and spinal cord unit)
-cheer visits in period attire
-musical/dramatic shows at the nursing home

Members Suzanne Futch (L) and Wanda Gay making wheelchair bags at a recent Chapter sewing bee


Comfort Items Needed:
(Please bring to meetings)

-combs -toothpaste
-toothbrushes -disposable plastic razors
-shaving cream -deodorant
-denture cleaner -denture adhesive/grip
-foot powder -bookmarks
-new or like new paperback books -new white mens tube socks
-300 piece jigsaw puzzles (NEW) -new crossword puzzle books
-new mens white t-shirts (in unopened plastic) Med & Lg -new men's white underware (in unopened plastic) Med & Lg
-good condition recent (3 mos) magazines

Thank you,

Mary Ellon Hartley
Patriotic Activities Chairman