Located West of Dade City, Florida
Compiled by:   Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter
United Daughters of the Confederacy
April 2004


Pvt. Andrew E. Burnside - 7th Florida Infantry, Co D
B 1829  D 17 December 1878
William C. Crum - Cpt. Leroy Lesley's Co (C) Cow Cavalry - Munnerlyn's Btn. Commissary
FL Conf. Pension and widow for Amanda K. approved #
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Pvt. James Abner Eiland- 33rd Alabama Infantry, Co F
FL Conf. Pension approved A05890  and widow for Susan A04629
eiland_james_a.JPG (159101 bytes)
Levi Eiland - 18th Alabama Infantry, Co A (Coffee Co. Bullock Guards) eiland_levi.JPG (100296 bytes)
Corp. Jonathan L. Fortner - 49th GA Infantry, Co E
FL. Conf. Pension approved #D01018
fortner_jonathan.JPG (138504 bytes)fortner_jonathan_VA.JPG (99079 bytes)
Corp. Lewis Gaskin - 9th FL Infantry, Co I gaskin_lewis.JPG (179384 bytes)
Margarit D. Hargrove - Major. John S. Mellon Commissary hargrove_MO.JPG (97988 bytes)
Sgt. John G. Howell - 11th Georgia Cavalry, Staten's Co. howel_john_g_2.JPG (69286 bytes)
Pvt. William H. Morgan - 28th Batt'n Georgia Siege Artillery, Co D
Fl. Widow's pension approved for Sarah E. #
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Pvt. James R. O'Berry - 4th Georgia Cavalry, Co G oberry_james.JPG (147877 bytes)
Pvt. John M. O'Berry - 4th Georgia Cavalry, Co G
FL Conf. Pension approved #A05454
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Pvt. John Wesley Platt - 9th Florida Infantry, Co I platt, john w.JPG (142348 bytes)
Pvt. Edmund Ravesies - 3rd Alabama Cavalry, Co. E ravises, edmund.JPG (159592 bytes)
Pvt. David Lott Sellars - 51st Georgia Infantry, Co G
FL Conf. Pension approved #A05062 and widow pension for America Sumner #A04594
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Pvt. William S. Standley - 7th Florida Infantry, Co G
FL Conf. Pension approved #A04224
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Pvt. Alexander Chestnut Sumner - 28th Georgia Infantry, Co K sumner_alex.JPG (166733 bytes)sumner_alex_VA.JPG (108116 bytes)