The official Publication of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Vol. 1              September  2004                  Issue 1



Recruitment Meeting

Oon Friday the 10th of September, we will have our first “Recruitment” meeting. This is the opportunity for those of you who are not members of the camp to come to a event where the one and only topic will be ‘how to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”

This will be a short meeting, not lasting over one hour. There will be no meal served. We will say an opening prayer and get right down to business.

Conducting the meeting will be Cmdr. Jack Marlar of South Carolina. His specialty is recruiting and he knows the “ends and outs” of the process. He is a “Field Representative” for the National Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Our camp experts on genealogy will be on hand to guide and assist. Also, we will have both CD-ROM discs and a total set of Broadfoot’s complete Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865.

It is not often that we pull together our camp resources like this. This is a golden opportunity for anyone who thinks that he would like to be in the SCV but has been hesitant because of a lack of information and knowledge.

For more detailed information see below. See you there!


Time:       7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Place:      Comfort Inn Conference Center
Room:      Cyprus Room
Location:  I-275 & Busch Blvd.
Day:        Saturday
Date:       September 10, 2004
For Who:   This event is for anyone who would like to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans or is just seeking information about “who we are” and “what we do.”

At this meeting we will have many resource tools on computer CD-ROM and in book forms to assist the inquirer about a Confederate ancestor. There will be information disseminated about the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the General Jubal A. Early Camp.

Those knowledgeable concerning genealogical resources and information will be available to assist and to answer questions.

Camp Officers and other camp personnel will be on hand to answer questions and to offer assistance.

The meeting will be conducted by Cmdr. Jack Marlar, a Field Representative for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

There will be no meal at this meeting. Eat before you come.

This is really a special opportunity for those who are interested but who have felt that the “time just wasn’t right to join”. This will be the right time simply because we will be bringing together at one place and at the same time all the talent and resources that we can muster. This is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

The Officers and Men of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556 would be thrilled to help and assist you in joining our “band of brothers.”

Membership is available to all. If you can not “prove” your Confederate ancestor then you can join as a Legionnaire (an associate member).

Fellowship/Program Meeting

Our fellowship/program meeting will be held on the evening of September 11. Please see the box to the left for time and place.

Commander Jack Marlar is a top notch inspiration and motivating speaker. This year he won the oratory contest that is held each year at the National Convention.

Cmdr. Marlar’s topic will be inspirational as well informational as he speaks on a topic dear to us all, “The H L Hunley and our Southern Heritage.”

Cmdr. Marlar is an authority on artillery and the use of cannon in wartime as well as in the restoration of artillery pieces from that period. In fact, Cmdr. Marlar is so well respected that he was appointed “Chief Technical Advisor” to the Hunley Commission. To those not so familiar, the H L Hunley was the famous Confederate submarine that was recently raised outside of Charleston Harbor.

Look forward to a great meeting on Saturday, September 11. More details below.


Cmdr. Jack E. Marlar
Fountain Inn, South Carolina

—Our Speaker for September—

Compatriot Marlar is the first Field Representative for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and is a life long resident of the Palmetto state. Jack was a production supervisor for the last 11 years and purchasing agent for a machine manufacturer for the previous 16 years. He also has been an instructor for Piedmont Tech. College. Recently Jack has led several tours to historic sights in Charleston, Columbia and Washington, Georgia with all the proceeds benefiting either the Sons of Confederate Veterans Museum, Greenville, South Carolina or the Friends of the Hunley.

A deacon and Sunday school teacher at Beulah Baptist Church, Jack is married and has one daughter. All of the Marlar family are active in numerous Confederate heritage organizations.

Past service to the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

Served as Chief Technical Advisor to the Hunley Commission.

Past member of the Board of Directors of the Confederate Museum in Greenville, South Carolina. Founder and Past Commander of the celebrated Palmetto Light Artillery reenacting society

Marlar has worked extensively with the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology building tooling to disarm and restore the 4 Confederate Artillery pieces found in Chester, South Carolina. One of which was sleeved and made an active shooter.

Jack has built numerous War Between the States artillery cannon and carriages, including a full scale 12 lb. Confederate Coehorn Mortar. The Palmetto Light Artillery has been engaged in several live fire demonstrations with their field guns and mortars. This unit is well known for giving extensive displays of the “Art of the Artilleryman” and how the fusing was timed for shells.

In keeping with strict Southern allegiance, Jack drives the only real sports car made in the Confederacy, the Corvette Stingray. When not working for the Cause or firing cannon, you will find him either restoring or racing Corvettes against the numerous foreign invaders in the Sports Car Club of America


Dade City Pioneer Festival

Reported by Dean Leferink

Come celebrate the kickoff of our season in grand style at the Pioneer Museum’s Pioneer Days Festival in Dade City this Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4 – 6. This is an annual event with us and it has always been successful and a lot of fun to boot. The people of Dade City obviously enjoy having us here so it’s always been a pleasure to work this event. We will set up our large fly and ask for donations to our camp in exchange for tickets on our new Enfield rifle, in addition to looking for new members. There is plenty to see and do for the children, so make it a family event.

The Pioneer Museum is located north of Dade City on Hwy. 301 right past the old almost abandoned Lykes Pasco orange juice factory. If you’re heading north take the first road to the east past this truly scenic landmark.

There is a small sign indicating which way to go. We will be there Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Monday is usually our busiest day but we need people all three days. There’s plenty to eat and drink and even a small skirmish to enjoy Sunday and Monday. We will set up in the re-enactor’s area. If you plan on working the event, then enter through the north gate and they will let you in free. I hope to see you there!

Ybor City Bike Festival

This is a great new opportunity for us to get the camp and the Cause before a great number of people. This event will be held at the Florida State Fair Grounds located on Hwy 301 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 10th through the 12th of September.

Credit must be given to 1st Lt. Cmdr. Ed Sitton who was able to get us an invite. There will be literally thousands and thousands of folks at this three day event who have never seen or heard of the SCV.

We will set up our display under a new tent that is “modern” in design and suited for use on a hard asphalt surface. We will have all of our usual items for display, the usual assortment of Confederate flags flying, the new Enfield rifle to raffle and ‘Forrest Station’ (Mike Herring’s camp store).

Compatriot Chris Rideout will have his mountain howitzer cannon, Variana, for display. He has been told that he can fire the weapon twice a day during the event.

Raffle Drawing

To be awarded at the September 11 meeting will be a replica .44 Cal. 1858 New Army Colt revolver. This is a beautiful blued six-shot revolver with an 8 inch barrel.

Everyone should have received 10 tickets in the mail giving the opportunity to donate to the camp in exchange for chances on this pistol. This is a special raffle for this special gun which was donated to the camp by Mr. Greg Hansen of Apple Valley, Minnesota .

If you have not sent in your tickets by the time of the meeting on the 11th you can present them to us at the meeting before the drawing.

Remember, raffles are THE way that this camp raises funds for our activities.

The Tampa Site

The progress being made on the planning and development of the I-75/1-4 flag/monument site is fantastic. You will receive in the US Mail (very soon) a flyer for the site. That brochure will detail the graphic plans for the site and will give primary donors an opportunity to take a significant position in funding the site.

The main donor for the site has come forward with a cash and in-kind donation worth $13,000. This donor will have the privilege of naming the site and will be honoured with a historical type stand-up marker that will spell out the his role in this site.

Later you will receive a mailing that will give the opportunity to make incremental 100 dollar contributions for inscriptions on the monument.

Although the Tampa Site will be the property of the 501-C3 Florida Division the site will be the

responsibility of the Early Camp. There is a chequing account for the site that is controlled by the camp.

Surveying of the site has been completed. Also, we have received notification from the Aviation Authority that we can put up a flagpole on that site that does not exceed 172 feet above mean sea level. Since our site at ground level is 27 feet above mean sea level we can put a pole up 145 feet in height.

We are in contact with the County for approval in the “pre-application” process. There is no permitting required on this site other than any electrical which is needed. We are also in contact with the Department of Transportation for their approval.

As you can see, things are moving along “swimmingly” on this project. Dedication of the flagpole will be in April of 2005 with the dedication of the total site following in November of 2005.

Mt. Tabor Confederate Memorial Dedication -

A Blast !!!!!!

Reported by Chris Rideout

On Saturday, August 21st, the Early Camp was privileged to provide the honour guard and an artillery salute for ceremonies recognizing six Confederates interred at the Mt. Tabor Cemetery in Polk County. Although many of our compatriots were hard at work serving the community in the Hurricane Charley recovery effort and unable to attend, our Honour Guard Captain Michael Herring was able to pull together three members to do our duty in supporting this event. The Lakeland based Annie H. Darracott Chapter 791, UDC and the Bartow based Gen. E. M. Law Camp 1351, SCV were very appreciative of the our efforts and the show we put on for the 100 (plus) folks in attendance.

Captain Herring had the honour and did an outstanding job of firing the first official shot in Jubal A Early Camp Service from our cannon, Varina. Compatriots Randy Taylor, 2nd Lt Commander Dean Leferink and Chris Rideout were in attendance to man the gun and serve as flag bearers for the event and their efforts are appreciated and applauded.

We encourage more of our compatriots to become involved in our honor guard and artillery unit. It is fun, great fellowship and always draws a lot of attention from potential camp members and supporters. Please do not hesitate to contact Chris Rideout at [email protected] or (813) 933-1064 to find out more information about getting involved.

We would love to see you out there !!

Confederate Soldier Index

The camp has purchased a CD-ROM version of “Civil War” Soldiers Index that includes information on Confederate soldiers from the following states: Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and Florida. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate Missouri. Virginia is not available from our source.

Our hope is to use this resource to facilitate recruitment. We will have a lap top computer utilizing these CD’s at the Dade City Festival event, at the Ybor City Bike Festival event and at the recruitment meeting on the 10th of September.



"New Committee Appointments"

Given that we all understand the common heartfelt linkage that we share with the heritage and culture of the Old South and given that we are endowed with basic Christian philosophy and underpinnings-it follows that there is really but one issue upon which we need to focus. And that is the organization of the Early Camp - it's smooth functioning, as we fulfill our mission, based upon its creation as a democratic machine.”

This September will be the one year anniversary of the Early Camp. And it has been a good year for this “grand” experiment of trying new and novel techniques mandated by the constitution of the camp. As you now well know, we are governed in spirit by three guiding principles: namely, Stephen D. Lee’s 1906 charge to the SCV (see page one), our Christian principles and participatory democracy. It is this third principle that this column intends to address.

The smooth functioning of the camp depends on many variables. One of those variables is the committee processes. As we are organically set-up the committee is the machinery that implements the purpose and will of the collective body of the Early Camp.

As we enter into a new two year period with our new slate of duly elected officers it only seems fitting to this commander that we “energize” all of the committees with newly appointed chairmen. The purpose is to give new men an opportunity to implement their own fresh vision.

I would like to thank the following past chairmen for their performance and commitment to their respective committees for the past year; Mike Herring( Heritage), Mark Dixon (Memorial), Wayne Rutland (Enlistment), Bart Siegel (Social), Dean Leferink (Heritage), Jeff Hough ( Memorial & Special Events), and Wayne Sweat (Community Service).

New Committee Assignments:

Enlistment & Membership Committee-A standing committee charged with the review of new applications. This committee is also charged with basic recruiting and retention.  Chairman Mike Herring Committeemen: Wayne Rutland, Chris Rideout, John Barnes, and Calvin Martin.

Special Projects Committee- A special committee dedicated to obtaining sites suitable for the placement of monument/flagpoles.  Chairman Marion Lambert—Committeemen: Jeff Hough, Chris Rideout, Dean Leferink and Bill Hemingway

Heritage Committee- A special committee which can speak for the camp in heritage situations and is charged with maintaining the camp network or communication infrastructure to adequately and with effect respond to heritage violation situations.  Chairman Dave Anthony - Committeemen: Dean Leferink, Mike Herring, Ed Sitton, Chris Rideout

Community Service Committee - This committee is not being staffed due to the fact that the quartermaster’s job is redundant to this committee

Social Committee-A special committee whose purpose is to organize camp social events at least twice a year.  Chairman Phil Walters—Committeeman Bart Siegel

Memorial Committee- A special committee charged with the inventory of graveyards where Confederate veterans are buried, the inventory of Confederate graves within those cemeteries and their proper marking with flags and VA grave markers.  Chairman Chris Rideout—Committeemen: Harry Erhart, Calvin Martin, Jeff Hough, Jake English, Noel Hike.

As you may see, each committee fulfills a need and responsibility. No one person or group is able to do all but through this committee system we, as individuals, are able to find where our own special interest fits into a need in the camp.

Therefore if you, as a camp member, have a special concern with making certain that Confederate graves are marked with a Confederate flags during April, Southern Heritage Month, then the Memorial Committee is for you. Or, if you have a special interest in seeing that a new flag goes up on a very visible location here in Hillsborough County then the Special Projects Committee is where you are needed.

But please, do not feel pressured to do what you are not prepared to do at this time. Some folks only have time to pay their dues and to come to a meeting now and then. That is fine. When you are ready to be more active the Early Camp is here for you.

From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556, SCV Muster Roll for August 2004 lists 90 Full Members, 16 Legionnaires, and 1 Associate.

The Camp would like to welcome 2 new Full Members:

Compatriot                                                           Ancestor

Christopher M. Chase                                 Pvt Daniel J. McGuire    29th Georgia Inf. Co. F

Darwin V. Chase                                         Pvt. Daniel J.McGuire    29th Georgia Inf. Co. F

We would like to welcome a new Full Member transferring into the Camp:

John B. LittleEagle

I would like to thank the membership for your vote of confidence in electing me your Adjutant for the next 2 years, and I pledge to serve the Camp and the Cause to the best of my abilities. I look forward to a fruitful and rewarding term.

Special thanks goes to Phil Walters for a generous donation to the Camp of $50.

It’s dues renewal time again, so be on the lookout soon for a notice in your mailbox if you haven’t received it already.

Please feel free to contact me concerning any membership or Camp issues that may arise. I can be reached by phone at (813) 971-4541 before 10 PM, or by email at [email protected] (please make a note of my new email address).

Respectfully Submitted,

Adjutant Scott Rose


As I sit down to put thoughts to words I'm reminded that Sep 2004 is our first anniversary for our camp. I like to look in retrospect and see what kind of member I've been. Have I been a taker or a giver, have I been a hindrance or a help, have I contributed to this camp or have I drug it down. As I tell my parishioners in my church, do I come here to be entertained or do I come with a willing heart to help to make it grow, that can be for the church or even for our camp. Am I a member of this camp just to come to the dinners and be entertained, and oh, please don't ask me to do anything, I simply don't have enough time. Or do I volunteer my help in anything that I can do for the camp. Well, as for myself, I'm not a welder, so I can't do any welding, but hey! I do know a welder in the camp, a slim fella that would go out of his way to do welding if that's what the camp needed. There are a lot of talented people in this camp and I'm proud to say that in this past year, I've seen this camp do many things that have used the talents of the members of this camp.

We have really grown a lot in this past year and it has been an eventful year with some excellent speakers. It has been an honor to serve as your chaplain and I thank you for the opportunity to serve you in His name. I do pray for you all every night and I do believe that the Lord God has blessed the members of this camp. I do know that if we give God the glory and honor He WILL bless you. I have heard it said that this camp sometimes acts like it's a church or something. Well, I know we're not a church but I do know that a lot of our members ARE Christians and living a Christ centered life. I don't want to come off all the time as preaching to you but I've been serving the Lord for over 31 years now and I was raised in the church, and it becomes a part of your life and who you are , it becomes instinct.

I've been reading the book "The Confederacy's Greatest Cavalryman, Nathan Bedford Forrest", by Brian Steel Wills. Of course you remember he was our speaker a couple of months ago. Ol' Forrest was a rough and tough fella and was apt to spew a few curses every now and then. But Forrest had a godly wife who had quite an influence on him and after the war was over and in Forrest's later years, through his wife's influence, in accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, and Became a Christian. Here was a man who knew that he had to be surrounded by someone better than him, and that's what he got in his wife. Every one of us needs someone in our life to remind us that we are not invincible and that we can do better if we will look to Jesus as the one and only one that can save our souls. For not a one of us knows what tomorrow will hold. And folks once you leave this earthly plane there is eternity after that. Now there are two places to go for every one of us after death, and that's either Heaven or Hell. In the Bible in the New Testament, in the book of John chapter 14:5-6, John is talking about when Thomas was asking Jesus where he was going and how we could know the way and how to get there too. St. John states Thomas said to Him, "Lord we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The book of John is a wonderful book and if you want to know more about Jesus and how you too can get to Heaven take the time to read it. As in this case read the whole 14th chapter and it will help you immensely.

I know our prayers have been going out to our fellow brethren down in Ft Myers. I also have been told that Mike Rickey, a member of our camp is going through some physical problems now and I know he would appreciate your prayers.

I also want to lift up Brenda Blue Lambert and her fiancé, James Riley Curry as September is the month they will be joined in wedlock. May the Lord Be with them and may there marriage be one led by God. And please be with their parents as no doubt they will be going through empty nest syndrome, Hang in there Marion!!!!!!

I am your Chaplain in the service of the Gen Jubal A. Early Camp 556 and the Service of The LORD

Rev Calvin T. Martin