Volume 1, Issue 8, July 2004
July Fellowship Meeting:  “Soldiers in Gray, A Musical Journey”;  Award-Winning One Man Play Presented by:  Stan Clardy;  Reservations Required;  Brandon 4th of July Parade; Artillerymen Wanted;  Division Reunion Report;  Doing it in Technicolor!  2nd TV Program in “The Southern Heritage Series” soon to be released!;  Ybor City Bike Fest;  September Fellowship/Program Meeting; Dade City Pioneer Days;  An Invitation:  Jubal A. Early;  Camp Elections Held;  Camp Raffle;  Commander's Message  by:  Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert;  From the Adjutant’s Desk; Committees & Their Staffing;  Chaplain's Message:  Come Out from Amongst Them By:  Rev. Calvin Martin, Chaplain;  Prayer Requests;  Opinion:  Why I will not sing the “Battle Hymn of The Republic” by Mark Schonbrun;  Children of the Confederacy; Early Note

Volume 1, Issue 7, May 20024
May Fellowship Meeting:  Dr. Brian Steel Wills - Nathan Bedford Forrest - The Confederacy's Greatest Cavalryman; Reservations Required:  2004 Guard Duty - Tampa Confederate Monument;  Proclamation Day;  After the Proclamation;  Confederate Memorial Day Service - Dixie Chapter UDC;  Letter from Ailene Mizell;  

Volume 1, Issue 6 - April 2004 (Special Issue)
Southern Heritage Month; Calendar of Events; Proclaimation Presentation;  Tampa Oaklawn Cemetery;  Confederate Honour Guard Duty;  Monument Mum Fund;  You're Invited;  Camp Business:  Call for Officer Nomonations

Volume 1, Issue 5 - March 2004
March Fellowship Meeting:  D
r. Thomas L. DiLorenzo -"The Real Lincoln”  A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and
an Unnecessary War-
Emancipator or Politician?;  Reservations Required;  A Grand Parade  - Strawberry Festival Parade: A Report;  Brooksville Raid:  Our Participation - A Report;  Paul Byther visits Mary Custis Lee UDC;  Commander's Report by Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert; Adjutant's Report by Adjutant Scott Rose;  Committee Reports:  Membership Committee by Wayne Rutland;  Social Committee by Bart Siegel;  Special Projects Committee by Jeff Hough;  Memorial Committee by Mark S. Dixon; Chaplain's Message "Different" by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Children Wanted for Children of the Confederacy;  Cell Phones Wanted

Volume 1, Issue 3 - January 2004
January Fellowship Meeting:  Celebrate Robert E. Lee's Birthday with Al Stone - Contest for the Constitution:  "The Dilemma"
Was the Union preserved at the expense of the Constitution?; New Meeting Location Planned;  Commander's Message:  "Here We Go" by Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert; A Note of Thanks;  Committee Reports:  Social Committee by Bart H. Siegel "Norman Rockwell Would Have Been Proud";    Memorial Committee by Mark Dixon;  Membership Committee by Wayne Rutland;  Community Service Committee by Wayne Sweat;  Heritage Committee by Dean Leferink;  Special Projects Committee by Jeff Hough;  Men Needed for Colour Guard;  Celtic Festival;  Report:  Town & Country Veterans Day Parade;  Grave Marker Dedication:  4th Corp. Arlen Henry Smith, Co. I, 9th FL Infantry; Chaplain's Message:  New Year's Resolutions by Rev. Calvin Martin;  Prayer Requests;  From the Adjutant's Desk by Adjutant Scott Rose;  World Wide Web Hall of Honour


Volume 1, Issue 2 - November 2003
Donnie Kennedy is COMING!;  Paddlewheel with Donnie; Commander's Message:  Underway; Note of Thanks;  Social Committee Report;  Over There;  The Brave Beget the Brave;  Chaplain's Message;  Prayer Requests;  Southern Ladies Wanted;  Traitors, Some Say....Well, Read On!

Volume 1, Issue 1 - August 2003
Chartering Dinner Announcement;  Meeting Info;  Act Now for Charter Member Status;  Newsletter Schedule; Commander's Message:  Looking Ahead;  Welcome, Scott Rose;  Pioneer Day Report;  Southern Ladies Wanted:  Chaplain's Message:  New Beginnings





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