Chartering Dinner Announcement
Saturday, September 20th

The first official meeting of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556 will be held at Ryan’s Steak House on Fowler Ave., Saturday evening, September 20, 2003. Dinner will begin at 7 p.m. Immediately following the dinner will be the presentation of our official Charter from the International Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Florida Division Commander John Adams will be presenting the Charter. Other dignitaries from the SCV are supportive of our Camp and are expected to be in attendance.

Ryan’s Steak House has been selected to host our meetings throughout the coming year. The meeting room is very private and perfect for your present needs.

Now to the food. This location is known as being the best Ryan’s in the area. They are well known for the quality of their buffet and have agreed to provide an inclusive buffet for the round sum of $11/person + gratuity. The buffet includes all you can eat sirloin steak, carved turkey, ham, ribs, pork chops, various vegetables, soups and unlimited deserts. There are two salad bars which include fresh fruit. Also included are pizza and tacos.

All family members, guests, prospective members are invited and welcome to attend.

This will be a great kick-off of the General Jubal A. Early Camp! Look forward to seeing you there!


The venue for the Early Camp meetings will be Ryan’s Steakhouse on Fowler Ave. (between I-75 and I-275)

5109 E. Fowler Ave. Temple Terrace

(813) 985-7157


If you haven’t decided to join the Early Camp by returning your card from the old Camp, or if you want to change your designation, or if you want to join the SCV, this is a rare opportunity to be a ‘charter member’ in the formation of a new Camp. But your action is required NOW.

Contact Cmdr. Marion Lambert at 813-839-5153 today to assure your name will be inscribed on the founding Charter of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, the home of the unreconstructed Confederates…..


Six newsletter will be published over the Camp year, one every other month, to co-incide with the program/fellowship meetings. Alternate business meeting months members will receive a reminder post card.

Paid subscriptions to the Fort Brooke Record will receive the Early Report through the end of 2003 and then will be offered a subscription.



There are milestones in the course of life and the start of this Camp is one such occasion. A fresh start with new ideas based upon a vision time-tested wisdom. The men working behind the scenes to establish the Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp are some the most dedicated, committed and self-sacrificing Southern men of this area.

We are the off-shoot of a Camp that was known as “The On Fire Camp” and that spark will only grow in the Early Camp. Our direction and mission will be carefully focused of steely resolve.

What is so wonderful about this new creation of a brand new Camp is in the process. A great deal of thoughtful diligence has gone into the creation of the “organic” document, the Constitution that defines us. As the provisional officers and several other members met over the past month hammering out the provisions and the appropriate words one could not help but feel that there is something very good at work here. Not only is this a new Camp, but the sense of common purpose is thrilling.

The Early Camp is dedicated to three premises. Much like a three legged stool, all are equally important for the entity to function. The three cornerstones of this Camp (as strongly alluded to in the constitution) are as follows:

  • A Christian anchor

  • A commitment to the SCV Charge or purpose

  • A sense of democratic fairness

The new Constitution is contained within this newsletter for you to review. As you study it I would like you to be aware of some significant points which will reveal much about our new direction:

  • The Chaplain takes on new responsibility and purpose. Not only is the Christian theme prominent in the Preamble at the start of the document but the nature of our belief system and its ramifications is pronounced throughout the document;

  • Our total commitment to fulfilling the 1906 of “Charge” of General S. D. Lee to the SCV. We do not equivocate one iota in that meaning. The defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name and the Cause for which he fought is the reason we exist. We have a purpose and a calling and that substance is the mortar which bounds us as one;

  • The machinery or workings of the camp will be of a democratic nature. Throughout the constitution you will see a commitment to membership participation. The desire is that the regular member of the camp will feel “empowered” and will learn that the Early Camp is truly his camp;

  • The Commander and the Lt. Commanders will never serve on the Nomination Committee, instead the rank and file members will serve on that committee;

  • The Chaplain and the Judge Advocate have new important functions on, respectfully, the Enlistment Committee and the Disciplinary Board;

  • There will be six Program or Fellowship meetings per year but there will be at least three (but most likely five) business meetings per year. The reason for this is to bring the running of the camp into the domain of the regular member. These business meetings will be typically on the second Saturday morning of every other month. August will be a month of rest for the Camp.

Our activities or “community involvements” will continue as before. The parade float and tractor are owned by Compatriot Mark Salter and will be an integral part of our parade unit. The Colour Guard will be an important part of the Early Camp so look forward to seeing “our boys” in the next parade. The one axle box utility trailer is also apart of the Early Camp and will be used to carry our display materials to various events.

Also it should be noted that the current officers of the new Early Camp serve in a provisional position. New officers will be elected to a two year position at the business meeting next June.

It is with a sense of excited anticipation that I look forward to the evolvement of this new Camp. We are embarking on an enterprise which, if we are diligent enough, will prove us worthy of being the offspring of the soldier class of the finest and noblest culture this world has ever known.

As charter members of the new General Jubal A. Early Camp let us all dedicate ourselves to proving that we are worthy. With a renewed vigor let us remember the three cornerstones we have laid for this effort – Christian virtue, a commitment to our heritage and democratic values. Together, as one, we will strive to do our duty in all things and together we will not fail.

-Your Provisional Commander, Marion Lambert


Scott Rose has agreed to be the provisional Adjutant for the Camp!

Thanks, Scott, for taking on these important duties. He will be working his way into the position and will assume duties full-time later this year.



I'm pleased to announce that this past Labor Day weekend the new Jubal Early Camp participated in the Pioneer Museum Festival in Dade City.  Marion Lambert, Mike Herring, Wayne Sweat, Lunelle Siegel, and yours truly, Dean Leferink, all worked very hard to ensure that we had a successful recruiting and fund raising event.  Everyone that worked this event deserves the highest accolades. 

"Hotter than blazes" was a phrase I heard more than once over the weekend and that it was in more ways than one.  Considering how successful we were perhaps "hotter than blazes" should be our new moniker. This is our third year in Dade City (twice previous as the Lesley Camp). 

It is evident to me that this has become a "must be there" show for us.  People are now fondly remembering us from one year to the next and look forward to seeing us again.  There is no better way to gain name recognition, community support, recruit new members and raise money then to get out there and "press the flesh." 

Again, I would like to thank all of those who participated.  This was just what we needed to jump start our new Camp.

Deo Vindice,

Dean H. Leferink

Editor’s Note:

At this event the Camp raised over $500 through raffle sales and collected over 30 names of prospective members for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

The official Publication of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, SCV
Vol. 1     August 2003   Issue 1  



New Beginnings

The whole book of Nehemiah speaks to the fact that after given permission to return to their own land and rebuild the walls Nehemiah found that this new beginning for them was not without opposition. Chapter 4 we read about Sanballat becoming greatly incensed. He ridiculed the Jews, and in the presence of his associates and the army of Samaria, he said, "what are those feeble Jews doing? Will they restore their wall? Will they offer sacrifices?  Will they finish in a day? Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble--burned as they are? And it goes on and on as others get in on the ridiculing. But Nehemiah was true to his Lord and did not let all of the ridiculing get to him and they did rebuild the wall and they began anew.

Now we come to the Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We, the founding members of this Camp are starting from scratch, and starting a new Camp. We have the opportunity to make this a Camp that is based on the Charge of Gen Stephen D. Lee. We have already come under attack and trust me it will continue. But be of good courage and hold fast. Trust in the Lord God and His ways and let Him lead us in the functions of this Camp and He will bless our endeavours. We have a mighty task ahead of us because we have come under attack of not only our flag but our very leaders themselves, being compared to the Nazi's of Germany. And I take great offense to that and to those liberals that spout these vial words. They are denigrating the good name of my ancestors and yours and where I come from "Them’s fightin' words". So I'm here to tell you that with the help of the Lord we need to go to war to defend the Sons of Confederate Veterans' good name and our flag and our UDC and even the word Dixie and all things Southern. The enemy is out to destroy us and we can no longer sit back in our libraries and hide away. It's time to come out fightin' and with all the resources at our command we need to educate the people who are not as passionate as we are about our beloved South.

May God bless you and our new camp.

I am your humble servant,

Chaplain Rev. Calvin T. Martin







As we, the Charter members of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, Sons of Confederate Veterans, unite in bonds of brotherhood and, seeking the perpetuation of our Southern Heritage, we submit ourselves fully to the Charge of Gen. Stephen D. Lee:

To You, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name, the guardianship of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations.

Time has not dimmed this vision, nor have the echoes of these spoken words faded from our hearts. They reverberate within us today as loudly and as clearly as at the moment they were spoken. We have no mission which extends beyond this commission; we commit ourselves, fully and faithfully, to fulfill this charge to the best of our abilities.

In all things let us submit ourselves to the faith of our forefathers, who found the strength, courage and eternal hope through all suffering and adversity in His Word. By Providence we are today citizens of the United States of America, and subject to its lawful authority. We, as members of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, shall fully and faithfully perform duties as citizens as proscribed in the Sons of Confederate Veterans Constitution.”

Article I – NAME

This Camp shall be known as the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, of the Florida Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Article II – Aims and Objectives

This Camp shall be strictly patriotic, historical, educational, benevolent, non-political, non-racial and non-sectarian. Each member shall perform his full duty as a citizen according to his own conscience and understanding. Discussions at camp events of matters that pertain to a specific political party or candidate, either positively or negatively, shall be strictly prohibited. This camp shall not endorse any political party or political candidate.

Article III – Rules of Membership

All male descendents, lineal or collateral, of those who served in the Confederate Army or Navy and who fully meet the membership requirements of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans may be admitted to the Camp as full members. Only active members of the Camp in good standing shall have the rights of voting, holding office, or being selected as delegates or alternates to International or Division Conventions.

Affiliate, non-voting, membership for males or females is recognized through an auxiliary organization, known as the Confederate Legion of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556.

All applications for membership shall be reviewed by the Enlistment Committee. Approval rests on considerations of personal qualifications as well as Organizational requirements. The Enlistment Committee will recommend acceptance or rejection of the applicant for membership. Upon recommendation by this committee final acceptance is voted upon by the camp at the next business meeting.

Membership shall be retained so long as dues are current. Dues are due as of August 1 each year and are considered delinquent as of February 2 of the following year. Only full members in good standing may vote on Camp policy or hold an officer position.

Membership privileges may be revoked for failure to pay dues, for acts considered disruptive to the Camp or disparaging to Southern heritage, or for behavior which brings reproach upon the Camp or the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Disciplinary action may be referred to the Disciplinary Board by the Commander or by the membership by majority vote at any Camp Business Meeting. The Commander may temporarily apply sanctions and/or suspend the membership privileges of a member pending resolution by the Disciplinary Board. Notification to the member facing disciplinary action will be made by certified mail which will be postmarked 21 days prior to the day of the hearing.

Article IV – Officers & Elections

The standing officers of the Camp shall be Commander, 1st Lt. Commander, Chaplain, Judge Advocate and Adjutant. These officers are elected for 2 year terms with elections held during June of even numbered years. Balloting is normally secret, but a voice vote may be held for positions in which the candidate is unopposed. Vacancies in the Officer Corps may be filled by the Commander. An Officer so appointed shall serve until the end of his predecessor's unexpired term.

Offices of 2nd Lt. Commander, 3rd Lt. Commander, 4th Lt. Commander, Paymaster, Quartermaster or any other office, may be created by the will of the Commander or the camp and the vacancy filled by election at a normal business meeting.

The office of Paymaster may be incorporated in with the office of Adjutant.

Article V – Duties of Officers

The Commander shall chair all business meetings of the Camp (but may delegate the chair for any meeting), fill vacancies occurring in office, appoint all committees, serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee, and shall be the chief executive officer of the Camp. Upon his election the Commander shall appoint Aid-de-Camps or other appointed positions and they shall serve at the pleasure of the Commander.

Any Lt Commanders, in descending order shall, in the absence or at the direction of the Commander, perform the duties of his office. They shall assume other duties as directed by the Commander.

The Adjutant shall keep all camp records including minutes of Camp Business Sessions. He shall maintain a complete and up-to-date roster of all Camp members and Legionnaires. He shall deal with all member problems, including demits and failures to receive materials from Headquarters. He shall assume other duties as directed by the Commander.

The Chaplain shall be responsible maintaining a Christian atmosphere in all Camp activities. He will offer an invocation and a benediction at all such meetings. He will be responsible for ministering to those members who are sick or are in need of spiritual council. He shall be the spiritual leader of the Camp. He shall assume other duties as directed by the Commander.

The Judge Advocate shall act as Parliamentarian at all Camp meetings and shall preside over all disciplinary hearings and elections. Elections shall be the sole providence of the Judge Advocate. He shall perform other duties as directed by the Commander.

The Paymaster shall receive all dues and other funds of the Camp, give receipt for the same and deposit them in a bank designated by the Camp Commander. He is authorized to co-sign all cheques in conjunction with the commander and is to be held responsible for the correctness of accounts in matters over which he has total control. He shall assume other duties as directed by the Camp Commander.

The Quartermaster shall act to find suitable meeting facilities, shall obtain all special materials including rental equipment as required and shall perform other duties as directed by the Commander.

Aid-de-Camp or Appointed Positions:

The Colour Captain shall be responsible for the organization and training of the Colour Guard. He shall conduct the Guard in all ceremonies and shall be responsible for ensuring that an appropriate stand of colours is present for all meeting and ceremonies.

The Enlistment Officer shall be responsible for assisting in the recruitment of new members. He shall be responsible for following all leads on prospective members. He shall assist in completing research to prove membership eligibility. He will also chair the Enlistment Committee to review all new applications and shall perform other duties as directed by the Commander.

Special Projects Director
Media, Communications and Liaison Director
Newsletter Editor
Program Director

Article VI -- Succession

Succession will be in this order within the camp officer corps: After Commander: 1st Lt. Commander, subsequent Lt. Commanders, Adjutant and then Chaplain.

Article VII – Committees

The Enlistment Committee shall review all applicants for membership in the camp. This Committee shall review all enlistment documentation and conduct an interview of prospective members. The Committee shall include 3 to 5 members, appointed by the Commander. The Enlistment Officer, or that officer appointed to fill that position, and the Chaplain shall be permanent members and the remainder may be chosen either from the Officer Corps or from the ranks.

The Finance Committee shall oversee all Camp expenditures. This Committee will be chaired by the 1st Lt. Commander and will include the entire officer corp.

The Audit Committee shall be made up of three men appointed by the Finance Committee to perform an annual end of the year (beginning June 1 and ending May 31) audit of the books. This Audit Committee will be comprised of two members at large and one officer of the camp (other than the Paymaster).

The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of 5 members, three from the Standing Officers and two from the membership at large. Excluded from this committee will be the Commander and any Lt. Commanders. Additional nominations may be made by any member in good standing, speaking from the floor at the time of the election. The proposed candidate must accept his nomination, before being included in any subsequent balloting, and the nomination must be seconded by another member. The Nominating Committee will provide a recommended slate of candidates during the business meeting prior to the June election in the even numbered year and that slate will be published in the newsletter prior to the election. The Commander shall appoint this committee.

Article VIII – Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Camp by a 2/3 vote of those present, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular business meeting. Amendments shall become effective upon adjournment of the meeting at which they are adopted. Any Amendment which is in conflict with the Constitution or the Standing Rules of the International Sons of Confederate Veterans or of the Florida Division, SCV shall be deemed null and void.

Article IX – Meeting Requirements

Fellowship or Program meetings will normally be held every other month on the 3rd Thursday of the month. This time may be altered by the Commander to accommodate special speakers or to avoid conflict with other events. A permanent change of the meeting date will require a change of these bylaws and is subject to a vote of the Camp Membership.

Business meetings will be held at least three times per calendar year. Ideally, their occurrence will alternate monthly with the Fellowship or Program meetings. Because of pressing need the Commander may call a Special Business Meeting out of the normal routine given that a mailed notice to all camp members is postmarked 10 days prior to scheduled meeting.

Officer Calls may be called at any time by the Commander, for the benefit of the smooth operation of the camp. In addition to officers, aid-de-camps, full Camp members or Legionnaires may be invited to attend. Officer Calls will never replace the function of Camp Business Meetings.

Article X – Parliamentary Authority

The rules of procedure at any camp business meeting are set forth in Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, except wherein they may be altered by the assembly. It is the responsibility of the Judge Advocate to insure that proper protocol and procedures are followed and to advise during the conduct these meetings. Camp Officers who may preside at these meetings should work to gain a familiarity with rules and procedures.

Article XI – Decorum & Discipline

This Camp is established to maintain and promote pride in our common Southern Heritage. It is an organization for Southern Gentlemen. With the exception of Business Meetings, which require membership to participate, all meetings are open so that family and friends are both welcome and encouraged to attend. All such activities are to be conducted as family affairs and members should always act accordingly. Business meetings are to be conducted in accordance with Robert’s rules which are designed to ensure proper conduct, even as controversial matters are considered. Individuals who have difficulty in maintaining proper decorum shall be excluded from such meetings. Members are expected to deal with internal Camp issues through the prescribed procedures. Members shall not disparage or insult fellow members, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the symbols of Southern heritage or conduct themselves in such a manner so as to cause conflict within the Camp. Said conduct amounts to conduct unbecoming a member of the camp, and invites disciplinary action. Members who fail to abide by the decorum requirement may be brought before the Disciplinary Board.

The Disciplinary Board shall consist of the Judge Advocate, a member appointed by him and a member appointed by the commander. The Disciplinary Board is empowered to temporarily suspend membership privileges and to bar members from all Camp functions. Such suspensions may only extend until the next Camp Business Meeting. At that time, the Board may recommend withdrawal of membership or other sanctions. Such sanctions require a majority vote of the membership present.