The official Publication of the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Vol. 1                   May  2004                  Issue 5



Dr. Brian Steele Wills, Author

The Confederacy’s Greatest Cavalryman:
Nathan Bedford Forrest

With no formal military training, Nathan Bedford Forrest became one of the leading cavalry figures of the War Between the States. Forrest said 'War means killing, and the way to kill is to get there first with the most men."

The native Tennesseean had amassed a fortune, which he estimated at $1,500,000, as a slave trader and plantation owner by the time of the War. He entered the Confederate forces a private and left it a Lt. General. Never asking his soldiers to go where he wouldn't himself, he had 29 horses shot out from under him, and killed 28 enemy soldiers in personal hand to hand combat. Wiped out financially by the War, he resumed planting and became the President of the Selma, Marion & Memphis Railroad, which he helped to promote. He helped start the organization known as the KKK during the first years of Union occupation to offset the oppression of the Southern people. He served as its head from 1867-1869. Becoming disenchanted with the activities of the group, he ordered it disbanded in 1869.

We are pleased to welcome Brian Steel Wills, Professor and Kenneth Asbury Chair of History in the Department of History and Philosophy at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. He is the author of seven books about the War and is a frequently requested speaker. He appeared at the 2003 General Convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Nashville, TN, and we are very fortunate to have him visit.

We know you’ve heard this before, but if you only make one meeting this year...this is the one to make. See you on the 29th!


Dinner at the May fellowship meeting will be by reservation. Please look for your letter from the Commander with your dinner reservation form. If you missed it, you can print from the Camp web site at www.tampascv.org.

Tampa Confederate Monument

Chris Rideout, Wayne Sweat, Dean Leferink, Bart Siegel

On Confederate Memorial Day, Monday, April 26, 2004, your Early Camp Colour and Honour Guard did its duty in commemorating our Confederate heroes at the Confederate Monument in downtown Tampa.

It was a perfect Spring and sunny day for Central Florida, starting cool and dry and, as the day progressed, becoming increasingly warm and a bit humid. For the men doing the duty of guarding this local landmark for Southerners, it was comfortable in the morning and then durn tootin’ hot in the afternoon. Remember, that these present day Confederate soldiers were wearing wool and plenty of it.

The night before Cmdr. Lambert and Compatriot Greg Tisdale did the preliminary work of setting up the mum display around the monument. There were about 85 mums of four colours and the set up had to be arranged with an eye for photo opportunities.

The day’s events began at 5:45 a.m. with Cmdr. Lambert showing up with the camp trailer at the monument. Soon Colour Guardsman Chris Rideout appeared to help set up the flags, tables, chairs, display items and all of the other things that need to be brought out. Before long guardsmen Wayne Sweat and Bart Siegel were on the scene. And before the sun was much up into the sky guardsman Dean Leferink showed up. Then began the “changing of the guard” as these men took turns “guarding the monument” by walking a post in front of and around the monument. All day they toiled – from the cool of the morning through the increasing heat of the afternoon.

We were rewarded twice in the day. Channel 13 showed up and did a photo shoot and a brief sound bite interview with Cmdr. Lambert. Later, a reporter from Channel 10 was there looking for a story. This was our hope: that we get our message out to the community via the news media. For days ahead of this event many announcement faxes had been sent to all the major papers, radio and TV stations.

Several friends came by to lend their support: Compatriots Gary Johns, Phil Walters, Greg Tisdale, and Reverend James Taylor. Thanks to the ladies of the Augusta Jane Wilson Chapter #2460, UDC for a contribution of $35 dollars for the mum flower fund for this event. Chapter President, Lunelle Siegel, placed a wreath early in the morning in memory of the Confederate soldier. Also helping with the mums: Mike Herring of Forrest Station gave 25 dollars and Lesley Camp Quartermaster Stan Hankins felt led to give 20 dollars.


On Wednesday, April 7th at approx. 9:05 a.m., the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners proclaimed April Southern Heritage Month and April 26th as Confederate Memorial Day. Thanks to Commissioner Jim Norman(R) for sponsoring the Proclamation. Shame on Commissioner Pat Frank(D), for AGAIN, not signing the petition, and special thanks to Commissioner Kathy Castor(D) for signing the petition this year, when she did not do so last year.

Ed Sitton accepted the proclamation, and calling on God, in the anteroom prior to the meeting, spoke eloquently of the service of American veterans, before, during and since the War Between the States, and the need to honour and remember them all. Good job, Ed!!!!



Left to Right: 1st row: Pat & Jackie Patterson, Cmdr. Marion Lambert, Ed Sitton, Greg Tisdale; 2nd row: Lunelle Siegel, Mary Alice Geary; 3rd row: Larry Carpenter; Janet Rockey, Mark Schonbrun; 4th row: Mrs. Dorothy Walters, Phil Walters, Tom Rockey, Don Geary, Bart Siegel


Dixie Chapter UDC

Camp Colour Guard members (L to R):
Dean Leferink, Wayne Sweat, Bart Siegel, Marion Lambert participating at Weedon
Island Ceremony on April 24th.

Ailene Mizell
Grave Marker Chairman, Plant Chapter #1931,
United Daughters of the Confederacy

I would like to thank the members of the Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp, SCV for their assistance in making our Real Daughter grave marker dedication a truly special event! Three ladies were honoured on Sunday, May 2nd by dedicating bronze engraved “Real Daughter” markers that the UDC places on the graves of UDC members, whose father was a Confederate veteran. These three ladies, Mamie White Mason, Evelyn White Williams and Lelia White Herring were Charter members of the Plant City Chapter of the UDC. This is the same marker placed on the grave of Winnie Davis, daughter of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis.

Rifle Detail:  Tom Kolan
Justin Kolan and Chris Rideout

Colour Guard:  Mike Herring, Captain;  Wayne Sweat, Daryl Whitt, Greg Tisdale, Bart Siegel, and Mark Salter

Over a dozen family members attended the dedication. The Colour guard was very impressive, with their beautiful flags . Rev. Calvin Martin’s rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” set a dignified and spiritual tone for the ceremony. The rifle salute , gave the ceremony a perfect ending.

A family member was overheard saying “I didn’t know what to expect driving up here today”….well, he was very impressed….and we owe it in good part, to you.

A special thanks to Wayne Sweat for making the logistics of the equipment , and the piper a reality!


The Camp nominating committee is entering the following names for officers for the Early Camp for the 2004-2006 term:

Commander             -    Marion D. Lambert
1st Lt. Cmdr.            -    Ed Sitton
2nd Lt. Cmdr.           -    Dean Leferink
3rd Lt. Cmdr.             -    Harry Erhart
Adjutant/Treasurer     -    Scott Rose
Judge Advocate       -    Dr. Roger Crane
Quartermaster           -     Wayne Sweat
Chaplain                   -    Calvin Martin

The election will be held at the Camp business meeting in June. Although these are nominating committee recommendations, according to Camp by-laws further nominations for any position can be made from the floor (must be made and seconded by a member in good standing of the Early Camp).

Submitted by: Roger Crane, Chairman; Scott Rose, Vice Chairman, Calvin Martin, Paul Byther and John Barnes.


The Florida Division Reunion will be held in Palataka, Florida on the weekend of June 4-6. It is being hosted by the Sgt. Charlie Dickison Camp 534 and the Gen. William W. Loring Camp 1316.

This is an election year for the Florida Division. Compatriot Doug Dawson and Compatriot Fred McNary are in the running for Division Commander. Also, there are several amendments changes proposed for the Florida Division constitution. This is an important and significant time for the Florida Division and if you would like to be a part of this democratic process then, by all means, come to the reunion.

Please refer to the Florida Division newsletter (the Blockade Runner) for details and information on this event.


Cmdr. Marion D. Lambert

Something profound has occurred within our Tampa Bay Southern Heritage community that has strong and direct implications to us in the Early Camp. Specifically, a group of ladies has formed a new chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy named the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter #2640. They were chartered on April 29 at a dinner held at the Comfort Inn Conference Center on Busch Blvd.

Cmdr. Lambert bringing greetings from the SCV

It was my pleasure to be invited to bring “greetings” from the Florida Division and from the Early Camp. It was a very fine celebration that not only saw the birth of new life in the form of this new chapter but we witnessed the induction of nineteen new members of the UDC. The new chapter was chartered with two dozen members. Not Bad!!

But here is the point: It is said that “Behind every good man is a good woman.” I can’t help but think that there is an implication here with our camp and the Cause we promote here in Tampa Bay. No matter how successful and productive we can be as a camp our potential is enhanced many times over with a good relationship with a group of like-minded, determined and dedicated women. Remember this, that the battlefield effort that our Confederate forefathers fought on the battlefield would have been impossible without the support and backing of the ladies.

Let me write this: These ladies are determined, like-minded and totally dedicated. We have the ingredients with this new chapter of bonding a great and lasting relationship which will only make us as a camp stronger and much more effective. They have, in every way, expressed a desire to work closely with us in all of our endeavours.

Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter #2640
Charter Members

It is with the greatest delight that I welcome the ladies of the new Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter #2640 into our community.

From the Adjutant’s Desk:

The Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556, SCV Muster Roll for April 2004 lists 86 Full Members, 16 Legionnaires, and 1 Associate Member.

Special thanks goes to Dean Leferink for taking notes in my absence for the Official Minutes of the February Business Meeting.

The Camp would like to welcome 5 new Full Members:

Compatriot Ancestor

James Riley Curry                     1st Lt. James Adams Tillman   24th South Carolina Inf. Co. I

Christopher Rideout                   Pvt. Benjamin S. Kite 2nd Florida Cav. Co. K

John Harold Frese                      Pvt. Jacob Raulerson (previous Legionnaire) 9th Florida Inf. Co. H

James Douglas Roberts             2nd Lt. William Murray Thompson 51st North Carolina Inf. Co. H

Jason Douglas Roberts             2nd Lt. William Murray Thompson 51st North Carolina Inf. Co. H

2 Full Members transferring into the Camp:


John T. Knox
Julius J. Gordon

5 new Legionnaires:


John T. Fowler, Jr.
Bud Downing
Thomas Kolan
Thomas Patrick McDaniels
Troy L. Dunbar

And 1 new Associate Member:


Jim Rodgers Armitage

Please feel free to contact me concerning any membership or Camp issues that may arise. I can be reached by phone at (813) 971-4541 before 10 PM, or by email.

Respectfully Submitted,
Adjutant Scott Rose


Thank you, Ed Sitton, for your contribution of the Purple Heart postage stamps for this mailing!


Membership Committee

By: Wayne Rutland, Chairman

The Early camp has over 100 members now, so we must be doing something right. We are growing because we have the message, so all we have to do is get it out. When you go to a meeting pick up some brochures and applications to give out to your friends and family. You are the best recruiter we have, so keep up the good work and have fun! Call a member of the recruiting committee if you have any questions.

Wayne Rutland—813-837-5281
Harry Erhart—727-862-3828

Social Committee

By: Bart Siegel, Chairman

Our next planned event will for Independence Day. We can only hope for as picturesque a day as we had for our 1st camp BBQ. Our event will begin at 11:30 on Saturday, July 10th. Reservations will be required for this event. It will be held at my home on the Hillsborough River (606 Vanderbaker Road, Temple Terrace). More info later. Hope to see you at this family friendly event (pool, fishing, volleyball, etc.)

Memorial Committee

By: Mark S. Dixon, Chairman

The Memorial Committee, which is operating in conjunction with the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter #2640 is working tirelessly to inventory Confederate graves in our area. The survey of Mt. Zion (Pasco County) is complete and has been added to the Camp web site. 17 Confederates (15 unmarked) were located there. Additional work is underway at historic Oaklawn Cemetery in Tampa, under the supervision of Julius Gordon, the grand old man of this unique historic cemetery. Geiger Family Cemetery is partially completed and several more have been planned, including Trilby and Tucker Family in Pasco County.

A work day has been set for August 17th at Mt. Zion in Pasco County to prepare the Cemetery for the new Confederate markers that are being ordered from the VA. Please mark your calendar to attend.

The committee placed flags at Mt. Zion, Oaklawn and Woodlawn cemeteries during Southern Heritage Month.

Thanks, Don Geary, for posting flags at Woodlawn in April!   Ain't they purdy!

Special Projects Committee

By: Jeff Hough, Chairman

Progress on the flag-site is coming along nicely. Hillsborough County officials have no restrictions on the type of memorial we desire. Our only issue now will be the height of the flagpole. The site is close to Vandenberg airport so there are height restrictions on infrastructure. However, there are several radio towers nearby that are much taller than the flagpole we are planning. We have to go directly to the airport authority to get a height variance, but we are not anticipating any problems with this. We are hoping to have the parcel surveyed very shortly, but since the property is undeveloped, this will be quite pricey. If anyone knows of a surveyor who might cut us a deal, please let us know!

We are hoping to start the fund-raising soon. We will first have a mailing to key, primary donors, and a second mailing for $100.00 donations. Our site will be part of the Flags across Florida project. Some final matters are being worked out with the Florida Division: timing of the monument dedication (we are targeting April ’05) and details of the control we want to maintain.

One thing is for certain; this dream is moving along rather well. I would also like to put the word out that we are not opposed to any other sights that we might be able to obtain. Keep this project on the prayer list.



By:  Rev. Calvin Martin, Chaplain

Faithful. Described in the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary as "steadfast in affection or allegiance: LOYAL, also firm in adherence to promises or in observance of duty. We as Christians have a most glorious and wonderful Lord and Saviour. He told us just before he left this world that He would never leave us nor forsake us, as found in Matthew 28:20 and Hebrews 13:5. Therefore when we give ourselves to Him to be His followers it is up to us to always remain faithful to our promise to Him. The reward for this will be "Heavenly and out of this world". I've been serving Him now for over 31 years and I find Him to be the best thing that has happened in my life. Therefore my devotion is to Him and His people which is most important for me to keep.

It was late in 1864 and many in the Southwestern Virginia mountains were deserting the Confederacy and their cause. They had gone back on their promise to the South and their fellow Southerners. But men like my Great Grandfather Nathan Martin and his brother John, members of The 44th VA Cavalry, Thurmonds' Partisan Rangers, were given the duty to hunt down these deserters and bring them back in. Nathan and John were faithful to their promise to defend their country (Virginia) and even though it seemed like all around them was going with the Federals they were true to "the Cause". They had both enlisted in 1862 and had served in the Rangers longer than Gen. Mosby's men of Northern Virginia. Of course we all know the outcome of that war, but the reputation of Capt. P.J. Thurmonds" Partisan Rangers would linger throughout the Southern mountains of, now West Virginia, which a lot of them would never recognize, they always considered themselves "Virginians". It was said that many of their neighbors were "Union" men -- there would be arguments through the coming years. Some probably denied the cause. Over the years, the wounds healed, and the lost cause became the glorious cause. Everyone who was of the age of 15 to 50 in 1865 had to explain his position. As mining opportunities began in the mountains of West Virginia and migrants moved to W.Va. from other southern states, the complexion of W.Va. drastically changed. In some quarters, especially in the Southern portion of the new state, being a former Confederate soldier, especially a Partisan Ranger, became chic.

Yes, the Old South has changed, but there is still in this land, faithful SOUTHERNERS. We have taken up "the Cause" 'cause we feel like it needs to be. Just as Jesus has been faithful to us, so we too are faithful to him and to our beloved SOUTH. The South as our great grandfathers knew. They were faithful to God and their country and now they rest in peace with Him. But may we continue their work, for if we don't do it, then who will?




By: Bart Siegel

The Morrill tariff was passed on March 2, 1861, two days before Lincoln’s inauguration. The bill immediately raised the average tariff rate from about 15 percent (according to Frank Taussig in Tariff History of the United States) to 37.5 percent. The tariff was again increased to 47.06 percent. The tariffs on imported finished goods ensured greater profits for the industrialists of the North. At the time, the import-dependent South was paying as much as 80 percent of the tariff, while complaining bitterly that most of the revenues were being spent in the North. Lincoln said in his first inaugural: "The power confided in me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property, and places belonging to the government, and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion--no using force against, or among the people anywhere."



For Children of the Confederacy

Are you worried about your children and grandchildren growing up and not having a solid footing in their roots and heritage?

Don’t let this generation be a stranger to their ancestors and heritage. Teach them to be proud -not ashamed of their family history.

The Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter #2640 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy is forming a Children of the Confederacy Chapter with an eye to preparing our children with information that will stay with them for a lifetime. If you are interested, please call Lunelle at 813-837-1599 or Mary Alice Geary at 813-238-4458 to get all your Southern children on the new Charter!