November 10, 2004

Living History at Roland Park School, Tampa, Florida CSA!

"The participants"  L to R:  Kneeling:    Jim Curis, Bud Downing, Cmdr. Marion Lambert, Dave Anthony;  Standing:  Mike Herring, Nelson Winbush, Laurie Rideout, Bart Siegel, Jamie Taylor, Lunelle Siegel, Wayne Sweat, Chris Rideout, Tom Kolon

Legionnaire Bart Siegel with Principal Moore after she fired "Varina", Camopatriot Chris Rideout's mountain howitzer.

Compatriot Dave Anthouny:  Students contemplating actually 'eating' hard tack. Compatriot Chris Rideout:  Students learn about mid 19th century artillery

Lunelle Siegel & Laurie Rideout, Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter #2640, UDC, teach Southern history through American Flags.

Visiting SCV member, Nelson Winbush tells students about his Confederate grandfather from Tennessee
The "Early Camp Boys" Tom Kolon (L) and Wayne Sweat (R)
perform music of the mid 19th century.