Never know who's listening!

Mike and Lynda

Lisa Morgan

James and Judy Davis

Lost Again!!!

Bob Hurst and Harry Hurst

Jim and Sylvia Darby

Jim Davis and HK

Jim Davis and Sandy Mott

New Rose Chapter with Lynda and Sylvia

Nelson Winbush and Jim Davis

Mr.& Mrs A.L.Miller

Mr. & Mrs Richard Lee

The Perry Gang

Jamey Creel receiving Brigade Award from Jim Darby

Mike Mitchel and Harry Hurst

We Do!!!

Is that a tear?

ROSE of the YEAR Paige Creel with Lynda O'Neal and Karen Colson

Doll Winner Mrs Tom Fyock

Paige and Lynda

Bob Hurst receiving Brigade Award from Jim Darby

Becki Powell and Lynda

Cmdr Lindsey and Annette

Cmdr Dawson and 2006 Ulmer Award Winner Col. Masters

Karen and Paige

Sylvia and Lynda

HK and Jim

Florida's youngest Distinguished Service Award Winner, Huston Creel

Jamey receiving Heritage Award from Jimmy Shirley