The Regimental Staff was as follows:

Capt. Henry R. Teasdale - as Quartermaster he later was promoted to Major and made District Quartermaster for Florida and stationed  in Lake City, Florida;  Capt. E. Yulee - Commissary; Hill - Surgeon;   Dr. D. Carn - Assistant Surgeon;  Lt. J.O.A. Gerry - Adjutant;  David Lewis - Sergeant Major;  W.T. Moseley, Jr. - Quartermaster Sergeant;  and P.E. Lowe - Commissary Sergeant.


             The Staff and Men of Company "D"  (Wakulla Guards) 3rd Florida Infantry:


     NAME                      MUSTERED  IN          OUT                 REMARKS                                 


 Daniel L. Frierson                 July 1861

 John L. Ingles                        April 28, 1865           April 26, 1865               Sgt. Promoted to Capt. of

                                                                                                                              consolidated Companies D&G

1st Lieutenants-

Thomas F. Swearingen          July 25,1861              April 26,1865

 Richard C. McMillian           July 1861                                                           2nd. Lt. promoted 1st Lt.

 T.W. Ross                                                                                                           Promoted 1st Lt.

2nd Lieutenant-

3rd Lieutenants-

William H. Walker                 July 1861

Josiah R. Bostick                   July 1861                                                             Promoted 3rd Lt.

                                                                               ENLISTED MEN

Adkins, John                          July 25,1861

Alexander, Amos                   July 25,1861

Anderson, Charles W.           July 25,1861

Anderson, William U.            July 25,1861

Ashley, Berry                                                                               

Ashley, Charles                                                                                                 Shot through both thighs.

Bird, Henry                            July 25,1861             April 26,1865                 Wounded, Murfreesborough, Dec.1862

Blackwell, W.R.                     April 6,1863              April 26,1865                 Wounded, Tullahoma, April 5,1863

Boss, G.E.                                                                                                           Captured and paroled.

Bostick, Joseph C.                 July 25,1861                                                     Sergeant

Boyd, John D.                        July 25,1861

Carraway, Jasper N.                                                                                        Mentioned for gallantry.

Carter, Jeremiah B.

Chanson, Joseph

Coggins, J. H.                                                                                                   Died at Chattanooga.

Cogans, John                          July 1862

Core, Arthur S.                       July 25,1861

Core, John J.                                                                                                    Wounded, Sept. 20,1863

Core, William I.                      July 25,1861

Cuthbert, Isaac

Cuthbert, James J.                July 1861

Cuthbert, John A.

Cuthbert, William H.             July 1861                   

Counsel, William                    July 1861

Dugger, James F.                  July 1861                                                        Sgt. discharged Oct.19,1861 for

                                                                                                                       disability; re-enlisted in Co."E" 2nd Cav.

Dunham, Davison                                                                                          Died; Camp Chase, Jan.31,1865

                                                                                                                           Grave #200

Elliot, James B.                                                                                              Died at Chattanooga

Elliot, John R.                         July 1861

Faircloth, Joshua                    July 1861                                                       Transferred to Co. "I" 5th Regiment

Forbes, Columbus                   July 1861                                                      Corporal

Gilchrist, William I.                 July 1861

Grant, John

Gray, J.J

Hair, Matthew                                                           April 26,1865

Harrell, William H.                  July 1861

Hart, Daniel                             July 1861                                                    Corporal

Hart, Samuel D.                       July 1861

Henderson, William M.           July 1861

Herning, G.W.

Hill, Richard W.                      July 1861                                                   Sergeant; transferred to Bird's Co. "K"

                                                                                                                        10th Reg.

Horn, John W.H.                    July 1861                 April 26,1865             He was at re-organization, May 1862

Hunt, Marghs D.L.                July 1861             

Kellam, W.M.                        July 1,1861              April 26,1865

Langston, E.E.                       July 15,1862            April 26,1865              Wounded at Bentonville, N.C.

Langston, Jesse I                  July 25,1861                    

Langston, L.M.P                   July 25,1861

Langston, William I.             July 25,1861

Lawhoun, J.M.                                                         April 26,1865

Lewis, David                          July 25,1861

Lewis, John J.                        July 25,1861

Lewis, S.P.                             July 25,1861

McBride, Robert                   July 1861

McKinnon, Daniel F.            July 25,1861

McMillan, Laerence W.       July 25,1861

McMillan, R.C.                                                        May 14,1865

Mash, W.H.                          July 1861

Merritt, William                   March 1862           April 26,1865

Milton, C.C.                          March 1862           April 26,1865

Moore, Francis M.               July 1861              April 26,1865

Newell, Charles                    July 25,1861                                                   Musician

Oliver, James S.                                                       April 26,1865             Transferred to Co."D", 2nd. Reg., Cav...

Peterson, Gastarus, O.        July 1861

Piggott, Robert R.               July 25,1861         June 24,1864                    Disability, wounded at Resaca, GA.,

                                                                                                                           April 14,1864

Piggott, William N.              July 1861

Posey, Joseph W.                July 25,1861

Revell, Elijah A.                  July 25,1861

Revell, J.A.                          May 15,1861                                                Captured at Jonesboro, GA. 1864 and held

                                                                                                                       until end of war.

Revell, Samuel K.               July 1861                                                      Corporal

Reeves, Mark A.                 July 25,1861

Roberts, Benjamin M.        July 25,1861

Roberts, G.D.                                                                                             Died, Camp Chase, Jan. 13,1865;

                                                                                                                      Grave #760

Roberts, John H.                 July 25,1861

Roberts, John P.                  July 25,1861          April 26,1865

Roberts, Thomas                 July 25,1861

Robertson, Robert P.           July 25,1861          April 26,1865

Sasser, James J.                   July 25,1861

Sasser, William Z.                July 25,1861          June 12,1865                Captured and held at Camp Chase until

                                                                                                                        the end of the war.

Simmons, Hilery B.A.          July 25,1861

Stevens, James A.               July 25,1861

Taylor, James W.                 July 25,1861                                               Wounded,  Sept. 20,1863

Taylor, Robert P.                 July 25,1861

Thompson, John                   July 25,1861

Trice, Ezekiel                        July 25,1861        April 26,1865

Uker, William

Ulmer, John L.

Valize, J.F.                                                         April 26,1865

Vance, F.M.                         Oct. 1861             June 18,                         Paroled from Camp Douglass, Illinois

Vance, James W. W.           July 1861

Vance, John E.                     July 25,1861                                              Discharged from Camp Douglass, Illinois at

                                                                                                                    end of the war

Walker, James W.               July 25,1861                                              Corporal

Walker, Wright W.              July 1861

Whaley, Thomas E.              July 25,1861

Whetstone, Irvine                July 25,1861

Whetstone, Marion              July 25,1861

Williams, Frank M.              April 1861           June 18,1865               Wounded at Bentonville, N.C. March 1863