Hands Across Dixie - Jamey hard at work


Hands Across Dixie project #1 Jim Darby & Jamey Creel


Flying the colors, near projects end.


Setting up registration 5/19

Lisa Morgan - Chpt 9 checking in

OCRFS meeting

5 -22-06

OCRFS meeting

5 -22-06



HK And Terry Lee Edgerton - stopped by for a visit

New chapter 10

Becki Powell

Chpt 3

The Creels & The Markhams

8th Fl Quincy Young guards # 703 - OCR # 9

Jeanie Wetherell

chpt 9

Karen Colson

chpt 5

Sandy Mott

chpt 10

Brigid Fyock Chp 4 won doll in raffle

Rose of the Year - Paige Creel - Chpt 9

Paige and Lynda at banquet

Becky, Tracie, Sylvia, Paige, Toppy and Mrs. Ford in the Gee family cemetary, Gadsden Co Fl

This is the final resting place of Capt. John Henry Gee,CSA, Cmdr of the Salisbury Prison during the WBTS.