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We have chapters located in 19 Florida towns and growing. 

Our chapters have been involved in a host of  activities in the past year, including participating in the Springtime Tallahassee Parade, assisting the SCV with their Division reunion for the last five years.  We even have a very Confederate Ball held by our sisters in the Hollywood area. We have had 2 tartans commissioned for the Order of Confederate Rose. We have participated in lots of living history events around the state, making the front page of the local section of a Tampa paper at least once. We portray seamstresses, washer women, and women in every day camp life. Our Black Rose Society members have participated in memorial services around the state. We have participated in veterans day events around the state including the Palm Beach Area Veterans Day services and Confederate Memorial Day Motorcade. Taylor County Roses have held the very first Confederate Memorial Service. Gadsden County Roses held a Memorial motorcade visiting 15 cemeteries , placing over 150 flags. We are busy, we are visible,  we are proud members of the Confederate community. We support Sam Davis Youth Camps in educating our young adults.

Come join us in flying our beloved flag, doing community service, marching in parades, teaching our history, heritage and culture to people everywhere. We would love to have you visit with us  and you are welcome at chapter meetings across the state.

You only need 5 members to charter a chapter. A chapter consists  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. You may combine the Sec. / Treas. position. Members are comprised of both men and women ages 12 and up. However we do encourage the children to also join our Confederate Legacy Program.  If you live near an existing chapter we will put you in touch. If you do not have enough people to start chapter you may be Rambling Rose.



Phoebe Pember  # 1


 Hollywood, Florida

 Lynda O'Neal



Bonnie Blue Magnolias # 2


 Ft. White, Florida

 Kala Farmer




Delity Powell  # 3


 West Palm Beach, Florida

 Becki Powell




Mary Custis Lee  # 4


 Punta Gorda, Florida

  Dolly Geffert




Mary Ann Harvey Black  # 5


 Tallahassee, Florida



Rebecca J. Higginbotham Jones  # 6


 Callahan, Florida

 Janice Sain



Ellen Clark McNeill   # 7


 Bradenton, Florida

 Janice Hill




Nancy Hart   # 8

   Perry, Florida

 Edna Durden




Mary Martha Reid  # 9


 Quincy, Florida

 Sylvia Darby


Sarah Isabella Haynes # 10    Ocala, FL
 Karen Hurst    
Sarah Elizabeth Tate # 11     Pensacola, Fl
 Angela Bannister    
Magnolia Belles # 12      Gainesville, FL
 Kala Farmer    
Loreta J. Velazquez # 14     Marianna, FL
Brenda Morse    [email protected]
Marie H. P. Crawford # 15     Chipley , Fl
 Steve Lassiter    
Jemima Cason # 16    Pinetta, Fl
 Kala Farmer    
Dusty Roses # 17   Taylor County, FL
 Carrie Warf  
Mary C. Gwaltney # 18     Wakulla County, FL
Lisa Morgan  
Laura Ratcliff # 19     Melbourne, FL
Gina Anzalone    
Mary and Mollie Bell # 20     Tampa, FL
Jan Caulley    





For information or help with an application please contact

Society Officers :

                                                         Sylvia Darby , President                                 

                                                          Kala Farmer, 1st Vice President                   

                                                          Brenda Morse, 2nd Vice President               

                                                          Barbara Harris, Secretary                             

                                                          Lisa Morgan, Treasurer                                 

                                                           Lorene Logue, Historian                                  

                                                           Karen Colson, Genealogist                              

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