Flags Across Florida


White Springs Flag Site


As about 500 spectators joined in singing "Amazing Grace," Civil War re-enactors in full uniform hoisted a 20 by 38 foot Confederate battle flag to the top of a pole near the State Farmers Market on Friday, the 15th day of February, 2002.

At a cost of nearly $40,000 the flag and 100 foot tall pole stands in full view of all six lanes of Interstate 75 traffic.

The monument includes a granite wall listing the names of 238 Confederate soldiers (including Lieutenant General, and sailors from each of the 13 Confederate States and the Indian Nations.

People from 23 states contributed money to the monument project and the general public was not solicited.

The White Springs flag site was created as a “visible reminder to travelers along the busy I-75 corridor of Florida’s rich and diverse Confederate heritage.”

-          Excerpt from the Lake City Reporter article.

  The Battle of Olustee Camp #1463 has been named as the Sentinel Camp of the White Springs site.