The H.L. Hunley JROTC Award


What is the H.L. Hunley JROTC Award? 

The H. L. Hunley JROTC Award is awarded to cadets of the United States Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps who have demonstrated strong corps values, honor, courage and commitment to their unit during the school year. The award, which consists of a medal, a ribbon, and a certificate, is typically awarded annually to one rising second year cadet per unit, but may be awarded to cadets of other classes based upon the discretion of the unit's Senior Instructor. 

A History of the H.L. Hunley Award 

The award of the Hunley medal is meant to honor or reward cadets who have shown the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, as did the ill-fated crew of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley. The H. L. Hunley made naval history off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, on February 17, 1864, when it became the first submarine to sink an opposing vessel in combat. The crew of the submarine was lost in action, and it is the spirit of this selfless sacrifice that the award draws its theme. While the award does have a strong naval theme, it is suitable for award to cadets of other branches due to the fact that the commander of the Hunley, Lt. George E. Dixon, was an Army officer.

How to get an H.L. Hunley Award for a deserving cadet

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