By Laws :

Article I – Name
The name of the Association is the Order of Confederate Rose, Florida Society, Corp.
(OCRFS). The name is incorporated in the State of Florida and is to be used only by
OCRFS members.
Article II – Purpose
1. The purpose of the OCRFS is to support the Sons of Confederate Veterans
(SCV) in its educational, benevolent, historical and social functions. The
OCRFS is non-profit, apolitical, non-sectarian, and non-racial.
2. To Fund and Administer the Marie H.P. Crawford Scholarship Program.
Article III – Exclusivity (Use of Name & Insignia)
1. Any Chapter that fails to sign the Articles of Confederation cannot use the
name of the Order of Confederate Rose, Florida Society, Corp.
2. Any member of OCR may use wording similar to the following along with
their name: “Member OCRFS”; Order of the Confederate Rose, Florida
Society, Corp.,” etc. Members of OCRFS who hold a current elected or
appointed position many use wording similar to the following along with their
name “OCRFS Chapter President, “ OCRFS Webmaster,” etc. No one will
use the title of OCRFS officer that does not exist in the Articles of
3. No Chapter or member may use the name OCRFS, or the Logo of the OCRFS
in connection with any political, individual or group (including hate-groups),
religious groups, or any other organization except the Sons of Confederate
Veterans; or on a campaign fund-raiser for or against any party or political
candidate; or as supporting or opposing legislative action.
4. No one may use the name or logo of the OCRFS for merchandising, except
for Society or Chapter fundraising.
5. This does not keep an OCRFS member from participating on an individual
basis in such activities; only the name and logo of OCR are covered here.
6. The Order of Confederate Rose, Florida Society insignias registered as a
trademark are to be used only by members of the Society and its Chapters.

Article IV – Structure:
1. Representation
A. The OCRFS, Corp. will elect officers biennially in odd-numbered
years at the annual meeting/convention/reunion of OCRFS Corp., as
part of new business. These officers shall include, but not be limited
to a President, a First Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
A Second Vice-President will also be elected. The duties of the
Second Vice-President shall include being in charge of the Legacy
Program. An initiation of Officers shall be conducted as part of the
same annual meeting of OCRFS Corp., where officers are elected,
and said new officers shall take office immediately upon initiation.
B. The Executive Board of the OCRFS Corp. shall include the officers
referenced in Article IV(1.) The duties of the Executive Board shall
include, but not be limited to: Society problem-solving; Resolution
of conflicts between Members (which have not been resolved at the
Chapter level), between Chapters and between the Society and
Members or Chapters; Proposal of changes to by-laws, as necessary.
C. There shall be a Past-Presidents’ Council (created 2007). Each Past-
President of the Order of Confederate Rose, Florida Society Corp.
shall automatically become a member of said Council upon leaving
office as President of OCRFS, except that the current President of
OCRFS may not participate as a member of the Past-Presidents’
Council, even though he or she may have served a previous term as
President of OCRFS. The Past-Presidents’ Council shall exist for the
purposes of guiding and advising the current Executive Board and
shall collectively have one vote on matters before the Executive
D. Each Chapter will elect a minimum of three officers. These will
include a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer or President,
Secretary and Treasurer. Other officers may be elected as deemed
necessary by the individual Chapter.
E. Each Chapter in good standing will have one vote on matters brought
before the Society. Chapters must be current on all dues and
assessments to be considered in good standing.
F. Representatives of the OCRFS, Corp. will address any issues not
specifically covered by these articles.
2. Marie H.P. Crawford Scholarship Board of Trustees
There shall be a Board of Trustees of the Marie H.P. Crawford Scholarship
Fund, who shall administer this Fund. Scholarship Fund monies shall be kept
separate from funds of OCRFS. This Board shall consist of one permanent
or “Lifetime” Trustee, the 2nd Vice President of OCRFS and one at-large
Trustee elected by the members of OCRFS. The Initial Board members who
were selected in May 2007 are Lynda O’Neal, Lifetime Trustee, Paige Creel,

Trustee (2nd Vice President, OCRFS), and Dorothy Markham, at-Large
Trustee. The non-permanent Board members shall serve a two-year term,
concurrent with OCRFS officers. Any replacement Lifetime Trustee shall be
elected by the members of OCRFS.
Article V – Meetings:
1. Annual Meeting/Reunion/Convention
A. There will be an annual meeting of the OCRFS, Corp. in conjunction
with the annual Convention/Reunion of the Florida Division, Sons
of Confederate Veterans. This meeting will be open to all active
B. The State Society will host the State Convention and has complete
charge of the agenda and activities. Each Chapter shall give a report
at this Convention.
C. Each Chapter will select one person for voting representation at the
general meeting. Only those Chapters chartered by the OCRFS,
Corp. are entitled to this representation.
D. A quorum will consist of one-half of the voting members present,
plus one.
E. A request for agenda items will be sent to each chapter two months
prior to the meeting. A finalized agenda will be sent to each Chapter
one month prior to the meeting.
F. The Order of Business at the OCRFS, Corp. Annual Meeting will be
as follows:
1. Opening prayer.
2. Pledge to the Confederate Flag.
3. Reading of the Minutes of the last meeting.
4. Financial Report.
5. Report from Chapter Representatives.
6. Report from Committees.
7. Old Business.
8. New Business.
9. Open discussion.
10. Closing prayer.
11. Adjournment.
G. The order of Business may be suspended or altered at any meeting
by a majority vote of the members present.
H. Annual Meeting/Reunion/Convention Finances
1. Each Chapter is required to contribute $25.00 per year to the
Florida Society for meeting expenses. This requirement will be
waved for those Chapters chartered for less than one year.

2. The OCRFS, Corp. will send a preliminary report of anticipated
expenses for the meeting prior to the Chapters remitting any
3. The OCRFS, Corp. will keep an accounting of all money
collected and compile a complete financial report of the
Convention. A copy of the report will be sent to each chapter
within ninety(90) days of the event
4. Any funds left unspent on the General Meeting will be evenly
divided between the funding Chapters.
I. Other meetings of the OCRFS, Corp.
The OCRFS, Corp. may hold special meetings to be called by the
President when deemed necessary. Except in cases of extreme
emergency, 72 hours notice will be minimally required. These
meeting may take place in person or by conference call.
J. The President of the OCRFS, Corp. or designee will attend the
General Meeting of the Order of the Confederate Rose to be held in
conjunction with the National Reunion of the Sons of Confederate
Article VI – By-Laws and Voting:
1. The Articles of Confederation is the only document that will serve as the
OCRFS, Corp.’s governing document.
2. The Parliamentary reference will be Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
3. Chapter By-Laws and Constitution cannot conflict with the Articles of
Confederation /By-Laws of the OCRFS, Corp.
4. Chapter elections should be held annually, with notification to all members
at least one month in advance. Minimum chapter officers shall consist of
President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
5. The quorum necessary to conduct business at a regular or special meeting is
a majority plus one of those eligible to vote, who are registered at the meeting.
6. The By-laws may be renumbered as necessary following the approval and
amendments, provided that no change in the intent or meaning of any
provision occurs.
7. The Articles of Confederation may be amended, altered, or replaced in part
or in whole. A majority vote plus one of the voting members of the OCRFS,
Corp. shall be required to amend, alter, modify, or replace the Constitution
and By-laws. This vote may be conducted at any duly organized meeting or
submitted in an authorized mail ballot.
8. Proposals to amend, alter, modify or replace the Articles of Confederation/Bylaws,
are to be submitted two months prior to, as well as at, the annual

OCRFS, Corp. meeting. Lengthy and/or complicated proposals should be
given to the presiding officer, as well as the secretary in writing.
9. If a proposal should require a mail ballot, the Chapter representatives should
receive it four weeks in advance of the meeting. Four weeks will be allowed
for return of mail ballots. A ballot auditor will be appointed by the President
for each mail-in ballot.
Article VII – Finance:
During the intervals between annual meetings the Executive Board may exercise the
power to approve and issue any expenditure, cash outlay, or transfer of funds not to
exceed $ 1500. Any amount above this will need to be presented and reviewed by all
Chapter Presidents. A majority vote will then determine the expenditure of the
exceeded amount. Each chapter has one vote on the matter put before it. Chapter
Presidents must obtain a chapter consensus before casting a vote. All votes cast, not
in general session, must be in writing and sent via postal mail, fax, e-mail or hand
delivery to the OCRFS, Corp. Secretary for tabulation.
Article VIII – Membership:
1. Any person of good character with an interest in things Southern having
attained at least the age of eleven (11), regardless of gender, is eligible for
membership in the OCRFS, Corp. Children from birth to age fourteen may
apply for membership in the Legacy Program.
2. Applicants are required to submit a signature from an OCR or SCV member
who thusly vouches for the good character of the applicant.
3. Five Members are required to form a Chapter. However, a Chapter may have
at large members who are not counted for Quorum.
4. A group of three interested persons may function as a sub-chapter, which is
defined as an emerging group that will soon attain a quorum of five members.
5. A member at large is defined as a member of the OCRFS, Corp. without
specific chapter affiliation. Members at Large may participate in membership
6. Lifetime memberships are permitted in the OCRFS, Corp. and may be
transferred from state-to-state within the Order of Confederate Rose, if
allowed by both State Societies.
7. OCRFS Corp. annual dues are $20.00 per member per year. Life Membership
dues of $150.00, effective October 1, 2006, are paid to the OCRFS Corp., at
any time a member decides to become a Life Member. Each Chapter shall be
responsible for collecting Society Dues from current members and remitting
same to OCRFS Corp. on July 1 of each year. Any Chapter which is
chartered and pays dues between January 1 and June 30th shall not pay

dditional dues until July 1 of the year following Charter year. An individual
Chapter may waive its Chapter dues, by vote according to Chapter By-Laws,
but must remit OCRFS Corp. dues as provided in this article. he amount of
dues shall be examined at the annual meeting of OCRFS Corp., as part of new
ARTICLE IX - Denial, suspension, or revocation of membership and/or
chapter charters
1. Suspension
Membership and/or chapter charters may be suspended, denied or revoked for
substantial good reason such as violation of the Articles of confederation or
infraction of state, local or federal statutes. This decision will be made by a
majority vote of the Chapters.
2. Conduct Deleterious to OCRFS
Members may be censured or suspended for conduct deleterious to OCRFS
by vote of the Executive Board. Conduct deleterious is defined as “that which
causes embarrassment to or impedes the smooth operation of the
organization.” The charge may be brought, in writing, to the Executive Board
by any member of the OCRFS, and should be accompanied by a filing fee of
$50.00. Charges may also be brought by non-members, in writing, and should
be accompanied by a filing fee of $250.00. The matter shall be considered,
and an answer returned within thirty (30) days of receipt by the Executive
Board. All fees collected under this article shall firstly defray the cost of
answering the action and any remainder of fees shall be transferred to the
Legacy Account for use in the Legacy Program.
Article X – Dissolution
Upon dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Directors shall pay or make
provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the corporations. Any assets left shall be
dispersed to any organization owned or operated exclusively for charitable, educational,
religious or scientific purposes qualified as an exempt organization under Section 501
© (3) of the IRS Code 1054 or the corresponding provisions of any future United States
revenue law. Any further assets not so dispositioned shall be disposed of by the Circuit
Court of Broward County Florida exclusively for such purposes or to such
organizations as the Court shall determine, which are operated exclusively for such