Florida Society President : Sylvia Darby

Sylvia was introduced to the OCR in March 2003 and  became a charter member of Florida Society Chpt # 5 Mary Ann Harvey Black of Havana, FL. She  served with that chapter, and in 2005 was awarded the Ladies citation medal from CIC Denne Sweeney , endorsed by Div Comdr, Doug Dawson, she was also awarded the first OCRFS Rose of the Year. In January of 2006 she was instrumental in forming and a charter member of a new Rose chapter # 9 Mary Martha Reid in Quincy, FL. She was elected OCRFS 1st Vice President in May 2005 at the State reunion in Tallahassee. She served for two  consecutive terms. In May of 2009 at Ocala, FL she was elected OCRFS President and she  is now serving her third term. Sylvia was awarded the Delity Powell Kelly Meritorious Service Award, SCV FL Division in 2012. During this time the Florida Society has grown from 7 chapters to 25 chapters. and from 57 members to well over 300. On a personal note, she isthe proud descendant of 28 noble defenders of Dixie ( and still counting). She is married to immediate past FL Div 4th Lt. Cmdr. Jim Darby, and is the proud grandmother of two, Kyrstin and Jacob. They live in Gadsden  County Florida at Rebel Run, with their 7 dogs, and other feathered critters, where their honored Confederate flags fly 24/7.

Florida Society 1st VicePresident: Kala Farmer


My name is Kala Farmer and I am the president of Magnolia Belles Chapter 12 of the Order of Confederate Rose. 

Magnolia Belles chapter 12 was chartered in 2009. We began this chapter to preserve our heritage and to teach our youth about the life and journey of our great southern ancestors. 

The name Magnolia Belles came about because of the beautiful magnolia flower that was and is so popular here in the south and Belles of course because of the ladies so full of grace and class. 

Our goals, not only for our chapter but as members of the OCR, is to educate as many men, women and children about our organization as well as the other organizations we are affiliated with including the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). To educated about the southern lifestyle as well as preserve it.

Our Chapter is based out of Keystone Heights and surrounding areas such as Starke, Melrose, Palatka, Middleburge, Orange Park, Jacksonville as well as parts of Gainesville. 

Florida Society 2nd Vice President: Brenda Morse

Brenda Morse, is a native of Port St. Joe, Florida (the beautiful Gulf Coast Area).

Married to Larry Morse, residing in N.W. Florida, she is a blessed “Mama” of two awesome sons, a beautiful daughter in-law, a “Meme” to two handsome grandsons and one Angel Girl, granddaughter.

She shares her Love for creatively and enjoys sharing tips and ideas educating our youth on the “True Southern History” of our Beloved South.  Currently she is the Florida OCR State Legacy Director.

Teaching is her passion she strives to entice Our Children while incorporating activities to instill knowledge with gratifying activities to pursue growth and success of the Florida Legacy Program.

Brenda is a Musician by heart and given the opportunity will enthusiastically teach you and sing her rendition of “Dixie”.

Keep in touch with her for new and exciting upcoming projects on Facebook: Florida Legacy~ Note:  Links to the Shutterfly Site is also on Facebook ~

Shutterfly Site: http: /

And Email at your thoughts are always welcome.

Brenda encourages everyone to get involved as “Our Children are Our Future” and promotes the Southern Belief that it takes an entire community to raise our children right.  So get involved~ what are you waiting on?

Florida Society Treasurer: Lisa Morgan

Lisa  joined the OCR in 2005 initially as a member of Chapter #5 Mary Ann Harvey Black, later transferring to Chapter #9 Mary Martha Reid as a Charter Member.  Around 2007  she spearheaded the Cemetery & Monument Location/Registration project in support of the FL Div. SCV, and in turn that year was awarded the Ladies Citation for Superior Service by the FL Division SCV.  In December 2008  she received recognition from SCV CIC McMichael for her continued support of our local SCV Camp #742 Wakulla Guards.

Our OCR chapter #18 Mary C. Gwaltney (chartered in 2010) was awarded OCRFS Chapter of the Year 2012 and she has been serving as Chapter President since its beginnings. In April of 2011  she respectfully received the Delity Powell Kelly Meritorious Service Award, SCV FL Division – what an honor! She was elected Treasurer of the OCR FL Society in 2011 and is currently serving her second term in that capacity.

A true "flatwoods" Florida native residing in Wakulla County and recently retired, she hopes to be able to continue to support the objectives of the OCR and the important preservation of our beloved Southern Heritage.


Florida Society Secretary: Aimee Lee Gilmore

A sixth generation Floridian and Charter Member of the Mary and Mollie Bell #20, Aimee is married to Bryan Gilmore of the General Jubal A. Early Camp #556 with a daughter named Anabelle Lee.  Aimee is an outspoken defender of Southern heritage ,Confederate history and the South. Aimee enjoys reading, gardening, crafting,china painting  and learning more about the many Confederate ancestors she has in her family tree. She was raised un-reconstructed by her Grandmother and Grandfather who made sure she knew the truth of the South and the true history of the War, and knew of her ancestors' sacrifices for the Cause. She is devoted to honouring her Southern ancestors and preserving and forwarding the Cause and the history for future generations.