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       Florida Division Publications

star.gif (1321 bytes)The Florida Blockade Runner
The Florida Blockade Runner is published 4 times per year, in January, April, July, and October.  It is currently distributed to over 1,400 SCV members in the Florida Division.

star.gif (1321 bytes)Florida Division Charter
star.gif (1321 bytes)Florida Division SOP's:

  • FLDIV-SOP #2004-01 Establishment of SOP's
  • FLDIV-SOP #2004-02 Agenda Items for Div. GEC Mtgs
  • FLDIV-SOP #2004-03 Prospective Member Packets
  • FLDIV-SOP #2004-04 Bookeeping Standards Treas.
  • FLDIV-SOP #2004-05 Flags Across Florida Flag Maint.
  • FLDIV-SOP #2004-06 Heritage Object Inventory
  • FLDIV-SOP #2008-07 Div Chief of Staff
  • FLDIV-SOP #2008-08 Div. Mtg. Protocol & Decorum
  • FLDIV-SOP #2008-09 Disciplinary Procedures
  • FLDIV-SOP #2011-10 Sentinel Program/Flags X FL

star.gif (1321 bytes)Florida Division Awards Booklet
star.gif (1321 bytes)Florida's Flags in 1861
star.gif (1321 bytes)Florida Ordinance of Secession
star.gif (1321 bytes)Florida Laws Protecting the Confederate Flag


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